Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chat with J-Mart: picks De la hoya to win May 5 Superfight!

Congratulations to Jeremy for being admitted into graduate school!

Moments ago, I had the chance to chat with Jeremy, my former roommate on campus from Stockton. He informed me of some pretty exciting news regarding his future. We also spoke briefly of the De la hoya vs Mayweather super fight that will be happening at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on May 5.

Jeremy (10:37:17 AM): got into grad school
Me (10:37:18 AM): so that's good. I'm done with winter
Me (10:37:20 AM): congrats!!!
Me (10:37:25 AM): RU Camden?
Jeremy (10:37:48 AM): UMDNJ/Rutgers Camden
Me (10:37:50 AM): that's terrific
Jeremy (10:37:55 AM): its a joint program
Me (10:37:57 AM): I thought you would though
Me (10:38:03 AM): your GPA was pretty impressive
Me (10:38:05 AM): from what I remember
Me (10:38:07 AM): you saying it was
Jeremy(10:38:14 AM): I'll graduate with a Masters in Physical Therapy from RU and a Doctorate from UMDNJ
Me (10:38:21 AM): that's wonderful
Me (10:38:34 AM): keep up the good work. I thought you would get in
Me (10:39:10 AM): because you have an impressive GPA and you're specializing in a rather complex field of study
Jeremy (10:39:24 AM): thanks
Me (10:40:59 AM): ur welcome
Me (10:41:03 AM): we'll have to celebrate
Jeremy (10:41:12 AM): def.
Me (10:41:11 AM): with a party or a bar trip
Me (10:41:17 AM): grad school party!
Jeremy (10:42:07 AM): lol
Me (10:42:29 AM): so I take it you'll be in the good ol' Club III for a few more years
Jeremy (10:46:41 AM): if not there than in a different development
Me (10:49:00 AM): I hear ya
Me (10:49:06 AM): that's cool man
Me (10:49:09 AM): movin on up
Me (10:49:27 AM): I went to see Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage, last night
Jeremy (10:51:01 AM): i heard it was good
Me (10:51:08 AM): dude, I def enjoyed it
Me (10:51:11 AM): my friends didn't like it much
Me (10:51:15 AM): but I thought it was good
Me (10:51:25 AM): even though Nicholas Cage was clearly sportin a hair piece
Me (10:51:26 AM): lol
Jeremy (10:52:51 AM): saw norbit last night
Me (10:52:58 AM): how was that?
Me (10:53:08 AM): w/ Eddie Murphy right?
Jeremy (10:54:04 AM): really funny
Jeremy (10:54:06 AM): yes
Me (10:54:25 AM): awesome ... I wanna go see that. Shrek 3 comes out May 18 also. I wanna see that
Me (10:55:03 AM): May 5 there's a BIG fight
Me (10:55:09 AM): richest fight in boxing history
Jeremy(10:55:31 AM): who?
Me (10:56:35 AM): Oscar De la hoya vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Boxing biggest attraction and 6 division world champion, against Boxing's best lb for lb fighter in the world and 4 division champion.
Jeremy (10:57:07 AM): oh thats right
Me (10:57:19 AM): ALMOST went to the press conference in NY today
Me (10:57:23 AM): but I didn't wanna skip work
Me (10:57:25 AM): ALMOST went
Me (10:57:30 AM): at the Waldorf Astoria
Me (10:57:40 AM): today is the opening day of their 2 week media tour
Me (10:57:42 AM): across the country
Me (10:57:45 AM): to promote the figh
Me (10:57:47 AM): fight
Me (10:59:07 AM): that fight really gets my undies moist. as a die hard boxing fan, I need this fight. it's the richest in history, and in terms of hype and drama, the biggest that I see happening in the last 10 years
Jeremy (10:59:30 AM): undies moist...nice
Me (10:59:47 AM): dude, Floyd Mayweather's father, Floyd Sr, is Oscars motherfucking trainer!
Me (11:00:15 AM): but.....
Me (11:00:19 AM): Oscar removed him for this fight
Jeremy (11:00:38 AM): yeah i know
Me (11:01:05 AM): didn't feel comfortable with those conditions, and on top of that, Floyd Sr was demanding $2 million from Oscar to train him. Oscar offered him $500K off the bat, and an additional $500K afterwards if Oscar was to win the fight
Me (11:01:27 AM): now, Floyd holds that against Oscar... saying he's gonna beat that ass for not paying his father the $2 mil
Jeremy (11:01:41 AM): lol
Jeremy(11:01:49 AM): im betting on oscar
Me (11:03:30 AM): that's who I like right now
Me (11:03:40 AM): I think Oscar is the bigger puncher, and he's fast for a guy at 154lbs
bnot as fast as Floyd, but bigger and faster than anyone Floyd has faced
Me (11:03:59 AM): and at another level
Me (11:04:15 AM): Oscar has been on the big stage so many times.... he's lost before, but only the biggest fights in history
Jeremy (11:04:34 AM): yup
Me (11:05:05 AM): it's gonna be tough for Floyd. Oscar is going to hit him. He's going to land. and when he does, I want to see how Floyd reacts to that punching power
Me (11:05:43 AM): Floyd is a 2-1 betting favorite. I wanna see what the odds are on fight night. might be a good fight to bet on
Jeremy (11:06:18 AM): should be a good fight
Me (11:06:30 AM): lol
Jeremy (11:07:16 AM): i bet you are

Pretty good chat. As it turned out, I had work yesterday on Presidents Day. That did not prevent me, however, from going to the movies with Colleen and Raphael to see Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. Cage, as I noted in a previous post, wore a hair piece for this movie. I kind of enjoyed the flick, but Colleen and Raphael did not care for it as much. I really got a kick out of the specials effects and such; the movie is based on the Marvel comic series Ghost Rider. As a kid, I followed many of the Marvel Comics but Ghost Rider was not one of them. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie last night.

As you can see from the chat with Jeremy, Oscar De la hoya and Floyd Mayweather kick off their nationwide press tour today to promote their mega fight on May 5. Their fight is potentially the richest fight in the history of the sport. Just two hours after the tickets to the fight went on sale, they were sold out! This fight is also expected to do monstrous PPV numbers. This should be a really good fight. Certainly a competitive fight. At this moment, Mayweather is a 2-1 betting favorite, but I will be interested to see what those odds look like on the night of the fight.

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