Thursday, January 11, 2007

Naked men in saunas!

The past couple nights at the gym, I have been noticing men walking into the sauna naked. That's right. Completely in the nude! Not even taking into consideration that other men are also present at the gym and in the locker room. The gym is not any individual person's home. It is not a place where one can walk around naked. It is a public service that caters to all members. That is just plain nasty.

I'm sitting in the sauna two nights ago, and this older man walks into the sauna with no clothes. I looked the other way really quick I'm surprised I didn't pull a muscle in my neck. As if that wasn't alarming enough, he tells me, as he's toweling himself off, "it feels so good to relax." I just responded, "yup." Really, I was thinking to myself, "I'm not relaxing until you get your old naked male ass out of here!" UUUGGGGHHHH!!! He eventually departed.

Last night, I walked over to the door of the sauna, peeked in the window to see if anyone was in there, and there sat another naked dude! What the fuck was going on????? I just said "FUCK IT" and left. It does not make a whole lot of difference to cover your genitalia with a towel, or even to wear boxer shorts, when you enter the sauna. In fact, it makes no difference at all. Other men do not need to see your garbage hanging out.

Bottom line: If you are a guy who goes to the gym, and the enter the sauna naked in the mens' locker room, you my friend, are GAY.

End of story.


Anonymous said...

Nothin says lovin like slappin your ball bag on the wooden seat before sitting.. Talk about relaxin'....But I'm not gay.

Me said...

You sure you didnt pull a muscle in your neck by sucking on some old man frank n beans???????? And dont say you've never done it! You've told me yourself!

The Great One said...

As much as you dream about it, I've never said that, I've never done that, I would never do that to you... and I never will. I'm STRAIGHT!



Anonymous said...

Australian gym showers are all open with no curtains or doors.Why are you so upset about naked men . If you are not attracted to them then whats the problem? What are you fearful of ? America has the largest porn industry in the world and the most puritan population . Very confused culture