Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pay check update!

For the first time this winter, I was WRONG about the snow!

Wow! At work today, where co-workers and corporate heads were speculating as to whether or not it was snowing yet, I snobbishly replied in a rather cocky manner, "It's not going to snow."

Holy shit! Much to my surprise, it is snowing outside right now. After hearing all of the inaccurate forecasts this winter saying that we were going to get hit with snow storms, the latest forecast was finally right! And for the first time, I was wrong. I suppose it was inevitable that the forecasters would eventually get it right and I would eventually be NOT right. Oh well... hopefully it is merely a dusting and nothing too brutal.

On a positive note, my check did come in the mail yesterday. Be still my tired old heart; when I got home last night my check was chillin' on the living room table. Direct deposit should set in any day now, but I was able to go to the bank today and deposit the check that came in the mail yesterday. Also, my agency has placed a stop payment on the check that never arrived at my house and has reissued another check. In all likelihood, my direct deposit will be in effect by the time that reissued check is billed to me.

Work has been alright, but I have working on the same assignment lately and the shit has been really tedious. I can't complain, however, because I feel like I am my own boss and I work at my own pace. Lately, I have been drinking quite a few energy drinks, such as Redbull, Sobe Adrenaline, and Full Throttle. On Sunday night, when I went to Galloway diner with Colleen, Frank, and a few others prior to driving back home, Frank told me about an energy drink out on the market called Cocaine. LOL. He said he found it at the Quickchek by his house and bought a can of it. Upon drinking it, it burned his throat! Not sure how willing I am to go look for it after hearing that story, but who knows? LOL.

Unfortunately, my supervisor is away on a business trip for a few days, so I have been unable to get my hours approved thus far for the check that is due to me this coming week. Hopefully I can get the hours approved A.S.A.P.!

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