Sunday, February 25, 2007

Moving out of mother's household tomorrow!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a minute since the last time I posted an update. I will be leaving mother's household for good tomorrow. After a while, there is only so much that one can take. I will be getting around from here to there and so on and so forth. Lord knows I am a survivor and I will get past this just fine. This appears to be a Limbo of sorts - a crossroads between the situation at home and what will be when my friends and I have our own place down by shore in Central Jersey come May. The residential move to Central Jersey, with my friends, is official for the first week of May. It is definitely happening and nothing is going to stop that from happening. There are some really fun and exciting events upcoming in the next few weeks. On March 9, I will be down in Seaside Heights for the Headtrip Concert. The following weekend, I will be in NYC for the St Patricks Day Parade. So ya'll know I definitely got it going on. I will remain high, continue to make money, continue to enjoy myself, and move on with my life. I can not wait until May. My friends are behind me 100% and they will stand by myself for many of the exciting activities upcoming that we will be a part of. Tune in for more tomorrow!


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