Monday, February 26, 2007

Our move happening in A FEW WEEKS????

Currently searching for bigger and better job in Brick/Toms River area! Hopefully, being assisted by Randstad in the process...

Earlier today, I spoke with Mike about the latest news regarding our move. Supposedly, we could be moving quicker than anticipated! We have yet to discuss this with Colleen and Greg, but there is a possibility that we could be taking that Toms River house, provided that Colleen and Greg have their security deposit ready to go in the next few weeks.

Mike and I are completely ready to go, and I am currently searching for a bigger and better job opportunity down in the Brick/Toms River area so I have a new job when I get down there. Our success in the matter is contingent upon the four of us coming together and reaching some sort of agreement in regards to getting this move done as quickly as possible. As a result, my residence at my mother's house could be prolonged for another two to three weeks. In the event that this move does not take place within the next few weeks, Mike has advised me to continue with the job transfer/search in the Brick/Toms River area.

I'm currently working at ADP in Florham Park, and was working at ADP in Parsippany from October of 2006 up until last week, but I am not officially or directly hired by ADP. I've been working for them through my agency since October, but I will talk to my agency tomorrow to set up something in the Brick/Toms River area ASAP, preferably a direct hire. No more temporary shit. It will be a direct hire, or a temp position with great potential of becoming permanent. I do not particularly care for my new position at Florham Park, but if I end up working at the ADP in Brick, so be it. If an entirely new company surfaces, presents a great opportunity for me, and is a legitimate money maker with opportunities for advancement (such as the opportunities I have been taking advantage of since July), then I am cool with that as well. I will jump on anything that has the right price tag on it and presents opportunities for me to grow, advance, and make more money as time gradually passes.

If I am to find a job down there in the coming weeks, Mike has offered to let me stay with him at his beach house until the others are ready to make this move with us. After all, he is currently the only one living there until summer time rolls around. By that time, we will all be living in our crib. Big things are happening in the coming weeks ladies and gentlemen, along with the events I have been describing to you regarding Headtrip at Seaside and the St Patricks Day parade. I will go into further detail about those events in the very near future, but at this time, this move is extremely important to me. This move will in fact be one of my greatest victories and achievements of the year - and possibly of the past two or three years. As Confucius so eloquently noted many moons ago, in what happens to be the Blog of Bryan Quote of the day, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The time to make that first step is now.

As you probably realise by now, I have been dying to get this project of ours under way and progress towards my first legitimate feeling of 100% residential freedom in two years. Being under circumstances in which I do not have to worry about what others are thinking, when I am coming in and going out, and how I am going to behave or act is the way I prefer to go. That is the way I prefer to live. And beyond that, some fun, exciting, and enjoyable house parties never hurt anything either! The last time I experienced that was summer of 2005, when I was in fact living on my own for a summer internship that I thought was going to be conducted down in Atlantic City. When it was discovered that that was not going to happen, I moved back home and haven't moved out and lived on my own since. I also had a number of personal problems and dilemmas in summer 2005, such as the infamous arrest in Brielle, that really put a monkey wrench in my plans to continue living on my own.

Since that time, I feel as though I have matured, rebounded from those setbacks, graduated from college, and made quite a bit of money. That shit is NOT happening AGAIN! LMAO. Therefore, I am eager to get back to where I once was two years ago and continue to live the lifestyle that I enjoyed a couple years ago before all of those problems arose. This here is a new day and an entirely new chapter. I'm ready to turn to a bright and exciting new page. Let's get this house in the next few weeks. If we can not do so, I'm ready to relocate or transfer my means of employment and join Mike down there in Lavallette until we do get this house!!! Let's make this happen folks!!

This here is a magical time for all of us, particularly the four of us getting ready to live with each other. You do not want to miss a beat ladies, gentlemen, family, friends, and fans!!! This is the era of the K.D.P.!!! Kappa Delta Plattasquanka!!!!! And if you don't know about me, or what I do, or what I do with my pplz, your ass better call somebody because we're about to do it BIG. Metaphorically speaking, I faced the vicious rain storms with the thunder and lightening, in what was a traumatic few weeks. Now, I've weathered the storm and that sun is going to be coming out! Bryan Bradley happens to be going through a renaissance at this time and it's being covered here, EXCLUSIVELY at the BLOG OF BRYAN!!!!

The Best of the best, the Creme de la Creme, B-Money AKA THE TRUTH. I'm a trendsetter known for making big shit happen. I'll make something HUGE and TITANTIC happen AGAIN very soon. Very soon! LETS DO THIS!!!!

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