Monday, February 26, 2007

Our move happening in A FEW WEEKS????

Currently searching for bigger and better job in Brick/Toms River area! Hopefully, being assisted by Randstad in the process...

Earlier today, I spoke with Mike about the latest news regarding our move. Supposedly, we could be moving quicker than anticipated! We have yet to discuss this with Colleen and Greg, but there is a possibility that we could be taking that Toms River house, provided that Colleen and Greg have their security deposit ready to go in the next few weeks.

Mike and I are completely ready to go, and I am currently searching for a bigger and better job opportunity down in the Brick/Toms River area so I have a new job when I get down there. Our success in the matter is contingent upon the four of us coming together and reaching some sort of agreement in regards to getting this move done as quickly as possible. As a result, my residence at my mother's house could be prolonged for another two to three weeks. In the event that this move does not take place within the next few weeks, Mike has advised me to continue with the job transfer/search in the Brick/Toms River area.

I'm currently working at ADP in Florham Park, and was working at ADP in Parsippany from October of 2006 up until last week, but I am not officially or directly hired by ADP. I've been working for them through my agency since October, but I will talk to my agency tomorrow to set up something in the Brick/Toms River area ASAP, preferably a direct hire. No more temporary shit. It will be a direct hire, or a temp position with great potential of becoming permanent. I do not particularly care for my new position at Florham Park, but if I end up working at the ADP in Brick, so be it. If an entirely new company surfaces, presents a great opportunity for me, and is a legitimate money maker with opportunities for advancement (such as the opportunities I have been taking advantage of since July), then I am cool with that as well. I will jump on anything that has the right price tag on it and presents opportunities for me to grow, advance, and make more money as time gradually passes.

If I am to find a job down there in the coming weeks, Mike has offered to let me stay with him at his beach house until the others are ready to make this move with us. After all, he is currently the only one living there until summer time rolls around. By that time, we will all be living in our crib. Big things are happening in the coming weeks ladies and gentlemen, along with the events I have been describing to you regarding Headtrip at Seaside and the St Patricks Day parade. I will go into further detail about those events in the very near future, but at this time, this move is extremely important to me. This move will in fact be one of my greatest victories and achievements of the year - and possibly of the past two or three years. As Confucius so eloquently noted many moons ago, in what happens to be the Blog of Bryan Quote of the day, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The time to make that first step is now.

As you probably realise by now, I have been dying to get this project of ours under way and progress towards my first legitimate feeling of 100% residential freedom in two years. Being under circumstances in which I do not have to worry about what others are thinking, when I am coming in and going out, and how I am going to behave or act is the way I prefer to go. That is the way I prefer to live. And beyond that, some fun, exciting, and enjoyable house parties never hurt anything either! The last time I experienced that was summer of 2005, when I was in fact living on my own for a summer internship that I thought was going to be conducted down in Atlantic City. When it was discovered that that was not going to happen, I moved back home and haven't moved out and lived on my own since. I also had a number of personal problems and dilemmas in summer 2005, such as the infamous arrest in Brielle, that really put a monkey wrench in my plans to continue living on my own.

Since that time, I feel as though I have matured, rebounded from those setbacks, graduated from college, and made quite a bit of money. That shit is NOT happening AGAIN! LMAO. Therefore, I am eager to get back to where I once was two years ago and continue to live the lifestyle that I enjoyed a couple years ago before all of those problems arose. This here is a new day and an entirely new chapter. I'm ready to turn to a bright and exciting new page. Let's get this house in the next few weeks. If we can not do so, I'm ready to relocate or transfer my means of employment and join Mike down there in Lavallette until we do get this house!!! Let's make this happen folks!!

This here is a magical time for all of us, particularly the four of us getting ready to live with each other. You do not want to miss a beat ladies, gentlemen, family, friends, and fans!!! This is the era of the K.D.P.!!! Kappa Delta Plattasquanka!!!!! And if you don't know about me, or what I do, or what I do with my pplz, your ass better call somebody because we're about to do it BIG. Metaphorically speaking, I faced the vicious rain storms with the thunder and lightening, in what was a traumatic few weeks. Now, I've weathered the storm and that sun is going to be coming out! Bryan Bradley happens to be going through a renaissance at this time and it's being covered here, EXCLUSIVELY at the BLOG OF BRYAN!!!!

The Best of the best, the Creme de la Creme, B-Money AKA THE TRUTH. I'm a trendsetter known for making big shit happen. I'll make something HUGE and TITANTIC happen AGAIN very soon. Very soon! LETS DO THIS!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Moving out of mother's household tomorrow!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a minute since the last time I posted an update. I will be leaving mother's household for good tomorrow. After a while, there is only so much that one can take. I will be getting around from here to there and so on and so forth. Lord knows I am a survivor and I will get past this just fine. This appears to be a Limbo of sorts - a crossroads between the situation at home and what will be when my friends and I have our own place down by shore in Central Jersey come May. The residential move to Central Jersey, with my friends, is official for the first week of May. It is definitely happening and nothing is going to stop that from happening. There are some really fun and exciting events upcoming in the next few weeks. On March 9, I will be down in Seaside Heights for the Headtrip Concert. The following weekend, I will be in NYC for the St Patricks Day Parade. So ya'll know I definitely got it going on. I will remain high, continue to make money, continue to enjoy myself, and move on with my life. I can not wait until May. My friends are behind me 100% and they will stand by myself for many of the exciting activities upcoming that we will be a part of. Tune in for more tomorrow!


Friday, February 23, 2007

First day at Florham Park ADP!

Today was my first day at the Florham Park ADP. Plain and simple, it just was not the same as my time at the Parsippany ADP. That place is so much better and I benefited from enjoying so much more flexibility with the times I chose to go on lunch breaks, internet access, and things of that nature.

At this current location in Florham Park, I'm more involved with the customer service aspect of the company and dealing with clients one and one over the phone. There's really no changes in my routine. For the most part, it's all tedious and one dimensional. It's a repetitive process with clients. It's OK I guess, but I know in my heart that I can gain experience, become more marketable, and it'll only be for a couple of months, and then I move up yet again to something that will be much bigger and better. BIGGER and BETTER. Two more months. I'll be speaking with the agents at my staffing agency because I am moving to a new town come the first week of May. When that time comes, I will be looking for a gig that is different, a little higher class, higher level, and slightly higher pay. This will not just be a temp position - it will either be temp to hire or direct hire (preferably direct hire). I want to stay aboard, gain some experience, get the raises, get the bonuses, and live a nice life. This is going to happen for me in May.

I look forward to living with some of my best friends and leaving all of this drama and crap that has been going on in my life behind me. It's time to ditch the negative energy and embrace the positive. It's time to move out, get a crib, live with my friends, make a lot of money, be close to the beach, work on my sun tan, and have some fun. For real.

Be sure to come again SOON for more news and updates regarding your boy - The Great One - The Creme de la Creme - in the near future. This is your boy, B-Money AKA The Truth signing off for the night.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ADP transfer effective TOMORROW!

Starting tomorrow, I work at ADP in Florham Park!

Breaking news coming your way ladies and gentlemen. Just a couple hours ago, I was informed that starting tomorrow, for the next couple months, I am being transferred from the ADP in Parsippany to the office in Florham Park.

According to my agent, the supervisors and bosses here in the Parsippany office thought I did a bang up job here, so my agent saw fit to have me transferred to the Florham Park location for a position with a little bit more responsibility. The position will be a little different, but it's the same company and same exact schedule. ADP is a remarkable company with various opportunities in a wide array of fields. Tomorrow, I start in the new location. With time, my experience is just going to SKY ROCKET and my market value is going to increase. Folks, I definitely got it going on! I have high hopes and aspirations that, come May, I will be placed at the ADP office in Brick when this residential move inevitably takes place. The move will DEFINITELY take place.

More to come very soon, as the story continues to unfold regarding your boy's bright future...


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If you don't know, your ass better call somebody!

Regardless of whoever comes with me - it could be the Tin Woodsmen - I'm outta this motherfucker like dust in the wind come the month of May!!!!

Before I get started, I chatted with my good friend Ray earlier this evening and he sent me some informative and educational articles:

Me: hang on one sec
Me: back
Ray: welcome back
Me: thank you sir
Ray: did you get a chance to check out those sites?
Me: going to check them out now
Ray: i found these to be all very interesting
Me: they are all great.

What's good ladies and gentlemen? Your boy B-Money AKA The Truth AKA The Great One is back once again for yet another update. This one is more along the lines of a mainstream of consciousness. My most avid readers and loyal fans and followers know how I do.

Basically, I make plenty of money, I look good, I'm chill, I like to relax, don't cause much trouble, and I represent myself to the fullest. Haters are going to hate all day long. Lately, it feels like there are folks out there (particularly a family member with a bug up her ass) attempting to make my life difficult. Who knows what the deal is. I will say this much: When I tell someone to calm down, especially a family member who should give me the respect I deserve by listening to me when I kindly request that she calm down, does not calm down, and insists on being a drunken mess and violently fetching shit across the room (and most importantly, is a danger to herself or others), damn right I am going to call the cops. That's all anybody needs to know about that.

I personally do my best to maintain my composure on a day to day basis. That has not always been the case with me, but I do believe I am a changed man of sorts regarding my composure. I go to work, I make money, and I leave work to go to the gym and go about my business. That's basically what my life is comprised of during the week. Haters can keep on hating. To all of the haters out there, I am obviously interesting enough and handsome enough to drive them into a curious state where they would want to discover the latest in my life. For some odd reason, it feels as though haters out there are obsessed with prying into my personal life, making negative comments here, make negative comments there, and just telling different lies about me all across the board. But let me get this shit straight. The haters can't phase me. I'm all about attempting to make progress and looking towards a bigger and brighter picture.

I do realize that I am about to sound like a broken record to most of you, but I absolutely love the summer. I have a love affair with the beach. I enjoy laying on the beach on the sand in the hot sun, and letting that hot sun hit my back and color my skin. Relaxing walks up and down the boardwalk are what I thrive on and look forward to when the summer weather approaches. Thankfully, by the time approaches this year, I will be living down by the shore points of Jersey. I will have instant access to these delights and pleasures of life. This is what I look forward to every time I deal with the bullshit that awaits me when I get back to the current home. I say current home, because it will not be my home for very long at all.

My patience for certain persons who view me as a puppet whose strings are being pulled by other family members is dwindling. In fact, it is just about GONE. I'm surprised I have dealt with such crap for this long. Parental bickering that I have been subjected to has long overstayed its welcome. The perception that I am a 6 year old kid, rather than a 26 year old adult, has become extremely old and has been beaten to death. The time has come for me to rid myself of those who are suffering from those preposterous delusions, as well.

As human beings, we are all inclined to make some mistakes in life. The substance of certain mistakes outweigh other mistakes and sometimes one pays more than the other. Learning from those mistakes, apologizing when apologies are warranted, assuring one self that those mistakes will not happen again, and moving on to bigger and better things is all that one could shoot for. Lately, I do not feel I have been in the wrong on any particular occasion, but I do believe there is some hate out there and it is not going to phase me. In the coming months, I do look forward to starting over with certain elements of my life and just unveiling a brand new chapter. Freedom. Progression. Moving ahead to bigger and better without the burdens that currently plague me.

Believe me when I tell you - a new day is in! This residential move WILL BE HAPPENING IN MAY! Mark my words, that is on everything I love! Whoever comes with me, and those who I prefer to have join me, they know who they are. I want them by my side and I want them living with me. But come May, there will be nothing stopping me from making this move happen. Absolutely nothing. Come May, I'm outta this motherfucker like dust in the wind and it will be one of the prouder and more significant moments of my life in recent memory. Note that I have the funds and the resources to pull off such a move.

This is plan is going to be put to action, and the burdens that have been plaguing my life and the people who are attempting to put meaningless and unnecessary obstacles in my way are going to be put to rest FAST, because your boy refuses to grow old and die out here in Salems Lot. Get ready for some excitement. Get ready for The Great One to make a huge statement and a huge change in his already magnificent life. I am about to represent and make some beautiful things happen, bigger and better than ever. I am The Truth. I am as real as it gets. If you don't know, your ass better call somebody.

Events upcoming:

March 9: Headtrip concert at Sawmill. This is going to be yet another sensational weekend - a great event - that constitutes one of my customary getaways. I look forward to a great time - an even greater time than I had on my last visit to Sawmill.

St Patrick's Day Weekend: I will be in the Big Apple enjoying the St Patrick's Day Parade and throwing down some cold adult beverages. I'm entitled, since I'm Irish! ;)

This is B-Money AKA The Truth AKA The Great One, SIGNING OFF!

Chat with J-Mart: picks De la hoya to win May 5 Superfight!

Congratulations to Jeremy for being admitted into graduate school!

Moments ago, I had the chance to chat with Jeremy, my former roommate on campus from Stockton. He informed me of some pretty exciting news regarding his future. We also spoke briefly of the De la hoya vs Mayweather super fight that will be happening at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on May 5.

Jeremy (10:37:17 AM): got into grad school
Me (10:37:18 AM): so that's good. I'm done with winter
Me (10:37:20 AM): congrats!!!
Me (10:37:25 AM): RU Camden?
Jeremy (10:37:48 AM): UMDNJ/Rutgers Camden
Me (10:37:50 AM): that's terrific
Jeremy (10:37:55 AM): its a joint program
Me (10:37:57 AM): I thought you would though
Me (10:38:03 AM): your GPA was pretty impressive
Me (10:38:05 AM): from what I remember
Me (10:38:07 AM): you saying it was
Jeremy(10:38:14 AM): I'll graduate with a Masters in Physical Therapy from RU and a Doctorate from UMDNJ
Me (10:38:21 AM): that's wonderful
Me (10:38:34 AM): keep up the good work. I thought you would get in
Me (10:39:10 AM): because you have an impressive GPA and you're specializing in a rather complex field of study
Jeremy (10:39:24 AM): thanks
Me (10:40:59 AM): ur welcome
Me (10:41:03 AM): we'll have to celebrate
Jeremy (10:41:12 AM): def.
Me (10:41:11 AM): with a party or a bar trip
Me (10:41:17 AM): grad school party!
Jeremy (10:42:07 AM): lol
Me (10:42:29 AM): so I take it you'll be in the good ol' Club III for a few more years
Jeremy (10:46:41 AM): if not there than in a different development
Me (10:49:00 AM): I hear ya
Me (10:49:06 AM): that's cool man
Me (10:49:09 AM): movin on up
Me (10:49:27 AM): I went to see Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage, last night
Jeremy (10:51:01 AM): i heard it was good
Me (10:51:08 AM): dude, I def enjoyed it
Me (10:51:11 AM): my friends didn't like it much
Me (10:51:15 AM): but I thought it was good
Me (10:51:25 AM): even though Nicholas Cage was clearly sportin a hair piece
Me (10:51:26 AM): lol
Jeremy (10:52:51 AM): saw norbit last night
Me (10:52:58 AM): how was that?
Me (10:53:08 AM): w/ Eddie Murphy right?
Jeremy (10:54:04 AM): really funny
Jeremy (10:54:06 AM): yes
Me (10:54:25 AM): awesome ... I wanna go see that. Shrek 3 comes out May 18 also. I wanna see that
Me (10:55:03 AM): May 5 there's a BIG fight
Me (10:55:09 AM): richest fight in boxing history
Jeremy(10:55:31 AM): who?
Me (10:56:35 AM): Oscar De la hoya vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Boxing biggest attraction and 6 division world champion, against Boxing's best lb for lb fighter in the world and 4 division champion.
Jeremy (10:57:07 AM): oh thats right
Me (10:57:19 AM): ALMOST went to the press conference in NY today
Me (10:57:23 AM): but I didn't wanna skip work
Me (10:57:25 AM): ALMOST went
Me (10:57:30 AM): at the Waldorf Astoria
Me (10:57:40 AM): today is the opening day of their 2 week media tour
Me (10:57:42 AM): across the country
Me (10:57:45 AM): to promote the figh
Me (10:57:47 AM): fight
Me (10:59:07 AM): that fight really gets my undies moist. as a die hard boxing fan, I need this fight. it's the richest in history, and in terms of hype and drama, the biggest that I see happening in the last 10 years
Jeremy (10:59:30 AM): undies moist...nice
Me (10:59:47 AM): dude, Floyd Mayweather's father, Floyd Sr, is Oscars motherfucking trainer!
Me (11:00:15 AM): but.....
Me (11:00:19 AM): Oscar removed him for this fight
Jeremy (11:00:38 AM): yeah i know
Me (11:01:05 AM): didn't feel comfortable with those conditions, and on top of that, Floyd Sr was demanding $2 million from Oscar to train him. Oscar offered him $500K off the bat, and an additional $500K afterwards if Oscar was to win the fight
Me (11:01:27 AM): now, Floyd holds that against Oscar... saying he's gonna beat that ass for not paying his father the $2 mil
Jeremy (11:01:41 AM): lol
Jeremy(11:01:49 AM): im betting on oscar
Me (11:03:30 AM): that's who I like right now
Me (11:03:40 AM): I think Oscar is the bigger puncher, and he's fast for a guy at 154lbs
bnot as fast as Floyd, but bigger and faster than anyone Floyd has faced
Me (11:03:59 AM): and at another level
Me (11:04:15 AM): Oscar has been on the big stage so many times.... he's lost before, but only the biggest fights in history
Jeremy (11:04:34 AM): yup
Me (11:05:05 AM): it's gonna be tough for Floyd. Oscar is going to hit him. He's going to land. and when he does, I want to see how Floyd reacts to that punching power
Me (11:05:43 AM): Floyd is a 2-1 betting favorite. I wanna see what the odds are on fight night. might be a good fight to bet on
Jeremy (11:06:18 AM): should be a good fight
Me (11:06:30 AM): lol
Jeremy (11:07:16 AM): i bet you are

Pretty good chat. As it turned out, I had work yesterday on Presidents Day. That did not prevent me, however, from going to the movies with Colleen and Raphael to see Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. Cage, as I noted in a previous post, wore a hair piece for this movie. I kind of enjoyed the flick, but Colleen and Raphael did not care for it as much. I really got a kick out of the specials effects and such; the movie is based on the Marvel comic series Ghost Rider. As a kid, I followed many of the Marvel Comics but Ghost Rider was not one of them. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie last night.

As you can see from the chat with Jeremy, Oscar De la hoya and Floyd Mayweather kick off their nationwide press tour today to promote their mega fight on May 5. Their fight is potentially the richest fight in the history of the sport. Just two hours after the tickets to the fight went on sale, they were sold out! This fight is also expected to do monstrous PPV numbers. This should be a really good fight. Certainly a competitive fight. At this moment, Mayweather is a 2-1 betting favorite, but I will be interested to see what those odds look like on the night of the fight.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What went on this weekend, what's going on, and what will be very soon!

It has been almost two years since the last time I lived on my own and completely did things my way. It will happen once again.

What's good ladies and gentlemen? I know it's been a minute since your boy provided you with a solid update, but here I am to break that seal.

I'm hearing from some people around me that it's supposed to be in the 50s next Sunday! That would be absolutely wonderful. Warmer weather is something that is sorely needed at this time, as we approach the month of March when spring is officially scheduled to begin. I am getting just a little sick of these freezing temperatures and I eagerly await the spring. Ultimately, I look forward to the summer, but one step at a time.

This weekend has had its fair share and sequences of events. On Friday night, I commuted to Vernon to meet up with a friend of mine at a bar. We had a few drinks, but our plans were to drive to Newburgh, NY together to see a band at some other bar and enjoy some drinks there. After that, we were going to spend the evening at her friend's house in upstate NY. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way this time around due to some minor complications, but it was all good. We had a fun time and enjoyed seeing each other that night regardless. She's good people.

Last night, I went to M&S II for dinner, where Bill eventually met up with me and got some food himself. Did I say he got some food? Shit, that's an understatement. This kid housed a Chicken Roll and two slices of Sicilian Pizza. This man was STARVING. Either he was starving, or he's such a big guy that he's able to house a ridiculous amount of food. As usual, I ordered me a stuffed slice with sauce. To me, stuffed slice with sauce will always be a little bit of Heaven served on a plate. Also a whole lot of calories and cholesterol, but I only eat that every now and then, so who gives a shit?

Following our dinner, I went with Bill to his friend and coworker Steve's house. He was there chillin with another one of Bill's co-workers Hamilton. Those guys are pretty good guys. Bill and I had fun hanging out with them. Bill had bought a case of Coors Light to bring with him to Steve's house, so we had plenty of beer available. I also bought a six pack of Yuengling Black and Tan. Nothing like making a contribution, even if it is a minor one. HAHA. Eventually, Bill and I left Steve's because Steve and Hamilton were heading out for the night. Upon getting into Bill's vehicle, I noticed that I did not have my cellphone! I asked Bill to call my phone, in the event that I left it somewhere in his truck. After all, it was dark outside by that time and I was not able to see as good as a result. He called my cellphone, but we could not hear it ringing. There were no signs of it.

Bill called Steve and asked him to call my cellphone once he returned home later that night. Not only to call it inside the house, but outside as well. Either I took it out of my pocket once I sat down in his living room, or it fell out of my pocket walking into his house. So what happened regarding my cellphone???? Bill had it for me when I met up with him at work to drop something off to him. My cellphone was found in Steve's yard!!! In the SNOW!!! Thank God it was found. Even more so, thank God there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. THANK GOD. I really do not care to pay for a new cellphone at this time. I kind of like the one I currently have. Thank you Bill and Steve for making the efforts to find my lost baby. LOL.

Noticing how frequently my phone has been blowing up today, between calls from Bill, Colleen, Crazy Mike, and others alike, it is a damn good thing that Bill had my phone for me at his work place when I went over there. Everybody has been calling me today! Mike called me to let me know that he got pulled over by a cop in Brick at 2:30 in the morning. Apparently the cop followed him for seven fucking miles, before he eventually put in the sirens and pulled him over. Why would a cop follow someone for seven miles? Just pull the person over and get the shit over with. Nonetheless, Mike put on the gentlemen routine and got off with a warning.

He also asked me if I would take that Toms River house if it was still open come April 1. I told him that I would take it in the blink of an eye, so we will see if it's still available when the time comes. I find it very doubtful, but you never know. Colleen is also thinking about staying with Mike for the time being and getting a job in retail when she gets down there, so she can save up some money for this move. She does want to resume graduate school this summer, so she wants to have a place to live that is close by.

Colleen wants to go to movies today to see Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. One must question the casting in that movie, as Cage was supposedly required to wear a hair piece for the role. Perhaps he's getting a bit too old for those types of roles. Who knows, maybe I'll go see that movie with Colleen and some other folks. Later tonight, Amish Outlaws are playing at Murphys, so in all likelihood, I will be at Murphys tonight to enjoy some cold adult beverages and listen to a terrific local band. Maybe there will be some delicious eye candy in the house, but I can not guarantee it. From what I heard about Thursday's Maxim party at Murphy's, it was a total fucking sausage festival and I do not get down with sausage. Tonight, however, I will be at Murphys for the band if nothing else. However, it would be nice to see some honeys up in that piece. If they are fine looking honeys, that is a major bonus.

The move with Crazy Mike, Colleen, Greg and I is still on for May. May, at the latest. This thing could potentially happen earlier than May. Either way, I am THE TRUTH and I am going to make this move happen in May or earlier!!! People and things have attempted to make times rough and difficult for me, but believe me when I tell you - nothing can hold me down. Nothing can hold me back. I will be 100% happy by the month a May.

Your boy is still making a lot of money and saving money and it's just a matter of time before this move happens. Whoever is with me for this move is with me! I would very much like for it to be Mike, Greg, and Colleen. At this time, those are the plans and that is what is going to happen. Whoever has the money to make that happen with me is going to come a long for the ride with me. I'm the Truth and I make shit happen, and come May, I will reap in the ultimate freedom that I have been looking for for almost two years now. It has been almost two years since the last time I lived on my own and completely did things my way. It will happen once again.

Stay tuned and stay on top of matters here at BLOG OF BRYAN, because some good things are going to be happening in the coming months. I look forward to my return to Sawmill on March 9 for a concert that is going to be happening. This band Headtrip, which I know absolutely nothing about, is going to be playing. However, I look forward to going for the drinks, the dancing, the customary weekend getaway, and that delicious eye candy. And along with that, maybe some friendly touchy touchy. HAHAHA.

I also eagerly await a prospective trip to NY that is in the cards for St Patricks Day Weekend. The warmer weather is obviously something that I can not wait to feel, because I've recently gone shopping for some beautiful spring/summer clothes and I look forward to wearing them and looking just as physically appealing in the spring and summer as I have in this blustery cold winter.

I want to go get something to eat with Bill when he gets out of work at 4:30. Maybe China Buffet.

This is the The Great One AKA B-Money AKA the Truth, signing off!

Friday, February 16, 2007

When name calling is not swearing!

I'd like to thank my friend Jack for this nice little tid bit.

My buddy Jack Horowitz just forwarded me an email that contains rather comical illustrations that contain nothing but the truth! The title of the email read, "When name calling is not swearing." In the following illustrations, as you will see, name calling is not swearing!

I thought these pictures were funny. Hopefully, you share the same sense of humor as I do.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

This is my first Valentine's Day in four years as a bachelor, and I might add, a handsome bachelor at that. So what???

This holiday is based on showing others love, not just couples. You know me, I got nothing but love to give. Be sure you go out and show your friends and family some love on this day. And I am not necessarily talking about the naughty kind of love that goes on between lovers behind closed doors. I'm talking about innocent terms of endearment.

Alright, enough of the bullshit ... today is also FUDRUCKERS WEDNESDAY!!!!

And today, it's also snowing outside! Pretty much the first snow storm I've seen this winter. Yesterday, when everybody at work was getting all excited about the prospects of a snow storm, I said it wouldn't snow. As Bill and I left the gym together last night, I told him there would be no snow flurries prior to midnight and bet our lunch on that statement. Guess what? I was ... *gasp* ... wrong!

As a result, Fudruckers is on me if we actually make it there today. GEEZUS ... this is the first Valentine's Day in years that I am single, and I am still paying for somebody's meal. Girlfriend or no girlfriend, I suppose materialistic deeds and activities just can't seem to escape me!

Due to the blustery weather conditions, I will be leaving work early today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Murphys upcoming nights of significance!

February 15: Maxim Talent Search
February 18: Amish Outlaws

On Thursday night, Murphy's Third Rail Bar and Grill in down town D-town will be hosting their usual 80's night, serving 80 cent Coors Light Drafts, but they will also be hosting a Maxim model contest. Maxim will be in the house conducting their semi-final talent search.

There is sure to be plenty of tail, but with plenty of tail also comes plenty of sausage. That isn't too good for me, if you know what I mean. Bill might be bouncing that night, but he's not exactly sure. Either way, I will be there on Thursday night for the 80 cent drafts and also the enjoy some eye candy, if nothing else. In the event that Bill is bouncing, I can probably get in for free.

Amish Outlaws will be back at Murphy's on Sunday night (February 18). As most of you know, they are a band that frequently plays at Murphy's as well as many of the other bars throughout New Jersey. Chances are excellent that I will be at Murphy's on Sunday night as well, especially since I do not have to work on Presidents Day the following day (Monday, February 19). So that pretty sums up two nights in the next four days that I will be present at Murphy's ... definitely on Sunday night.

Pay check update!

For the first time this winter, I was WRONG about the snow!

Wow! At work today, where co-workers and corporate heads were speculating as to whether or not it was snowing yet, I snobbishly replied in a rather cocky manner, "It's not going to snow."

Holy shit! Much to my surprise, it is snowing outside right now. After hearing all of the inaccurate forecasts this winter saying that we were going to get hit with snow storms, the latest forecast was finally right! And for the first time, I was wrong. I suppose it was inevitable that the forecasters would eventually get it right and I would eventually be NOT right. Oh well... hopefully it is merely a dusting and nothing too brutal.

On a positive note, my check did come in the mail yesterday. Be still my tired old heart; when I got home last night my check was chillin' on the living room table. Direct deposit should set in any day now, but I was able to go to the bank today and deposit the check that came in the mail yesterday. Also, my agency has placed a stop payment on the check that never arrived at my house and has reissued another check. In all likelihood, my direct deposit will be in effect by the time that reissued check is billed to me.

Work has been alright, but I have working on the same assignment lately and the shit has been really tedious. I can't complain, however, because I feel like I am my own boss and I work at my own pace. Lately, I have been drinking quite a few energy drinks, such as Redbull, Sobe Adrenaline, and Full Throttle. On Sunday night, when I went to Galloway diner with Colleen, Frank, and a few others prior to driving back home, Frank told me about an energy drink out on the market called Cocaine. LOL. He said he found it at the Quickchek by his house and bought a can of it. Upon drinking it, it burned his throat! Not sure how willing I am to go look for it after hearing that story, but who knows? LOL.

Unfortunately, my supervisor is away on a business trip for a few days, so I have been unable to get my hours approved thus far for the check that is due to me this coming week. Hopefully I can get the hours approved A.S.A.P.!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Check(s) please!

It would be so nice if I had a check or two (the second one being the one that was due to me last week) waiting for me when I got home. Money is something that I need at this point to pay bills, pay for food, save up for future endeavors, and other things such as leisurely activity. Money is a major key to my entire game plan of life in the next couple of months, so I will definitely need those checks. Here's to hoping that I have a check or two that came in the mail today. I'm praying. Direct deposit will be in effect very soon as well. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guess it's time!

This was not a bad weekend here at Stockton in the 609. This was a nice little getaway, those getaways which I am accustomed to and known for, that got me out of D-town and away from the house.I came down yesterday, stayed the night, and basically chilled all day today. Earlier today, I took a nice long walk around the campus, just reminiscing about some of the old glory days I enjoyed here as a student.

I walked down the light path, past Lake Fred, and over to the school and the dorms. Walking past the volleyball court and T.R.L.C. brought back memories of when my friends and I played drunken volleyball a few years ago. Great times. I was also reminded of my years in L Dorm and N Dorm, as I walked past those buildings. My entire experience of walking across the campus grounds just produced a number of flash backs. Every now and then, I feel as though those walks are necessary in order to rekindle those fine memories of the best years of my life. Refreshing one's mind and memory of those fabulous times is sorely needed, especially when the present day puts obstacles in one's way and one is facing any kind of adversity.

I'll be blunt; this was a chill, lazy, and low-key day during which I did whatever the fuck I wanted. That mainly consisted of sitting around in the computer lab and walking around on campus. I really can not complain at all!

Tomorrow is President's Day and I do not even know if I have off from work tomorrow or not. I suppose I will find out sooner or later. My wish for this week is that the paycheck shit I had to deal with last week is straightened out once and for all. Afterall, I do need to get paid for going to work. I guess ... the time has come for me to leave this great campus and head back to D-town. Prior to my departure, I must return an audio tape to Colleen (who is still here on campus at Franks apartment in H Court) that was left behind in my car last weekend when I drove us down to Mike's in Lavallette.

After that, I suppose I will make my way back to D-town. Home to the quiet and cold neighborhood, in a quiet household. It was great coming back to P-town again and there is a strong possibility I could be down here again in the near future. We'll see. In less than three months, I look forward to making this move happen with my friends.

CORRECTION: I thought Monday, February 12 was President's Day. NEXT Monday (February 19) is President's Day, NOT the 12th!

Weekend Buzz: Murphys, spontaneous 609 Getaway, etc.

Currently, I am in one of the computer labs at The Richard Stockton College of NJ. Yes, I decided to drive down here earlier today to make another getaway from the homestead.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to hang out with Jack, Colleen (who is staying on campus with Frank for the weekend), and Frank. We went to a party on campus, which brought back memories of the old crazy times I used to enjoy here as a student. For the first time in YEARS, I drank a ... KEYSTONE LIGHT! WOW. I had not had one of those since my early Stockton partying days. This truly was a throwback, one that amused me somewhat.

Colleen had some really good news for me, informing me that she had a job interview for a teachers aid position this Tuesday. Even better, the job is a temporary position lasting until June and obviously she has the weekends off. I was very pleased to hear this news from Colleen. If she lands this job, she'll be able to save up some money and come with Mike, Greg, and I on the weekends to check out some houses. I pray to God that she gets the job. That would be magnificent and things would really start to fall into place shortly thereafter.

We all agreed that we would start looking for houses again sometime in mid to late March. Mike and I would like target the moving date anywhere between mid April and early May. Colleen's job, if she gets it, will go straight through to June, but she has stated that she would pay her end of the security early if we were to find another really nice place, by May, that suits all of our needs.

Friday night was a blast, as I went to Murphys in D-town where Bill happened to be bouncing and the band Screaming Broccoli was playing for the crowd at hand. Bill had told me that he could get me in for free on a V.I.P. list since I'm his best friend and he is a bouncer at the joint, so I need to take him up on his offer more often. Murphys on Friday night was just right in terms of the attendance. There was just enough people there to be able to interact with others and dance and things of that nature, but it was not jam packed to the point where one could barely walk a square inch.

Satisfied am I that I was able to get out on both Friday and Saturday night and enjoy some good times with great people. As usual, it feels great to be back in P-town again and especially at Stockton, but I can not wait for this weather to warm up. According to Jack, there is supposed to be some snow coming our way next week. Yeah, that's what the forecasters predicted last weekend as well. I will believe it when I see it, but I really do not care to see it! I hope the forecasters are wrong again. Jack doesn't want any snow because he wants to get his exams done with; he doesn't want them postponed and have to study for them for an extra week.

Obviously I don't want any snow either because I hate shoveling the shit, I like to be able to go out and have a good time, and I do not need to be shackled up inside a not-so-friendly house where my options are so thoroughly limited.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Paycheck fun mixed in with the other shit...

Boy! When the shit hits the fan, apparently it all hits the fan at ONCE and splatters all over one's face simultaneously.

In addition to the crap that went on at home, I never received my paycheck in the mail this week. Terrific! I called my agency and informed them that I have not received the check. They claim that the check had been sent out in the mail!!! WTF???? Could this have been ANOTHER one of the mailman's fuck ups????? Seriously, relying on air mail is becoming more and more of a mistake as time goes by. A couple weeks ago, I went to my bank (Wachovia) that I currently have a checking account with, and signed up for direct deposit. They said they would contact my agency and notify them that they are setting up a direct deposit to my account.

Fair enough.

A couple weeks go by, I still have no direct deposit, and I never received my check this week! I called the agency, and they said I had to set up the direct deposit by filling out their forms and submitting a blank check to them. I suppose it is my fault that I did not go to them for the direct deposit in the first place. During my lunch break today, I drove to the Randstad office and signed up for my direct deposit. I also requested that they put a stop payment on the check that went out in the mail so, wherever the fuck it ended up, it could not be cashed by anyone else.

Hopefully, I straightened out the paycheck dilemma today by setting up my direct deposit with the agency rather than the bank. This is one problem that I need to alleviate ASAP, so I can move on to the next set of problems and knock those out one by one as well. In order to save up the money to make that happen, as well as pay my bills, I had to get this paycheck drama straightened out today. I did just that; the agency said they were going to submit my request for direct deposit into the system today!

My main focus at this moment is moving out of mother's house and into my own place with some friends. As of now, we're targeting anytime between mid-April and early May. That would be sensational. Such a move is highly-warranted at this point. I believe that is so, as do all of my closest friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps I should start an operation, approximately two months long, titled: OPERATION: ESCAPE FROM D-TOWN AND HOMESTEAD INSANITY. That would surely provide me with a beautiful vision and some chances of hope and bright thoughts for the future, when the time comes to leave and move into my new place once and for all.

More on that later, I suppose.

I might be going to Murphy's later tonight, where my boy Bill will be bouncing. We'll see what happens in regards to that idea. For the time being, I really need to reverse this momentum and reverse it quickly. I need to make things better for myself and not let others cast their negative energy upon me in attempts to bring me down. I do NOT want to die here!

This is just the beginning of my self-executed rescue mission. The one being rescued from this constant string of disaster is ... MYSELF. No complaining, just actions to reverse the tide. That is what's to be expected in the weeks ahead.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith passes away!!!!!

Hot off the wire!

In what can be perceived as both a bizarre and shocking story, Former Playboy mate Anna Nicole Smith, 39, collapsed at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Florida and died today.

Smith, probably best remembered for her history as a sexy Playboy mate, is also remembered for her brief marriage with an octogenarian billionaire as well as the premature death of her son. Following unfortunate death of her son, Anna also passes on.


Kohls clearance!

Kohls is such a wonderful store for clearance sales. Their clothing selections are phenomenal. Bill and I went there again last night. I found some really nice Shady Wear (Eminem's clothing line) shirts on clearance really cheap.

I bought two of them, one being red and the other one being white. The red shirt has a really nice design that sticks out. The white shirt has a really fancy, almost mirror like design, that reflects whatever color is front of it. I am really fond of that shirt. They are short sleeve shirts, which I definitely plan to wear in the spring and summer, but they are absolutely beautiful. Stylish to say the very least. You know I love to look good and go with the hottest fashions.

The greatest part about those Shady Wear shirts is that, normally, one would pay a pretty penny for that brand apparel. These shirts that I purchased were originally $24 each! Guess how much I paid for them??? $4.80 each! LOL. The many wonders of clearance sales - 80% off clearance at that!

After Kohls, Bill and I went to Taco Bell. I ate some Chalupas, and I am not even going to comment on their after-effects!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can't lose focus of the overall picture!

"Into each life some rain must fall."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

These absurd and ridiculous times will surely subside. All that I want, I shall have in due time! Just give me a little bit of time... it will happen!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here I sit calmly and quietly in my cubicle at work. Currently I do have an assignment to complete, and a rather large one at that, but that will be completed just in due time just like all the others. Correctly and efficiently. I could not resist the temptation, however, to take a break from that. After all, my type of work whenever I have any can be tedious.

In regards to this Toms River house, it is unfortunate that we might be losing out on the deal that I came across last week (and the house we checked out last Saturday). One of my future roommates is concerned that he will not be ready to make this move until May. That is understandable, as the deal was clearly intended for May. Mike and I ready are pretty much ready to go right now, but we do not want to rush or scare the others who are a part of this move that we are planning. Hopefully, I can get out of my house really soon. I can not wait for this move to happen, but it will happen in the near future.

Perhaps I can find some place to stay in the meantime, while renting out a self storage and keeping all of my possessions in there for the time being. Self storage units can be rented out anywhere from $45 to $160 a month. In the event that I can find a place to stay until this move of ours comes to fruition, a self storage unit would certainly be an asset that I would be more than happy to invest money in. Anything other than being at home right now, as being at home is somewhat uncomfortable for me. In my house, I just sense a really bad energy and a really negative vibe. It is the kind that I am not really accustomed to, but have felt in other circumstances in the past. When that vibe is felt, it is a sure sign that one must leave.

Whenever it seems like everything in life might be going wrong (whatever goes up, must come down ... and visa versa), one must go back to basics. Human beings learn through trial and error, and once one goes through such a trial, one must adjust and act accordingly.

... [Interlude: Some of the looks I get around here from a few of the co-workers are absolutely priceless. As if they have a cucumber being shoved up their asses, and they need someone to give a strange look to. However, I'm not like some people. And I will not complain about such matters endlessly. I certainly will not get drunk, throw temper tantrums, and throw objects across the room because of it!!! LMAO. Such matters have absolutely no effect me, because I've probably given some pretty weird myself.] ...

Getting back to what I was saying, one must act accordingly upon going through a trial and an error. My trial was my situation in the homestead and the fact that some people feel as though they own the fucking world because they own a house, even though the don't own the neighborhood they live in and certainly do not own me. That was my trial, to put it vaguely. My error is that I have been staying there way too long, amidst that type of attitude and environment. If misery loves company, then misery has had enough company! It is time to get out, I do acknowledge that much, but I must take proper precautions and go about this plan the right way with my colleagues and future roomies.

Currently, there are certain conditions I am now required to follow at home, after all the shit that went down that wasn't even my fault. Buy my own food? Fine. I can handle that. Nobody is paying me back, and if one was trying to pay me back, it sure as hell backfired big time. I do not mind things being the way they are. If one can not afford to buy food for me, I can understand that. But when one does something in an attempt to pay me back or try to get under my skin, I remember those things and it can't possibly result in a positive outcome down the line for the person who is trying to pay me back or give me a difficult time. This is a BLOG OF BRYAN EXCLUSIVE for ALL: Trying to pay me back or make my life more difficult does not work to your advantage in the long term. EVER.

I will, nonetheless, make it a point to eat healthy and preserve this body. Gym work? I really need to continue fulfilling that duty as well, as it is part of that ever-so-important plan of preserving my mind, body, and soul.

One must go back to the overall picture and what is most important, even under such tragic and stressful circumstances. These recent times are definitely going to pass, and pass BIG TIME. What is most important to me at this very moment is making this move, having a satisfying high-paying job for when I get down there (which I have faith my agency will take care of for me), moving to one of places (such as Seaside/Toms River) I happen to like and visit rather frequently, living with people I get a long with and will accept me for who I am (and people that I don't have to watch my every move around because of how it might offend them or get them talking about me), living really close to the shore (I plan to be there much more this summer than was the case last summer), and just having a ball in life.

Summer time is beautiful. I love the warm weather. I love the feeling of the hot sun hitting my back. I love my sun tan that is caused by the sun and me being outside in the spring and summer time. Swimming is an activity that I love to do, for the reasons that it is a great source of exercise and also a means of cooling my body off in hot summer temperatures. These are all things that I am looking forward to when the move happens, when the warmer weather arrives, and when I am down in the area of Jersey where the summer time makes the most sense. By the shore points and by the CLUBS! That is definitely my type of scene, ladies and gentlemen. Definitely my type of scene.

I can potentially be living with some friends in a place that we can call ours, as well. But to get there, I can not lose focus of the overall picture. Can't lose focus of it at all. Amidst the recent string of events and adversity, this year STILL has the potential to be the best year I've had in many years! This year can STILL be a joy.

Keep the mind in tact and the thinking straight, I'll be there shortly.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Toms River house, diamond in rough, for March 1?

I spoke with Colleen, one of my future roommates, via IM just moments ago. She just returned home with her mother after her mother picked her up from the Rockaway Mall where I dropped her off. According to Colleen, her mother may have very well approved the house that we were looking at yesterday in Toms River, which I consider to be a true diamond in the rough:

Colleen: hey
Me: hey
Colleen: I think i got the a ok for that house from mom
Me: I found your tape. it's in safe hands
Colleen: uhhhhh ohhhhh
Me: the spiritual tape
Me: It's safe
Me: I stored it away
Colleen: oh ok thank you
Me: I'll get it to you sometime this week maybeHeRk18: if you wanna meet up
Colleen: did i leave anything else
Colleen: yup brb
Me: I'll check the car, but I saw the tape like 10 min after you left on the floor
Me: but it's fine
Me: and I have it for you
Colleen: ok coolk
Me: it's great that your mom accepts that house
Me: I mean... that is a diamond in the rough
Me: for real
Me: that is a true diamond in the rough
Me: and that's very tough to turn down
Me: and I believe your mother knows in her heart...
Me: to turn this down.... if we take something else down the line, we'll be paying more money and the place won't be nearly as nice
Colleen: yuppers
Colleen: so we're gonna try to see what we can do
Me: yes we will
Me: it's going to be OK
Colleen: yuppers
Me: it's going to be OK
Me: and it is OK to be nervous
Me: it's a new facet of life
Colleen: yuppers
Me: it's a bunch of friends living on their own with each other
Me: when you're nervous, you will acknowledge what you have to do, and go out and do it
Me: know what I mean?
Me: as long as you don't allow that nervous energy to transform into total fear
Colleen: yuppers

I will pray each and every day that this house deal comes through for March 1. As I said before, I am willing to put down the security deposit on this place TOMORROW. I can not live at home anymore! It's become pure hell. Once all the priorities are met in terms of jobs and stuff like that, I am ready to get the fuck out of here and fulfill this long anticipated move ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Groundhog Day Weekend

This weekend was a really good weekend in Lavallette, as I had a wonderful time. I wish we could all stay longer, but in comes a new work week. Colleen, Greg, and I are still at Mike's, but Mike is at Quickchek working his morning shift. He left the house at 8am this morning.

Yesterday morning, Ray, Mel, Mike, Greg, Colleen, and myself all went to Bayside for some breakfast. Afterwards, we made our way back to Mike's because Ray and Melissa had a concert to attend at House of Blues in Atlantic City later in the evening. After they parted ways with us, Mike, Colleen, Greg, and I went to see a couple houses in the area; one in Toms River and one in Brick.

I will not go too far into the details just yet, but the house in Toms River was PERFECT. All four of us agreed on the house and that was a first, but now we must straighten out priorities such as job transfers, finding jobs, and making a decision as to how we're going to take care of security deposits and things of that nature. But I would seriously love to take that house and I would put the security deposit down on it tomorrow. We would love to move into that place come March 1, but that could be a little far-fetched given the priorities that must first be met in the next month of so.

After checking out the houses, the four of us decided that we were hungry and chose to eat Chinese food for dinner. We headed over the Golden Palace and enjoyed our dinner there. I really hope things work out with this house. Mike, Greg, and I were making suggestions and recommendations to Colleen for job opportunities and I was making reference to some staffing agencies in the area that might be able to land her a decent gig.

As far as our plans for Sawmill, we went to pick up Colleen's friend Gena, who temporarily lives at a motel right now, to come along with us to the club. We picked up Gena, arrived at the club, and security denied Gena entrance to the establishment due to the fact that she had a county ID rather than a state ID. It really sucked that she could not get in, but the ID also specifically stated that it was not intended to be used for the purchase of alcohol or alcohol related activity.

Colleen suggested that we leave and go back to Mike's, or something like that. Mike recommended that we all go bowling, but nobody agreed to that. Gena humbly implied that Colleen could always see her another time and that she would be willing to go back home because she felt that we wanted to go to the club. Colleen was really upset and really pissed about it; Gena told her she had nothing to worry about and they could see each other another time. Inevitably, we drove Gena back to the motel and made our way back to the club.

Our time at Sawmill last night was rather limited, however, due to the fact that Mike had work so early this morning. However, that was by no means his fault and nobody is offended by that. The club, for the most part, was rather dead. It started picking up a bit later on, but it might be better suited for the summer time. Nonetheless, I was wearing some of my new clothes and I liked the way they looked on me.

Once we got back to Mike's, we all had a few drinks before eventually passing the fuck out.

Decent weekend!

Friday, February 02, 2007

So far, Crazy Mike's Groundhog Day bash a BLAST!!!!!

"Ray you are such a ..... [pause] .... bad boy."
-Greg Root, star of The Root of All Evil (2002)

Colleen and I made it down to Mike's at some point after 6pm. I drove both of us down, but without windshield wipers! I'll reserve THAT story for another time. But since we've been here, we've had a total fucking blast. Right now, it's Mike, Ray, Melissa, Frank, Colleen, Greg and myself.

This is exactly what I needed for many weekends now. Getting away from all of that crazy fucking drama at home is just what I needed!!!!!! Who the fuck needs that crap???? Enough said about that shit. Ray arrived a little later than most of us, due to the fact that he left work at 5pm. I left work a little earlier today at 2pm, so I could get my uncle his birthday gift (six pack of Heineken) and his birthday card and give it to him.

Well I am currently here in Lavallette at Crazy Mike's beach house. Lavallette is out of this fucking world. I love this fucking town, as well as the surrounding towns and the shore/ Atlantic Ocean that goes with it. We ate some pizza that we ordered from Sawmill (the club that most of us are attending tomorrow night) and those slices of pizza are EXTRA LARGE!!! Frank went to Sawmill to pick up the pizza. Thank you Frank. Most of us viewed some scenes of Black Boobies, the porn that Angela and Andy handed down to me at Andy's birthday party last September.

Greg is playing Colleen at Mario Kart. Greg told Ray, who was looking on, "Ray you are such a ..... [pause] .... bad boy." LOL. Very nice to know that Greg views Ray as a bad boy. Ray just responded to that statement, "It's great that he thinks so highly of me!" We already knew Melissa viewed him as such, but never Greg! LMAO. What a night so far!!!!! Ahhhhhh, I just took a sip a some delicious HEINEKEN BEER!!!!!!! But I need to get more drunk, so I'm going to join my friends right now. God bless this great weekend! It is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, WOO HOO!!!!!!! I'm about to finish my Heineken and I need ANOTHER BEER!!!!!!!

Groundhog Day verdict: Early spring!

Snow storm, my ass! Clear blue sky outside today!

This year, the weather forecasters just can not seem to predict the weather accurately if their life depended on it.

Thankfully, their forecasts were off for today, because the trip to Seaside Heights is STILL ON! Today is indeed Groundhog Day, as well as my Uncle J's birthday! Happy Groundhog Day! Happy birthday to Uncle J! Happy birthday to Crazy Mike as well!

Well the groundhog surfaced from under the ground this morning, and the result from Punxsutawney Phil is:

Phil Says Spring is Right Around the Corner!
Phil's official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler's Knob: El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west. Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed. Global warming has caused a great debate. This mild winter makes it seem just great. On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing. Will we have winter or will we have spring? On Gobbler's Knob I see no shadow today. I predict that early spring is on the way.

Whether one chooses to go along with the entire Groundhog Day theme or not, it is very reassuring to hear from anyone that spring is coming early. With the mild winter that we had this year, the early arrival of spring is most definitely believable. Early spring baby!!!!! Bring it on.

No snow, clear sky, so Seaside... here we come!!!!