Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Despite some doubts initially, party is STILL ON!!!

Two more days until Punxsutawney Phil makes famous prediction!

Any guesses as to what Punxsutawney Phil will predict in two short days? Will there be six more weeks of winter (which for the most part this year, has been a mild winter), or will spring start early? One can only hope that spring starts early this year, as we luckily enjoyed spring-like weather for the first half of the winter season. Usually, as far back as my memory can date, Phil predicts six more weeks of winter. Lets pray, this year, that it is the other way around.

There had been doubts recently as the whether or not the Groundhog Day Bash, scheduled for this weekend at Crazy Mike's beach house, was still going to happen as planned. Colleen contacted me via IM last night and said, "I don't want to have to cancel." Then, I received a voice mail from Mike, telling me that he was having second thoughts due to the weather forecast in certain areas of the state. From what I know, the weather is supposed to be rainy at a temperature of 50 degrees in Lavallette, Seaside, and the surrounding towns. Ray and Mel are still heading down to Mike's no matter what, so it became a question of whether or not Colleen and I would still be driving down. I called Mike back, in response to his voice mail, and he told me that if Colleen and I could make it down to his place, the event is still on! Excellent!

Colleen and I will be car pooling and I have offered to drive us down to Lavallette on Friday. There is a distinct possibility that I will be leaving work early on Friday afternoon, so I could give my Uncle J his birthday gift and get a head start on this trip, before the weather up North gets really bad. Forecasters are predicting a snow storm up in North Jersey, but not until much later on Friday night. Mike asked that I call him on Friday morning, when I get to work, and confirm whether or not Colleen and I will still be making our way down to his house. In all likelihood, the Groundhog Day Bash will still be on for this weekend.

As many of you know, I sorely need to get away this weekend and go out and have some fun. Misery never keeps company, and the situation in the homestead (likely soon to be former homestead) indeed miserable. Whenever there is a bad energy in one place, and one can not determine what is going on with those around them in terms of terrible attitude and illogical behavior as a result of excessive drinking, it is a urgent message that one needs to get out of there! No matter what you do, you just can't please someone who hates the world, finds anything to complain about (particularly under the influences of alcohol), and at times, makes dangerous threats under the influences of alcohol. Even more so, it is useless to try to reason with somebody who has that mentality.

Sure, it is that person's house, and that person has the right to do whatever that person wants, but that person must realize that such an attitude drives others away and such drinking habits and piss-poor attitude will never make one very popular with others. Life is too short to hate the world and go out searching for drama. Too short. Who needs it???? No need to harp on that misfortune though; I can only look ahead to the Groundhog Day celebration (still can't believe one of those are possible, but this might be the first and I'm ALL for it), and also looking ahead to getting a place with some of these fine folks come May.

We're all working on finding a nice house ASAP. On Saturday afternoon, after Ray and Mel leave Mike's to go to their festival, Mike, possibly Greg, Colleen, and myself might set up some appointments to check out a few of the apartments that we all found online. We need to get the ball rolling on this housing project of ours very soon. Some of us might not have a home much longer. Some of us need a new home because graduate school is right around the corner. All of us, close friends and respectable people, have a common interest and know what we need to pursue. That is a beautiful thing and, God willing, we are all going to get what we want and need. We are all going to get it together.

On Saturday night, might Greg, Mike, Colleen, and I be heading to Sawmill or some type of club or bar from some adult fun, drinks, and excitment? Might we all be partying in celebration of Colleen's former college roommate Kristen's birthday? Hopefully! The point of the matter is, I'm up for a good time at anytime, and anybody who knows me or has been reading the Blog of Bryan faithfully since it was established last year, knows that to be a fact!

Today is Wednesday and you know what that means, right? Yes, it is happy happy hump day, but Wednesday has come to symbolize something else in recent weeks. Perhaps something even better and more exciting than hump day.

It is once again "Fudruckers Wednesday!!!!" *APPLAUSE!!!!!* *APPLAUSE!!!!!!* *APPLAUSE!!!!!*

That's right, it is once again the day of the week that I meet my boy Bill at Fudruckers for lunch. However, I must confess that I cheated and met up with Bill at Fudruckers last Friday as well. Today, he will be bringing his friend Bobby along as a guest at our lunch. I told Bill yesterday, perhaps we should start a reality TV show about our lunches at that place every Wednesday. We could have a special guest every week, starting with this Bobby character. LOL. Imagine that?

I would also like to sincerely thank Bill for his offer, in the recent days, to let me come stay with him at his house. He is my best friend. Best friends hang out, shoot the breeze, go to lunch at Fudruckers together, and play each other at Fight Night on XBOX 360 (if he ever grows the balls to except my challenge, lol. JK!).

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

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