Monday, January 15, 2007

Bryan's Buzz: Gym progress, improving lifestyle, "Groundhog Day bash", etc.

The moment has come for a little lunch time bloggery, before I head out for my lunch break. Tomorrow, I have decided, is going to be a half day for me here at the office.

Originally, I was going to take a half day today, on Martin Luther King Day (my company is not off on this holiday), to head to Monmouth University with Beanie. She was going to move into her temporary apartment for the semester, but she did not trust the weather. In addition to that, the school is probably closed due to the holiday, and I wanted to go on tour of the school and the campus, so my trip is being delayed until tomorrow.

Taking a half day at work and going on a nice little road trip like that and making a beautiful day out of it should be splendid. I am looking forward to doing this. It's also been a while since I have hung out with Beanie; last time we hung out was at Fridays, prior to the new year. My time with her at Monmouth will be well spent tomorrow.

My gym work has not been neglected at all. In fact I went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I trained chest with Bill. The next day, on Sunday, I went up there by myself just to do some cardio and abs. As you can see, I have been maintaining my training regime and I do not plan on slowing down or stopping. Today, when I get out of work, I will be heading up there to train arms (biceps and triceps). Abs will be included in he workout, as they are almost every single workout. Perhaps I will do some running on the treadmill afterwards as well.

Next month, on the first weekend of February, Crazy Mike is throwing another one of his crazy get togethers at his beach house in Lavallette. He is billing this latest and greatest get together a "Groundhogs Day Weekend" party. That is the first time I have ever heard of a Groundhogs Day-themed celebration, but there is a first for everything, and if this is not a first, the emergence of the very first Groundhogs Day party will come to fruition very shortly. This party should be reminiscent of the fabulous "End of the Summer" bash he threw back in September. Perhaps we will hit up Surf Club next month during the weekend of his party. Hopefully. Who knows? Regardless, it should be a super sensational weekend extravaganza.

This year could very well be my coming out party, with the gym work I am putting in coupled with plans for graduate school. One important way of life that I am going to stick by is to take things one day at a time and try to be the best that I can be. In terms of how I dress, I would like to look a little classier this year. Looking sharp is something that has become important to me, more so in recent years than ever.

Bill and I actually went on a massive shopping spree at Kohls on Saturday and Sunday. That store currently has unbelievable deals on clearance for clothes. They're selling $20 jeans as cheap as $2.50 a pair. I bought $20 swoosh pants as cheap as $1.25 a pair. There was a blue Nike windbreaker, originally priced at $50, which I bought for a mere $15. Plenty of other clothes, classy looking duds, that I bought as well.

If 2007 is going to be my break-through year, I need to look spectacular for that break-through. Physical conditioning, exercise, lifestyle, and everything else. FLASHY! It is my job to maintain every facet of life to make this year something special, and I will do it day by day.

Time to head out. Blog ya later!

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