Friday, February 09, 2007

Paycheck fun mixed in with the other shit...

Boy! When the shit hits the fan, apparently it all hits the fan at ONCE and splatters all over one's face simultaneously.

In addition to the crap that went on at home, I never received my paycheck in the mail this week. Terrific! I called my agency and informed them that I have not received the check. They claim that the check had been sent out in the mail!!! WTF???? Could this have been ANOTHER one of the mailman's fuck ups????? Seriously, relying on air mail is becoming more and more of a mistake as time goes by. A couple weeks ago, I went to my bank (Wachovia) that I currently have a checking account with, and signed up for direct deposit. They said they would contact my agency and notify them that they are setting up a direct deposit to my account.

Fair enough.

A couple weeks go by, I still have no direct deposit, and I never received my check this week! I called the agency, and they said I had to set up the direct deposit by filling out their forms and submitting a blank check to them. I suppose it is my fault that I did not go to them for the direct deposit in the first place. During my lunch break today, I drove to the Randstad office and signed up for my direct deposit. I also requested that they put a stop payment on the check that went out in the mail so, wherever the fuck it ended up, it could not be cashed by anyone else.

Hopefully, I straightened out the paycheck dilemma today by setting up my direct deposit with the agency rather than the bank. This is one problem that I need to alleviate ASAP, so I can move on to the next set of problems and knock those out one by one as well. In order to save up the money to make that happen, as well as pay my bills, I had to get this paycheck drama straightened out today. I did just that; the agency said they were going to submit my request for direct deposit into the system today!

My main focus at this moment is moving out of mother's house and into my own place with some friends. As of now, we're targeting anytime between mid-April and early May. That would be sensational. Such a move is highly-warranted at this point. I believe that is so, as do all of my closest friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps I should start an operation, approximately two months long, titled: OPERATION: ESCAPE FROM D-TOWN AND HOMESTEAD INSANITY. That would surely provide me with a beautiful vision and some chances of hope and bright thoughts for the future, when the time comes to leave and move into my new place once and for all.

More on that later, I suppose.

I might be going to Murphy's later tonight, where my boy Bill will be bouncing. We'll see what happens in regards to that idea. For the time being, I really need to reverse this momentum and reverse it quickly. I need to make things better for myself and not let others cast their negative energy upon me in attempts to bring me down. I do NOT want to die here!

This is just the beginning of my self-executed rescue mission. The one being rescued from this constant string of disaster is ... MYSELF. No complaining, just actions to reverse the tide. That is what's to be expected in the weeks ahead.

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