Friday, February 23, 2007

First day at Florham Park ADP!

Today was my first day at the Florham Park ADP. Plain and simple, it just was not the same as my time at the Parsippany ADP. That place is so much better and I benefited from enjoying so much more flexibility with the times I chose to go on lunch breaks, internet access, and things of that nature.

At this current location in Florham Park, I'm more involved with the customer service aspect of the company and dealing with clients one and one over the phone. There's really no changes in my routine. For the most part, it's all tedious and one dimensional. It's a repetitive process with clients. It's OK I guess, but I know in my heart that I can gain experience, become more marketable, and it'll only be for a couple of months, and then I move up yet again to something that will be much bigger and better. BIGGER and BETTER. Two more months. I'll be speaking with the agents at my staffing agency because I am moving to a new town come the first week of May. When that time comes, I will be looking for a gig that is different, a little higher class, higher level, and slightly higher pay. This will not just be a temp position - it will either be temp to hire or direct hire (preferably direct hire). I want to stay aboard, gain some experience, get the raises, get the bonuses, and live a nice life. This is going to happen for me in May.

I look forward to living with some of my best friends and leaving all of this drama and crap that has been going on in my life behind me. It's time to ditch the negative energy and embrace the positive. It's time to move out, get a crib, live with my friends, make a lot of money, be close to the beach, work on my sun tan, and have some fun. For real.

Be sure to come again SOON for more news and updates regarding your boy - The Great One - The Creme de la Creme - in the near future. This is your boy, B-Money AKA The Truth signing off for the night.

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