Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guess it's time!

This was not a bad weekend here at Stockton in the 609. This was a nice little getaway, those getaways which I am accustomed to and known for, that got me out of D-town and away from the house.I came down yesterday, stayed the night, and basically chilled all day today. Earlier today, I took a nice long walk around the campus, just reminiscing about some of the old glory days I enjoyed here as a student.

I walked down the light path, past Lake Fred, and over to the school and the dorms. Walking past the volleyball court and T.R.L.C. brought back memories of when my friends and I played drunken volleyball a few years ago. Great times. I was also reminded of my years in L Dorm and N Dorm, as I walked past those buildings. My entire experience of walking across the campus grounds just produced a number of flash backs. Every now and then, I feel as though those walks are necessary in order to rekindle those fine memories of the best years of my life. Refreshing one's mind and memory of those fabulous times is sorely needed, especially when the present day puts obstacles in one's way and one is facing any kind of adversity.

I'll be blunt; this was a chill, lazy, and low-key day during which I did whatever the fuck I wanted. That mainly consisted of sitting around in the computer lab and walking around on campus. I really can not complain at all!

Tomorrow is President's Day and I do not even know if I have off from work tomorrow or not. I suppose I will find out sooner or later. My wish for this week is that the paycheck shit I had to deal with last week is straightened out once and for all. Afterall, I do need to get paid for going to work. I guess ... the time has come for me to leave this great campus and head back to D-town. Prior to my departure, I must return an audio tape to Colleen (who is still here on campus at Franks apartment in H Court) that was left behind in my car last weekend when I drove us down to Mike's in Lavallette.

After that, I suppose I will make my way back to D-town. Home to the quiet and cold neighborhood, in a quiet household. It was great coming back to P-town again and there is a strong possibility I could be down here again in the near future. We'll see. In less than three months, I look forward to making this move happen with my friends.

CORRECTION: I thought Monday, February 12 was President's Day. NEXT Monday (February 19) is President's Day, NOT the 12th!

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