Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If you don't know, your ass better call somebody!

Regardless of whoever comes with me - it could be the Tin Woodsmen - I'm outta this motherfucker like dust in the wind come the month of May!!!!

Before I get started, I chatted with my good friend Ray earlier this evening and he sent me some informative and educational articles:

Ray: http://finance.yahoo.com/expert/article/yourlife/19423
Ray: http://finance.yahoo.com/expert/article/yourlife/24513
Me: hang on one sec
Me: back
Ray: welcome back
Me: thank you sir
Ray: did you get a chance to check out those sites?
Me: going to check them out now
Ray: http://finance.yahoo.com/expert/article/richricher/19601
Ray: http://finance.yahoo.com/expert/article/richricher/24515
Ray: i found these to be all very interesting
Me: they are all great.

What's good ladies and gentlemen? Your boy B-Money AKA The Truth AKA The Great One is back once again for yet another update. This one is more along the lines of a mainstream of consciousness. My most avid readers and loyal fans and followers know how I do.

Basically, I make plenty of money, I look good, I'm chill, I like to relax, don't cause much trouble, and I represent myself to the fullest. Haters are going to hate all day long. Lately, it feels like there are folks out there (particularly a family member with a bug up her ass) attempting to make my life difficult. Who knows what the deal is. I will say this much: When I tell someone to calm down, especially a family member who should give me the respect I deserve by listening to me when I kindly request that she calm down, does not calm down, and insists on being a drunken mess and violently fetching shit across the room (and most importantly, is a danger to herself or others), damn right I am going to call the cops. That's all anybody needs to know about that.

I personally do my best to maintain my composure on a day to day basis. That has not always been the case with me, but I do believe I am a changed man of sorts regarding my composure. I go to work, I make money, and I leave work to go to the gym and go about my business. That's basically what my life is comprised of during the week. Haters can keep on hating. To all of the haters out there, I am obviously interesting enough and handsome enough to drive them into a curious state where they would want to discover the latest in my life. For some odd reason, it feels as though haters out there are obsessed with prying into my personal life, making negative comments here, make negative comments there, and just telling different lies about me all across the board. But let me get this shit straight. The haters can't phase me. I'm all about attempting to make progress and looking towards a bigger and brighter picture.

I do realize that I am about to sound like a broken record to most of you, but I absolutely love the summer. I have a love affair with the beach. I enjoy laying on the beach on the sand in the hot sun, and letting that hot sun hit my back and color my skin. Relaxing walks up and down the boardwalk are what I thrive on and look forward to when the summer weather approaches. Thankfully, by the time approaches this year, I will be living down by the shore points of Jersey. I will have instant access to these delights and pleasures of life. This is what I look forward to every time I deal with the bullshit that awaits me when I get back to the current home. I say current home, because it will not be my home for very long at all.

My patience for certain persons who view me as a puppet whose strings are being pulled by other family members is dwindling. In fact, it is just about GONE. I'm surprised I have dealt with such crap for this long. Parental bickering that I have been subjected to has long overstayed its welcome. The perception that I am a 6 year old kid, rather than a 26 year old adult, has become extremely old and has been beaten to death. The time has come for me to rid myself of those who are suffering from those preposterous delusions, as well.

As human beings, we are all inclined to make some mistakes in life. The substance of certain mistakes outweigh other mistakes and sometimes one pays more than the other. Learning from those mistakes, apologizing when apologies are warranted, assuring one self that those mistakes will not happen again, and moving on to bigger and better things is all that one could shoot for. Lately, I do not feel I have been in the wrong on any particular occasion, but I do believe there is some hate out there and it is not going to phase me. In the coming months, I do look forward to starting over with certain elements of my life and just unveiling a brand new chapter. Freedom. Progression. Moving ahead to bigger and better without the burdens that currently plague me.

Believe me when I tell you - a new day is in! This residential move WILL BE HAPPENING IN MAY! Mark my words, that is on everything I love! Whoever comes with me, and those who I prefer to have join me, they know who they are. I want them by my side and I want them living with me. But come May, there will be nothing stopping me from making this move happen. Absolutely nothing. Come May, I'm outta this motherfucker like dust in the wind and it will be one of the prouder and more significant moments of my life in recent memory. Note that I have the funds and the resources to pull off such a move.

This is plan is going to be put to action, and the burdens that have been plaguing my life and the people who are attempting to put meaningless and unnecessary obstacles in my way are going to be put to rest FAST, because your boy refuses to grow old and die out here in Salems Lot. Get ready for some excitement. Get ready for The Great One to make a huge statement and a huge change in his already magnificent life. I am about to represent and make some beautiful things happen, bigger and better than ever. I am The Truth. I am as real as it gets. If you don't know, your ass better call somebody.

Events upcoming:

March 9: Headtrip concert at Sawmill. This is going to be yet another sensational weekend - a great event - that constitutes one of my customary getaways. I look forward to a great time - an even greater time than I had on my last visit to Sawmill.

St Patrick's Day Weekend: I will be in the Big Apple enjoying the St Patrick's Day Parade and throwing down some cold adult beverages. I'm entitled, since I'm Irish! ;)

This is B-Money AKA The Truth AKA The Great One, SIGNING OFF!

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