Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Murphys upcoming nights of significance!

February 15: Maxim Talent Search
February 18: Amish Outlaws

On Thursday night, Murphy's Third Rail Bar and Grill in down town D-town will be hosting their usual 80's night, serving 80 cent Coors Light Drafts, but they will also be hosting a Maxim model contest. Maxim will be in the house conducting their semi-final talent search.

There is sure to be plenty of tail, but with plenty of tail also comes plenty of sausage. That isn't too good for me, if you know what I mean. Bill might be bouncing that night, but he's not exactly sure. Either way, I will be there on Thursday night for the 80 cent drafts and also the enjoy some eye candy, if nothing else. In the event that Bill is bouncing, I can probably get in for free.

Amish Outlaws will be back at Murphy's on Sunday night (February 18). As most of you know, they are a band that frequently plays at Murphy's as well as many of the other bars throughout New Jersey. Chances are excellent that I will be at Murphy's on Sunday night as well, especially since I do not have to work on Presidents Day the following day (Monday, February 19). So that pretty sums up two nights in the next four days that I will be present at Murphy's ... definitely on Sunday night.

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