Sunday, February 18, 2007

What went on this weekend, what's going on, and what will be very soon!

It has been almost two years since the last time I lived on my own and completely did things my way. It will happen once again.

What's good ladies and gentlemen? I know it's been a minute since your boy provided you with a solid update, but here I am to break that seal.

I'm hearing from some people around me that it's supposed to be in the 50s next Sunday! That would be absolutely wonderful. Warmer weather is something that is sorely needed at this time, as we approach the month of March when spring is officially scheduled to begin. I am getting just a little sick of these freezing temperatures and I eagerly await the spring. Ultimately, I look forward to the summer, but one step at a time.

This weekend has had its fair share and sequences of events. On Friday night, I commuted to Vernon to meet up with a friend of mine at a bar. We had a few drinks, but our plans were to drive to Newburgh, NY together to see a band at some other bar and enjoy some drinks there. After that, we were going to spend the evening at her friend's house in upstate NY. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way this time around due to some minor complications, but it was all good. We had a fun time and enjoyed seeing each other that night regardless. She's good people.

Last night, I went to M&S II for dinner, where Bill eventually met up with me and got some food himself. Did I say he got some food? Shit, that's an understatement. This kid housed a Chicken Roll and two slices of Sicilian Pizza. This man was STARVING. Either he was starving, or he's such a big guy that he's able to house a ridiculous amount of food. As usual, I ordered me a stuffed slice with sauce. To me, stuffed slice with sauce will always be a little bit of Heaven served on a plate. Also a whole lot of calories and cholesterol, but I only eat that every now and then, so who gives a shit?

Following our dinner, I went with Bill to his friend and coworker Steve's house. He was there chillin with another one of Bill's co-workers Hamilton. Those guys are pretty good guys. Bill and I had fun hanging out with them. Bill had bought a case of Coors Light to bring with him to Steve's house, so we had plenty of beer available. I also bought a six pack of Yuengling Black and Tan. Nothing like making a contribution, even if it is a minor one. HAHA. Eventually, Bill and I left Steve's because Steve and Hamilton were heading out for the night. Upon getting into Bill's vehicle, I noticed that I did not have my cellphone! I asked Bill to call my phone, in the event that I left it somewhere in his truck. After all, it was dark outside by that time and I was not able to see as good as a result. He called my cellphone, but we could not hear it ringing. There were no signs of it.

Bill called Steve and asked him to call my cellphone once he returned home later that night. Not only to call it inside the house, but outside as well. Either I took it out of my pocket once I sat down in his living room, or it fell out of my pocket walking into his house. So what happened regarding my cellphone???? Bill had it for me when I met up with him at work to drop something off to him. My cellphone was found in Steve's yard!!! In the SNOW!!! Thank God it was found. Even more so, thank God there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. THANK GOD. I really do not care to pay for a new cellphone at this time. I kind of like the one I currently have. Thank you Bill and Steve for making the efforts to find my lost baby. LOL.

Noticing how frequently my phone has been blowing up today, between calls from Bill, Colleen, Crazy Mike, and others alike, it is a damn good thing that Bill had my phone for me at his work place when I went over there. Everybody has been calling me today! Mike called me to let me know that he got pulled over by a cop in Brick at 2:30 in the morning. Apparently the cop followed him for seven fucking miles, before he eventually put in the sirens and pulled him over. Why would a cop follow someone for seven miles? Just pull the person over and get the shit over with. Nonetheless, Mike put on the gentlemen routine and got off with a warning.

He also asked me if I would take that Toms River house if it was still open come April 1. I told him that I would take it in the blink of an eye, so we will see if it's still available when the time comes. I find it very doubtful, but you never know. Colleen is also thinking about staying with Mike for the time being and getting a job in retail when she gets down there, so she can save up some money for this move. She does want to resume graduate school this summer, so she wants to have a place to live that is close by.

Colleen wants to go to movies today to see Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. One must question the casting in that movie, as Cage was supposedly required to wear a hair piece for the role. Perhaps he's getting a bit too old for those types of roles. Who knows, maybe I'll go see that movie with Colleen and some other folks. Later tonight, Amish Outlaws are playing at Murphys, so in all likelihood, I will be at Murphys tonight to enjoy some cold adult beverages and listen to a terrific local band. Maybe there will be some delicious eye candy in the house, but I can not guarantee it. From what I heard about Thursday's Maxim party at Murphy's, it was a total fucking sausage festival and I do not get down with sausage. Tonight, however, I will be at Murphys for the band if nothing else. However, it would be nice to see some honeys up in that piece. If they are fine looking honeys, that is a major bonus.

The move with Crazy Mike, Colleen, Greg and I is still on for May. May, at the latest. This thing could potentially happen earlier than May. Either way, I am THE TRUTH and I am going to make this move happen in May or earlier!!! People and things have attempted to make times rough and difficult for me, but believe me when I tell you - nothing can hold me down. Nothing can hold me back. I will be 100% happy by the month a May.

Your boy is still making a lot of money and saving money and it's just a matter of time before this move happens. Whoever is with me for this move is with me! I would very much like for it to be Mike, Greg, and Colleen. At this time, those are the plans and that is what is going to happen. Whoever has the money to make that happen with me is going to come a long for the ride with me. I'm the Truth and I make shit happen, and come May, I will reap in the ultimate freedom that I have been looking for for almost two years now. It has been almost two years since the last time I lived on my own and completely did things my way. It will happen once again.

Stay tuned and stay on top of matters here at BLOG OF BRYAN, because some good things are going to be happening in the coming months. I look forward to my return to Sawmill on March 9 for a concert that is going to be happening. This band Headtrip, which I know absolutely nothing about, is going to be playing. However, I look forward to going for the drinks, the dancing, the customary weekend getaway, and that delicious eye candy. And along with that, maybe some friendly touchy touchy. HAHAHA.

I also eagerly await a prospective trip to NY that is in the cards for St Patricks Day Weekend. The warmer weather is obviously something that I can not wait to feel, because I've recently gone shopping for some beautiful spring/summer clothes and I look forward to wearing them and looking just as physically appealing in the spring and summer as I have in this blustery cold winter.

I want to go get something to eat with Bill when he gets out of work at 4:30. Maybe China Buffet.

This is the The Great One AKA B-Money AKA the Truth, signing off!

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