Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crazy Mike's Groundhog Day Weekend Bash all set!

Bash set to happen in Lavallette February 2-3!

The Great One is back ladies and gentlemen. Well, I never went away, but I will be back to my ever-so-familiar, spontaneous, fun-making ways once again next weekend.

Very similar to that of Labor Day weekend, the weekend of February 2-3 is sure to bring non-stop excitement and happiness to the the folks of the KDP. On that weekend, Groundhog Day weekend, Crazy Mike is throwing yet another bash at his beach house in Lavallette, NJ. Lavallette, along with the surrounding towns such as Ortley Beach, Seaside, and Dover Township, is an area that I have come to love in the past couple years. Such a quaint and peaceful little beach area; Mike is fortunate enough to have a house down there.

Perhaps some Surf Club action is in the cards for that weekend, which is being billed as "Crazy Mike's Groundhog Day Weekend bash. A couple weeks ago, thanks to the remarkable clearance sales at Kohls, I bought myself a bunch of new outfits. When it comes time to enter that club and hit up the dance floor, your boy is going to look sharp, sexy, and studly. Rest assured. One must set an example; it may as well be me.

Ladies, in all likelihood, will be in the building that evening. Ladies will be on the dance floor, flaunting their shapes for the watchful male eyes at hand. No doubt. It has been a while since I set foot in a club, so it's time to show some folks out there how to bring sexy back! The professor will be in the house. LOL.

February 2, however, happens to be my Uncle J's birthday, so I must do something special for him and with him, before I head out later that evening. On Sunday afternoon, I'll be around to celebrate a little bit more as well. That is very important and I must make it a point to take care of that.

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