Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Despite some doubts initially, party is STILL ON!!!

Two more days until Punxsutawney Phil makes famous prediction!

Any guesses as to what Punxsutawney Phil will predict in two short days? Will there be six more weeks of winter (which for the most part this year, has been a mild winter), or will spring start early? One can only hope that spring starts early this year, as we luckily enjoyed spring-like weather for the first half of the winter season. Usually, as far back as my memory can date, Phil predicts six more weeks of winter. Lets pray, this year, that it is the other way around.

There had been doubts recently as the whether or not the Groundhog Day Bash, scheduled for this weekend at Crazy Mike's beach house, was still going to happen as planned. Colleen contacted me via IM last night and said, "I don't want to have to cancel." Then, I received a voice mail from Mike, telling me that he was having second thoughts due to the weather forecast in certain areas of the state. From what I know, the weather is supposed to be rainy at a temperature of 50 degrees in Lavallette, Seaside, and the surrounding towns. Ray and Mel are still heading down to Mike's no matter what, so it became a question of whether or not Colleen and I would still be driving down. I called Mike back, in response to his voice mail, and he told me that if Colleen and I could make it down to his place, the event is still on! Excellent!

Colleen and I will be car pooling and I have offered to drive us down to Lavallette on Friday. There is a distinct possibility that I will be leaving work early on Friday afternoon, so I could give my Uncle J his birthday gift and get a head start on this trip, before the weather up North gets really bad. Forecasters are predicting a snow storm up in North Jersey, but not until much later on Friday night. Mike asked that I call him on Friday morning, when I get to work, and confirm whether or not Colleen and I will still be making our way down to his house. In all likelihood, the Groundhog Day Bash will still be on for this weekend.

As many of you know, I sorely need to get away this weekend and go out and have some fun. Misery never keeps company, and the situation in the homestead (likely soon to be former homestead) indeed miserable. Whenever there is a bad energy in one place, and one can not determine what is going on with those around them in terms of terrible attitude and illogical behavior as a result of excessive drinking, it is a urgent message that one needs to get out of there! No matter what you do, you just can't please someone who hates the world, finds anything to complain about (particularly under the influences of alcohol), and at times, makes dangerous threats under the influences of alcohol. Even more so, it is useless to try to reason with somebody who has that mentality.

Sure, it is that person's house, and that person has the right to do whatever that person wants, but that person must realize that such an attitude drives others away and such drinking habits and piss-poor attitude will never make one very popular with others. Life is too short to hate the world and go out searching for drama. Too short. Who needs it???? No need to harp on that misfortune though; I can only look ahead to the Groundhog Day celebration (still can't believe one of those are possible, but this might be the first and I'm ALL for it), and also looking ahead to getting a place with some of these fine folks come May.

We're all working on finding a nice house ASAP. On Saturday afternoon, after Ray and Mel leave Mike's to go to their festival, Mike, possibly Greg, Colleen, and myself might set up some appointments to check out a few of the apartments that we all found online. We need to get the ball rolling on this housing project of ours very soon. Some of us might not have a home much longer. Some of us need a new home because graduate school is right around the corner. All of us, close friends and respectable people, have a common interest and know what we need to pursue. That is a beautiful thing and, God willing, we are all going to get what we want and need. We are all going to get it together.

On Saturday night, might Greg, Mike, Colleen, and I be heading to Sawmill or some type of club or bar from some adult fun, drinks, and excitment? Might we all be partying in celebration of Colleen's former college roommate Kristen's birthday? Hopefully! The point of the matter is, I'm up for a good time at anytime, and anybody who knows me or has been reading the Blog of Bryan faithfully since it was established last year, knows that to be a fact!

Today is Wednesday and you know what that means, right? Yes, it is happy happy hump day, but Wednesday has come to symbolize something else in recent weeks. Perhaps something even better and more exciting than hump day.

It is once again "Fudruckers Wednesday!!!!" *APPLAUSE!!!!!* *APPLAUSE!!!!!!* *APPLAUSE!!!!!*

That's right, it is once again the day of the week that I meet my boy Bill at Fudruckers for lunch. However, I must confess that I cheated and met up with Bill at Fudruckers last Friday as well. Today, he will be bringing his friend Bobby along as a guest at our lunch. I told Bill yesterday, perhaps we should start a reality TV show about our lunches at that place every Wednesday. We could have a special guest every week, starting with this Bobby character. LOL. Imagine that?

I would also like to sincerely thank Bill for his offer, in the recent days, to let me come stay with him at his house. He is my best friend. Best friends hang out, shoot the breeze, go to lunch at Fudruckers together, and play each other at Fight Night on XBOX 360 (if he ever grows the balls to except my challenge, lol. JK!).

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Little bitch-ass snow flurries won't stop us!!!

First big festivity-filled weekend of 2007 STILL HAPPENING!

In the weather forecasts, there have been predictions of snow flurries coming our way up in North Jersey this Friday night. Yes, snow flurries up North, yet 50 degree weather down in Seaside Heights.

Colleen informed me of this weather forecast on the phone earlier tonight, but also sighted that it was not from a reliable source. Also according to Colleen, they said flurries. They did not say snow storm or blizzard. Seriously, how much snow have we gotten at all this winter? Not much. Not enough to keep this bad boy off the streets! And certainly, not nearly enough to prevent me from migrating down South, with Colleen, for the first big, fun-filled weekend of 2007! No sir.

In all likelihood, we are STILL driving down there for this Groundhog day bash, thrown by Crazy Mike, because that is how we do. We make it do what it do, and that magnificent way of life will continue come this weekend. This weekend that just ended was by no means anything to write home about, due to some bad drama in the household, but the following weekend will more than compensate for this terrible mess of a weekend. Groundhog day weekend is going to be super sensational.

Supposedly, next weekend is going to be Colleen's former roommate Kristen's birthday, so Colleen, Crazy Mike, Greg, and myself could end up meeting Kristen and some other folks at Sawmill on Saturday night. That would be just super! Ray and Mel will be joining us on Friday night, but they have to leave on Saturday afternoon because they are going to some type of festival together on Saturday evening. That opens up the opportunity for the remaining people in the group to hit up Sawmill or some type of club or bar. Nonetheless, we will miss Ray and Mel. Great people.

My new clothes will be worn, my game will be in tact, and I expect to have lots of fun and to enjoy the festivities to the maximum. Lord knows, it's been weeks since I went out or had any type of enjoyment in the bar/club scene, know what I mean? For the past few weeks, I have more or less been shackled up at home. Not since the end of 2006, prior to holidays, have I gone out and had a really good time. Therefore, I must get back to that and it all starts on Groundhog Day weekend baby!

There will be some beer pong and other festivities taking place at Crazy Mike's beach house Friday night, upon every one's arrival at his house, but then there will be a BIG club night the following evening on Saturday!!! This is the first big weekend of 2007! The anticipation is rising with each passing second. The Great One - the creme de la creme - the best of the best - and a wonderful man, who has wonderful, best of the best type friends - is looking forward to a spectacular time this upcoming weekend. I definitely need it.

I need to get away this weekend. I need to get away more often! I'm YOUNG. I'm gonna roll out to the club with my peeps to show other cats out in public how we have fun, how to dance, and most of all, HOW TO LOOK GOOD!

I think it is accurate to say that I got my sex back and now it's once again time to go out in public and continue to meet, greet, and court some fine young (or old, if you know what I mean LOL) ladies, some quality conversation, dancing, may be some hugs and kisses, and who knows what else.... :P

All you need to know is that ... THE GREAT ONE IS BACK and HE'S COMING TO SEASIDE! WITH A BANG!!!!

Look out! There are no snow flurries that can stop me, The Great One, from bringing his best friend Beanie down to a 50 degree temperature Seaside, and enjoying the first mega-exciting weekend of 2007!!!! Seaside, we are coming for you on Friday night.

This, coming straight from the big mouth and beautiful mind of B-Money AKA Mr. Unstoppable - THE GREAT ONE.

Stay tuned. Blog ya later!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Freezing temperatures killing germs!

But anticipation of warmer weather ... and Summer 07 ... begins to grow!

It appears as though winter arrived this week, with these blustery cold freezing temperatures. Today, the temperature dipped as low as three degrees (not factoring in the wind chill factor)!!!!

Perhaps the season is making up for the autumn-like weather that we enjoyed for the first two months. Temperatures were as high as the mid 70s in the month of December, which is totally unprecedented. I still recall, on December 1, wearing shorts outside. I remember it, clearly, because I reminded my mom that it was the first day of December and I was wearing shorts.

Even though winter is currently rearing its not always friendly face, warmer weather is coming soon in the months immediately following. Weather in the spring and fall is quite similar, but I always prefer the spring to the fall because it symbolizes the beginning of summer (my favorite season), rather than the end. Summer time this year, hopefully, will bring me greater joy than it did in 2006. If all goes according to plan, Colleen, Crazy Mike, Greg, and I will be living down by the shore when summer starts. What a thrill and relief it will be to benefit from having the beach so much closer to where I will be residing.

Being able to walk the boardwalk on a nice hot summer day, lay down on the shores of the Atlantic, and work on my sun tan are the gems that bring my life tremendous pleasure. That is what makes the summer time truly great. Last year, I did not make it down to the beach nearly enough, but 2007 is going to be a different story all together. I will choose not to harp or elaborate on what happened in 2006, because 2006 is nothing more than history. It's dust in the wind and water under the bridge. The present is what one must live, and the future is where one bases one's hope.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of the sand between your toes, the natural scent of the refreshing sea breeze, the cries of the seagulls flying down the coast, and the feeling of the hot sun keeping me warm and enhancing the complexion of my skin. Well, maybe I should rephrase that, and say that almost nothing compares ..... sex feels pretty fucking good ..... but what I just spoke of ranks really high up there, probably a razor-thin, close second, depending on the quality of the sex of course. LOL.

Summer of 2007 is going to be HOT, as I once again anticipate warm weather, the beach time I once enjoyed in previous years, fortune, and happiness with friends.


Fudruckers. There is one located directly across Rt 46 from where I work at ADP. It's really a nice little restaurant known for burgers, salads, and soups. A couple days ago, I went across the street to Fudruckers to meet up with Bill on my lunch break.

On that day, I bought him lunch in celebration of his 26th birthday. Today, he called me on my cellphone and expressed an interest in meeting up for lunch once again today. I'm down for it. It's a nice little place, which also has a bar in the back. At lunch time, the place is packed with business heads who work in the general area. At night, I'm sure there are families that go there for dinner, and drinkers who go there to satisfy their alcoholism at the bar.

In fact, Bill just called and asked me to leave in five minutes to meet him over there, so I will be leaving in a few.

Incidently how many sick and perverted ways could one change that name around?



Any other takers?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crazy Mike's Groundhog Day Weekend Bash all set!

Bash set to happen in Lavallette February 2-3!

The Great One is back ladies and gentlemen. Well, I never went away, but I will be back to my ever-so-familiar, spontaneous, fun-making ways once again next weekend.

Very similar to that of Labor Day weekend, the weekend of February 2-3 is sure to bring non-stop excitement and happiness to the the folks of the KDP. On that weekend, Groundhog Day weekend, Crazy Mike is throwing yet another bash at his beach house in Lavallette, NJ. Lavallette, along with the surrounding towns such as Ortley Beach, Seaside, and Dover Township, is an area that I have come to love in the past couple years. Such a quaint and peaceful little beach area; Mike is fortunate enough to have a house down there.

Perhaps some Surf Club action is in the cards for that weekend, which is being billed as "Crazy Mike's Groundhog Day Weekend bash. A couple weeks ago, thanks to the remarkable clearance sales at Kohls, I bought myself a bunch of new outfits. When it comes time to enter that club and hit up the dance floor, your boy is going to look sharp, sexy, and studly. Rest assured. One must set an example; it may as well be me.

Ladies, in all likelihood, will be in the building that evening. Ladies will be on the dance floor, flaunting their shapes for the watchful male eyes at hand. No doubt. It has been a while since I set foot in a club, so it's time to show some folks out there how to bring sexy back! The professor will be in the house. LOL.

February 2, however, happens to be my Uncle J's birthday, so I must do something special for him and with him, before I head out later that evening. On Sunday afternoon, I'll be around to celebrate a little bit more as well. That is very important and I must make it a point to take care of that.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Case of the Mondays

Monday is once again here, but not before a rather quiet and low key weekend. This past weekend, I basically stayed home and had a somewhat productive weekend.

On Saturday, I went up to the gym with Bill and worked out chest and triceps. Other than that, I cleaned my room and organized some things in the room, which is good. That room had been dying for a good cleaning for months now. Fortunately, I was able to take care of that for the most part. Organization is the key to success; I must maintain a healthy and clean cut environment. This is a new year now and I must keep everything looking sharp.

Ricky Hatton and Jose Luis Castillo fought on HBO, in separate bout showcases, to promote a potential showdown between the two of them later this year. Castillo prevailed, just barely with a split decision over Herman Ngoudjo. Hatton, on the other hand, posted a clear cut victory over Juan Urango to reclaim the IBF Jr Welterweight title that he once had prior to moving up to welterweight for a fight with Luis Collazo last May.

Yesterday, I got a little sloppy and drank a bottle of Merlot. That is alright, however, because I will be hitting up the gym pretty hard this week to burn off at least 3,000 calories (or an average of 400-500 a day) and continue to further my strength training. Today I will go up to the gym and do some major league cardio work along with some abs.

With the gym work I put in, I feel much healthier and much sharper minded. I feel witty. I feel knowledgeable and things seem to come to me faster. I sit back sometimes and analyze certain things about what is going on. Lately, I have been talking to some close friends and giving them some really good advice about life and other situations in everyday life.

My mind is gradually sharpening and I believe I can participate in detailed conversations and offer up valuable input with the regimentation I am currently following, as opposed to being a lazy and useless slug who does nothing but goes to work, comes home, and leaves the stresses and burdens of the work life on my back. That is what I used to be like, when I worked at the Olive Garden, during some really strenuous shifts, and did not work out at all.

Currently, I work in a much calmer environment, with little to no stress, and I go to the gym afterwards. This type of day to day life really enhances the way I think, the way I analyze situations, the way I approach those close to me, and the way I response in conversation.

Yeah I feel pretty good, considering this is a Monday.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Enjoying a beer sampler at midnight on Saturday!

Originally, I had contemplated going to Murphys in downtown D-town tonight since Bill happens to be bouncing there. However, I decided to stay in, relax, and watch television.

Not only relaxing, but enjoying a beer sampler I got for Christmas. I had to make use of it eventually. So far tonight, I've been to Canada; drank the Molson Ice. LOL. Let it be known, to the less knowledgable and experienced beer consumers, that real Canadian beer is more like Moonshine. The Canadian brand beer that they sell over here in America is watered down BIG TIME!

At this time, I'm enjoying a Blue Moon as I watch So I Married an Ax Murderer and talk to this cute chick on AIM at the same time. Not bad for a night at home, wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali!

The Greatest of All Time turns 65 years old today!
Today is Former three time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali's birthday. Ali, 65, won his first heavyweight championship in 1964 from the monstrously intimidating Sonny Liston. When his boxing license was taken from him due to the dodging of the draft in 1967, his heavyweight championship was also unjustly stripped.

In 1970, following his win over Quarry (a fight that was able to happen, in Georgia, because that was the only state without a boxing commission) and the Supreme Court's ruling that he had been unjustly denied a license, Ali would rightfully regain his boxing license.

He entered the ring in Kinshasa, Zaire as an 8-1 underdog, when he challenged then undefeated and seemingly invincible Heavyweight Champion George Foreman in 1974, once again shocking the world in a major upset by regaining the championship, which had been unjustly taken from him in 1967, via an eighth round TKO of Foreman. After an under-trained Ali lost his championship via split decision to a relatively inexperienced Leon Spinks (brother of Michael) in February of 1978, he would regain his crown for a record third time when he turned the tables and defeated Spinks by unanimous decision in their rematch exactly seven months later.

Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, Ali's central nervous system is greatly effected. Yet, that has absolutely no effect on his cognitive functions whatsoever. The man still has a quick mind; it just takes him a little longer to communicate what is on that brilliant mind of his. I went to his website,, and wished Ali a Happy Birthday. There is a section of that website where one can send Ali a birthday message.

Once again, Happy Birthday to The Greatest of All Time!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bryan's Buzz: Gym progress, improving lifestyle, "Groundhog Day bash", etc.

The moment has come for a little lunch time bloggery, before I head out for my lunch break. Tomorrow, I have decided, is going to be a half day for me here at the office.

Originally, I was going to take a half day today, on Martin Luther King Day (my company is not off on this holiday), to head to Monmouth University with Beanie. She was going to move into her temporary apartment for the semester, but she did not trust the weather. In addition to that, the school is probably closed due to the holiday, and I wanted to go on tour of the school and the campus, so my trip is being delayed until tomorrow.

Taking a half day at work and going on a nice little road trip like that and making a beautiful day out of it should be splendid. I am looking forward to doing this. It's also been a while since I have hung out with Beanie; last time we hung out was at Fridays, prior to the new year. My time with her at Monmouth will be well spent tomorrow.

My gym work has not been neglected at all. In fact I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I trained chest with Bill. The next day, on Sunday, I went up there by myself just to do some cardio and abs. As you can see, I have been maintaining my training regime and I do not plan on slowing down or stopping. Today, when I get out of work, I will be heading up there to train arms (biceps and triceps). Abs will be included in he workout, as they are almost every single workout. Perhaps I will do some running on the treadmill afterwards as well.

Next month, on the first weekend of February, Crazy Mike is throwing another one of his crazy get togethers at his beach house in Lavallette. He is billing this latest and greatest get together a "Groundhogs Day Weekend" party. That is the first time I have ever heard of a Groundhogs Day-themed celebration, but there is a first for everything, and if this is not a first, the emergence of the very first Groundhogs Day party will come to fruition very shortly. This party should be reminiscent of the fabulous "End of the Summer" bash he threw back in September. Perhaps we will hit up Surf Club next month during the weekend of his party. Hopefully. Who knows? Regardless, it should be a super sensational weekend extravaganza.

This year could very well be my coming out party, with the gym work I am putting in coupled with plans for graduate school. One important way of life that I am going to stick by is to take things one day at a time and try to be the best that I can be. In terms of how I dress, I would like to look a little classier this year. Looking sharp is something that has become important to me, more so in recent years than ever.

Bill and I actually went on a massive shopping spree at Kohls on Saturday and Sunday. That store currently has unbelievable deals on clearance for clothes. They're selling $20 jeans as cheap as $2.50 a pair. I bought $20 swoosh pants as cheap as $1.25 a pair. There was a blue Nike windbreaker, originally priced at $50, which I bought for a mere $15. Plenty of other clothes, classy looking duds, that I bought as well.

If 2007 is going to be my break-through year, I need to look spectacular for that break-through. Physical conditioning, exercise, lifestyle, and everything else. FLASHY! It is my job to maintain every facet of life to make this year something special, and I will do it day by day.

Time to head out. Blog ya later!

My one-time return for a shift at the Olive Garden?!?

My dream about being back at my former place of employment. Just a DREAM!

Last night, I was back at the Olive Garden - in uniform! Yes, I was at the Olive Garden on a shift. I remember sitting next to one of my former co-workers, Rico, who was just sitting down at one of the tables in his section, chillin, and telling me that he was going to be at that section all day long.

As I was looking around the dining room that he was in (forget which one it was), I misidentified his table's numbers and he so eloquently corrected me. This was my first time back there in quite a while, therefore I was a the slightest bit rusty in terms of the table numbers and sections.

There weren't that many guests in the restaurant, so all the employees were having some type of get together in the dining area, before everyone eventually walked into the alley for an alley rally. Everyone was asking me, "Bryan, do you still work here?" In my white apron, white shirt, and blue tie, I arrogantly responded to each person, "No, I don't." What the hell was going on with that? What was I even doing there? I also remember having some type of drink (alcoholic beverage? lol) in my hand, when my general manager inevitably walked up to me and snagged it out of my hand. That is the point when I woke up.

My memory of that dream is rather vivid. More vivid than most of my dreams. Could it be that place is so deeply ingrained in my mind from all of the shifts I have worked there in the past, that I could still have such vivid dreams about it months later?


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Naked men in saunas!

The past couple nights at the gym, I have been noticing men walking into the sauna naked. That's right. Completely in the nude! Not even taking into consideration that other men are also present at the gym and in the locker room. The gym is not any individual person's home. It is not a place where one can walk around naked. It is a public service that caters to all members. That is just plain nasty.

I'm sitting in the sauna two nights ago, and this older man walks into the sauna with no clothes. I looked the other way really quick I'm surprised I didn't pull a muscle in my neck. As if that wasn't alarming enough, he tells me, as he's toweling himself off, "it feels so good to relax." I just responded, "yup." Really, I was thinking to myself, "I'm not relaxing until you get your old naked male ass out of here!" UUUGGGGHHHH!!! He eventually departed.

Last night, I walked over to the door of the sauna, peeked in the window to see if anyone was in there, and there sat another naked dude! What the fuck was going on????? I just said "FUCK IT" and left. It does not make a whole lot of difference to cover your genitalia with a towel, or even to wear boxer shorts, when you enter the sauna. In fact, it makes no difference at all. Other men do not need to see your garbage hanging out.

Bottom line: If you are a guy who goes to the gym, and the enter the sauna naked in the mens' locker room, you my friend, are GAY.

End of story.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

These people and this ... being.

It's about time for a little after-lunch, afternoon bloggery, what do you say?

Alright. Last night, I picked up Jimmy and took him to the gym with me. At the gym, we worked out chest and biceps together. He was pushing me to the brink, and visa versa. I got a really good workout by working with him. We were going to do some cardio after we got done with biceps, but he had a hot date that was eager to get the evening started, so he left, and I went back downstairs to work on the abs. As far as the cardio was concerned, I put it off last night for tonight. I am not sure what body part I am going to do yet. Perhaps I'll do some back and triceps. But cardio is a MUST. Cardio is something that, after a long weekend off, needs to be done pronto.

That was a great time at the gym last night, Jimmy is an awesome workout partner and terrific friend. Now let's get the essence of this post.

People can be really weird. Disturbed. I will go as far to say "tainted" for some of them. Some people - whom I can't even call people .... beings would be the more fitting label - are stranger than others. You wonder what motive some folks have to act the way they do or put statements out in the open, so long (months) after those folks no longer have any type of bond or connection with you. Attention can be as addicting - if not more addicting - than some of the strongest, most powerful, and most fatal drugs in the world, and there are certain people out there who can not get enough it. Granted, I am one of them. However, you will rarely ever see me go out of my way to get the wrong type of attention.

What is to gain from trying to pull someone's chain or trying to rattle someone into fighting with you or starting a vicious argument with you, just because you are unable to get that person's attention any other way? Is one's life really so uneventful and so unpleasant that one must move BACKWARD and target those who are no longer in one's life? How on earth can life EVER become so miserable for a people, that people would be driven to do something so disrespectful as well as so disrespectable? What is so difficult about moving forward and putting those who are no longer in one's life out of one's memory? The concept or notion of such behavior is so pathetic to the point where it's amusing and I must chuckle once... or twice.... or even three times.

While I'm out having fun and doing what brings me pleasure, and concentrating on those delights that please my mind, body, and soul, it is amusing to know that others from the past will continue to try to dog you, post illegitmate statements about you to bust your balls and lure you out of a shell, and refuse to stop doing so because they are so far off their rockers in the heat of your greater maturity and absense (some of them as long as six months) for their lives. As amused as I am, I have to feel the slightest sympathy, as well, for these lost souls.

I've heard Beyonce's song Irreplaceable many times on the radio. So many times has that song been played. I am starting to believe it is the nature of many folk from my past to constantly butt into my business, check to see what I am doing, and then try to insult me with such preposterous claims just to assassinate or belittle my character and persuade me to stup to their level and fight back. Relentless instigation. In the event that I was ever lured into a fight or an argument, these crazy people I speak of would be quick, in a New York minute, to tell their friends and family, "See, I always said he was an asshole. I knew he'd prove it again!" Beyonce has correctly noted that there isn't a single person around who is irreplaceable. However, proof of the matter indicates that finding the replacement is NOT so easy. If so, others out there would not be worrying so much about the business of the one who is to be replaced.

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, family, and stalkers alike, I may not be irreplaceable, but damn it, with all of the attention I am STILL receiving from these insignificant, unimportant, and crazy being from the past, perhaps this is all to say that I am becoming more and more irresistable with each passing moment. Even after all these months, I'm still the top attraction. I'm still the top thought on the minds of these people and especially this being that I am speaking of.

In the words of P-Diddy, "i'm the first, i'm the next, i'm the end i'm the boss, in your thoughts, that'll make your mind bend." That's what I am to this being. Without me, or thoughts and memories of me, this being would be nobody.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mild winter!

Mild. Uncharacteristically mild winter for New Jersey's standards. I'm totally not used to this type of warmth this time of year, but I can get used to it really quick.

No snow to shovel whatsoever. No freezing my ass off when I walk outside. None of that heavy clothing, usually needed around this time to keep warm, is currently necessary. No having to warm my car up and shovel piles of snow away from the spot my car is parked in, or my driveway, so I would be able to pull away and drive to where I need to be. None of that.

The fact remains that cold weather kills germs, and I am all for the killing of germs, but I love this warmer weather. If the winter must be this year, let it be for two weeks or so. We do not need that much cold. For the last two days now, I have been wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Nothing more than that. So unusual for the month for the January, but I absolutely love it.

This feels like spring; never in my 26 years of existence have I witnessed this in New Jersey. Lord, let it continue.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

First few days...

Why is the rabbit never scared? Because he is always at least one step ahead of the panther!

Well the first few days of 2007 have already come and gone. So far, not too bad. After work, I drive home to get out of these work clothes and crawl into my gym wear so I can go to the gym and do my thing.

By the time the month of May comes, I would really like to see some significant changes in the physique. For the first couple weeks, I have been working on cardio and some light lifting so I can work on my frame. In another week or two, I plan on starting my strength and muscle training at the gym. In a nut shell, one could say I'm off to a decent start with the gym work.

My job, the first few days, has been the same as it's always been since I started here in October. Stress level is at a minimum and I really do not feel any type of pressure or strain in this environment. People always wonder why I am so quiet and dead the world around here? The answer is... the more quiet you are, the less people (including upper level heads) are likely to notice you, the more you can get away with and work at your own pace. That is exactly what I do, ladies and gentlemen.

No worries whatsoever. Nothing and nobody to fear. I work at my own pace, but I always manage to complete job tasks correctly and accurately. If I didn't do my job, I doubt I would still be here today. I guess one could say work has been good to me as well. I really feel no stress whatsoever, and any minimal amount of stress that builds up within, I work off at the gym.

New Years Eve weekend was a total blast. I got involved in some passionate activity that brought great pleasure to my mind, body, and soul. These pleasures have only set the tone for all that I am about to do this year, as I have now entered a fresh new year, my first in four years, as a young bachelor. As far as the other walks of life, you know I am going to continue to make it do what it do baby. Balances between work and play time should be distinguishable, but this is my year, and it is time to have fun.

To be more specific at this very moment, it is tiime to go to lunch; I'm starving. Stay tuned ladies, gentlemen, friends, fans, and stalkers alike.

By the way, how fucking fabulous is it that I got paid to type this post?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome, 2007!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration.

My New Years Eve was spent down in South Jersey with Jeremy, Keeley, and all their friends. Aaron "The Hondawg" Honaker was at the party as well, and came peerlessly close, on two occasions, to passing out before the ball dropped at midnight.

At 9:43 pm, Aaron was lying on the recliner with his eyes closed. LOL. Give credit to the guy though, he made it for the ball dropping. Fun times. I thank Jeremy and Keeley for inviting me and including me in their New Years Eve party.

Here's to the start of a brand new year with new goals, visions, and perhaps some hope for bigger and better. But with hope, comes hard work as well as the fair share of play time to produce such positive results and lifestyle.