Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sawmill in a little over an hour! Maske defeats Hill 10 years later!!!!

Right now, I am pre-gaming at Mike's beach house and I am pretty fucking drunk. I drank like three Killians Irish Reds, a Michelob Pale Ale, and a Yuengling Black and Tan. Currently I am drinking a Yuengling Black and Tan that I am about to finish up. Next, I am getting myself either another Killians or a Corona. That's right, we got a bunch of beer up in this bitch.

Soon, I have to take a shower and get myself all dressed up and pretty for the club. What a day!!!! There's a 95% chance right now that we have a house tomorrow. I'm drunk as shit having a good time at the Jersey Shore in Lavallette. I'm going to a club with some people to scope out the eye candy at Sawmill. You know, check out some of these fine chicks with their hot outfits and gorgeous bodies. It's going to be insane, but this is my time to have fun, enjoy the buzz, hang out with my friends, lay back in the cut, get loose, MAYBE dance a bit, and check out the hunnies.

On another bright note, former light heavyweight titlist Henry Maske came out of retirement 10 years later to defeat nemesis and current WBA Cruiserweight titlest Virgil Hill. Un fucking believable!!!!!!!!! Talk about shocking the fucking world!!!! Congratulations to Henry Maske! Let's give this man a TON of credit. His comeback after 10 years of inactivity was comparable to that of Axel Shultz's comeback. Maske, after losing to Hill 10 years ago and taking 10 years off, comes back to defeat Hill, who is a top five cruiserweight respectively, 10 years later. You have to give Maske credit. MAJOR KUDOS to the man who has been retired for 10 years!!

This goes to show, that no matter how BIG an underdog you are, and no matter how much shit the media and fans may talk about you, coming back is WELL worth the risk if your thirst and hunger for redemption and victory are great enough, if you believe deep in your heart and mind that you can achieve, and if you are willing to go out and execute your maneuvers to get what you feel you are worth. If you know what you're worth, go out and get what you're worth. It's nobody's job to tell you that you can't go out and get what you want or what you feel you need.

You lose to a guy 10 years ago, and that was your only defeat, it HAS to feel good to come back 10 years later and AVENGE that lone defeat. It looks even better for the man, who was off for 10 years, to come back and avenge that loss AFTER 10 years of inactivity. Going out and getting what you're worth applies to any profession, not just boxing! Maske could've stayed retired and wondered what MIGHT'VE been had he kept fighting and gotten that rematch with Hill. It took him 10 years to think to himself, "maybe I can make a difference. Maybe I can come back. Maybe I can beat this man. Maybe I can put those nightmares of that defeat to rest, after 10 painful years and curiosity and speculation."

It's one thing to have those thoughts. It's another thing to act and execute after having those thoughts and being SUCCESSFUL. I just happen to love and respect success stories such as this. What a wonderful day for Henry Maske. All due respect goes out to this man.

Aight fuckers, time to drink more and get ready for my club time motherfuckers!!!! Shower in 15 minutes. Stay tuned, always read Blog of Bryan because it is the next best thing to The Bible on the internet. Stay tuned and HOLLA BACK!!!!!

House in Pt. Pleasant May 1???

All four of us unanimous in preference for Point Pleasant house! We're 95% sure we have it!

Mike, Colleen, Greg, and myself checked out a house in Point Pleasant today, which is merely five minutes away from the beach. We went to check out another house today, originally noted as being "vacant" prior to the Point Pleasant house, but the wife of the owner was still there and she was entertaining guests upstairs, so we couldn't check out the rooms upstairs. We'll be going there to check that out tomorrow morning. However, we are pretty much set with this Pt. Pleasant house. The place is gorgeous, the price is negotiable, there are four bedrooms, and the lease is annual. We want this place!!!!!!! It could be official tomorrow. Stay tuned.

My Friday: Adecco, Mach W, Seaside boardwalk, and more!

As for my meeting with Adecco, I arrived at the office yesterday at my scheduled time of 11am. I ended up waiting there for an hour and a half with no screening and no interview. It turns out, the staffing consultant who was supposed to take care of that was at a college career fair doing some recruiting.

She had assigned one of her employees to take care of the screening and interview, but not to her knowledge, he called from work yesterday. Therefore, I never got my screening or my interview, so I left and called the office again later in the afternoon prior to going to Mike's beach house. The staffing consultant, who was at career fair, apologized for the confusion, rescheduled me for Tuesday at 11am, and assured me that she would be in the office all day on Tuesday. Fair enough. I will be returning to the office for my interview and screening at that time. Adecco is regarded as the largest staffing agency, as well as the top agency, in the country on most of the renowned websites. Hopefully, all goes well on Tuesday morning.

Before going to Mikes, I ran to Wawa to grab a snack - and - Wawa's new energy drink, the Mach W! That shit is amazing!!!! One of the best energy drinks on the market at this time. Unlike most of the energy drinks (possibly ALL of them), the Mach W has 0 calories! Immediately after taking the first sip, I fell in love with it. It's tasty and it works. If you are fortunate enough to live near a Wawa, or you are an energy drink advocate who is near a Wawa, I recommend trying the Mach W. Great stuff.

So I am currently down here at Crazy Mike's beach house Lavallette. As usual, I am having a pretty decent time. I got down here yesterday around 2pm. Greg Root also came down to join us and arrived at about 5pm. Upon his arrival, the three of us drove to Seaside to walk around on the boardwalk for a little bit.

Mike even ran into a couple of his old employees, one of them being an old boss of his. Eventually, we made our way over to the air hockey table for a couple games of air hockey at one of the aracades. Air hockey is most definitely a Seaside Heights boardwalk favorite of ours. Greg and Mike faced off in an elimination match for the right to face The Great One. Mike started off at a 4-1 disadvantage, but with some crazy looking faces and Mike-like taunting, miraculously came back to overhaul Greg by a narrow score of 6-5. Mike had earned the right to play against me. It was yet another tight game, but I would go on to win by the exact same score of 6-5.

Once we returned to Mike's house, Mike cooked us pasta for dinner which was pretty good. We watched Goldfinger, which is an old school Bond movie starring Sean Connery (the REAL 007). At the mid point of the film, we took a walk to Wawa. I introduced Greg to the Wawa Mach W. He made the purchase and ended up liking the drink. I love it. I purchased yet another can myself. That was my second Mach W of the day. We walked back and watched the rest of Goldfinger. After Goldfinger, we started Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan playing Bond. He's ok, but he's no Sean Connery. Not at all.

Laying down on the floor, using my bookbag as a pillow, I began to fall asleep. However, Greg wanted to go to Wawa after midnight so he can buy himself a chicken cheesesteak. Being that it was Friday, and there's no meat for Catholics on Fridays until Easter, he had no choice but to refuse the chicken cheesesteak until it was finally Saturday. Mike wanted to walk to Wawa again because it was such a beautiful night. Greg wanted a ride, and I was barely coherent because I was so exhausted, but we still ended up walking over there again.

During the walk, Mike continued to point out how I looked like I was ready to keel over and that I looked like I was out of it the entire time. Thanks Mike. LOL. Once we got back to Mike's, Greg ate his chicken cheesesteak and then we all eventually passed out.

Another really memorable quote

"This morning I woke up with a boner the size of Mt Rushmore. Back in the day, my girlfriend, she used to take care of that for me. Now, I can't get rid of it." -the Rootman


Looks like he's going to have to deal with that, himself, as best he can.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Memorable quote!

Referring to the new toasted raviolis at Wawa,

"Those toasted raviolis are like breaded sex!" -Crazy Mike Milek

More to come later pertaining to this weekend, what has happened in regards to Adecco, and what is in store.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bryan's Buzz: Return of The Great One - Idol time prior to a revolutionary spectacle!

Idol time allows me to work extra hard at the gym and sharpen up on some things, but this only leads to the move of 2007 - REVOLUTION and TRANSITION OF THE YEAR!

There has been somewhat of a hiatus here at the Blog of Bryan, but here I am once again to save the day and give ya'll the inside scoop on ya boy. Lately, I've been going through somewhat of a transition in employment, but I've also had the chance to enjoy some time with a few friends at bars, clubs, and the movie theater.

Yes, I went to movies to see 300. In fact, I enjoyed that movie so much I saw it two times! First, I went to see it with Bill in East Hanover, then I went with Colleen and her friend Raphael one week later to see it in Ledgewood. The plot of the film deals with a battle between ancient Spartans and Persians. Battle scenes in that movie are intense and extremely graphic, but I still loved it. That movie is TOUGH. My last day at ADP in Florham Park was last Friday. I had given my time, so it is not as though I totally quit. Besides, I was only temporarily employed there through Randstad. The commute was rather ugly and I didn't particularly care for that position.

Out of one place of employment, I'm looking to enter another that is bigger, better, and in a new location. When I say new location, I mean a location that surrounds or consists of the town where Mike, Colleen, Greg, and myself will be moving to. Where is this place going to be? There are three houses that my group and I are narrowing it down to; hopefully we are able to resolve this and make an official decision this weekend. We will be looking at all three houses on Saturday, I believe. This search is being thoroughly conducted with the assistance of the Randstad office based out of South Jersey, as well as some new agencies which will resourcefully serve as some new sets of sharp eyes. Randstad of South Jersey called me moments ago to inquire about what I am looking for in terms of jobs and salary. The agent of that office did so because she is pooling a group of applicants for some new jobs that are opening up within the next few weeks. GREAT news for me!

Sometimes I think history goes around on a rotation basis and comes right back at you. Six years ago, I was living at home and going to the gym at Quest Total Fitness up the hill. Folks at the gym were all pretty much the same guys coming in and working out every day consistently. Then, there came a time when I finally got up out of the household and went away to college. When I got to college, which was of course The Richard Stockton College of NJ, there came a new way of life. An intriguing and exciting way of life that totally captivated me from the get go. Different types of people were living with or around me in the dormitories. P-town, as well as the surrounding towns, were totally different from what I was accustomed. Even though it was all different, I absolutely loved it. Being by the beach, as well Atlantic City, during my years in college was an absolute blessing.

Following my service in college, it was time to return home again years later. Once again, I found myself living at home and working various different jobs close by (most notably, the Olive Garden). A little over a year after my return home from Stockton, I am now back at Quest Total Fitness. Looking around inside the gym while I am working out, I still notice the exact same people working out six years later. Sean, who worked out with our group back in the day, is still currently there working out with Bill. The other day, I also saw Ralph who worked out at the gym in the pre-Stockton days when I was there. So I find myself living at home, working out at Quest Total Fitness, and talking to the same people at the gym whom I talked to before I went to school. I hear the same comments, "You broke my heart Fredo," referring to me as Fredo Corleone from The Godfather, and things of that nature. I view myself more along the lines of Michael Corleone, LOL, but where that comes from is a long story.

Tomorrow, I am making the trek down to Central Jersey, where I have a scheduled interview with Adecco in Freehold at 11am. They are yet another agency that will have me fill out an application, interview me, and screen me. Following that interview, I will most likely spend the day at one of the beach points - perhaps Seaside - and walk the boardwalk for a little while. Tomorrow night, I will be staying over at Mike's shore house. Thank you very much Mike! On Saturday night, I'm looking forward to going to Sawmill. I can not believe this is my third time attending Sawmill in under a three month period. Nonetheless, I will be going back there to have a good time, maybe get my dance on, and most definitely enjoy some adult beverages with some of my friends. As usual, I will look stunning, handsome, and absolutely amazing. No difference and no changes, obviously. LOL.

With the days winding down, and The Great One being able to benefit from this temporary time off, it allows me to work extra hard at the gym and sharpen up on some things for GDay, but this only leads to the move of 2007. Spring is setting in, as we have some beautiful days this week. Soon, I will be able to run outdoors again! G-Day is still on and I must also be ready for that, so I brace myself for that as well as the days continue to wind down. I know, that in due time, I will have a job soon enough in the new location. I know, that it is just a matter of time, before my pals and I have this house picked out and officially leased. Here, in 2007, this going to be the biggest REVOLUTION and TRANSITION of the year. This is going to be a revolutionary spectacle.

Does history come around again after a certain amount of time? Can history repeat it self in some form or another even if it doesn't necessarily carry a negative impact???? This could very well be the case. Was I not making a similar transition almost five years when I was preparing to leave home for Stockton in 2002????

Here we go again.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Today is indeed St. Patrick's Day. As I said previously, it is unfortunate that I could not make it to NYC today.

Hopefully this most recent storm that covered the roads as well as my car with solid layers of ice last night will mark the end of this God forsaken winter that has overstayed its welcome. Wednesday is officially the first day of spring, so it needs to begin acting like spring!

However, I will be at Murphys tonight in full force to celebrate this magnificent holiday, and so will practically everyone else. Located directly in front of the train station, Murphys seems to be an ideal landmark to stop at for people coming back from NYC today on the train. Based on that fact, Murphy's is probably going to be crowded as hell tonight. That doesn't phase me one bit. Bill is bouncing tonight, so yours truly will be getting in VIP style thanks to my boy Bill.

I'm heading over there, and it's going to be another one of those nights. I'll be celebrating my Irish heritage (afterall, I am 25%) and drinking up with other Irish folks on hand. I look to head down there around 8:30 or 9pm so I can get a good parking spot and get in there and claim a decent spot. To all of the people celebrating, enjoy yourselves and be safe. All of you Irish folks, go get yourself some corn beef and hash and chow down. As for me, time to get ready for Murphys.

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

Not attending NYC St. Patrick's Day parade: Weather conditions too severe!

Thanks in large to blustery ice storm that has limited my means of transportation, my trip to NYC for the St Patricks Day parade has been cancelled.

This cancellation is a total shame because I totally wanted to make my return to the Big Apple, but the weather has seemingly prevented me from doing that for the time being. Eventually, I will get back to NYC. Tomorrow, however, may not the best time for a parade. Current weather conditions may not be the most conducive to enjoying a parade in the middle of the city.

I wanted to go to Murphys tonight, but even those plans were side tracked by the storm. Bill, who was originally scheduled to bounce there tonight, called me and told me that the band was not coming, he was relieved from his bouncing duties, and that nobody was going to attend Murphys to drink and then drive back home in this weather. In that instance, he certainly made a valid point. After all, I could not even MOVE my car out of its current spot to drive down there to drink. Tomorrow night, though, is also a pretty big night at Murphys. Bill is once again scheduled to bounce tomorrow night as well, so I'll probably head over there tomorrow night.

Not being able to travel to NYC this weekend truly disappoints me, but these are exceptional circumstances for my withdrawal from the plans. Seeing plans fall through is one my greatest pet peeves, especially when the plans consist of a leisurely activity that assures happiness, entertainment, and excitement. It kind of saddens me. Due to the recent altercation of events, I will take advantage of the unfortunate NYC trip cancellation to sleep in, get some much needed rest, relax, and perhaps do some cleaning as well as some critical thinking. Sometimes, it is beneficial to me to think about what I want, what I want to do in life, how exactly I choose to live my life, and try to think out a road map of sorts with directions to those goals and plans. Prior to doing that though, relaxation of mind and body has to come first.

Sleeping in is going to feel absolutely tremendous. For the past couple weeks, I have been getting an average of six hours of sleep per night. For me, at least, that is not really enough sleep. However, I have a habit of staying up late every night and it costs me when the time comes to get out of bed in the AM. Fortunately, the weekend is once again here and I do not have to worry about having to get out of bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aqua Teens hitting the big screen!

On April 13, 2007 (next month, for those who can not do the math or are just plain lazy), the ATHF movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon, will be released by First Look Pictures to theaters.

The film is based on the characters from the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. When I fell in love with ATHF back in day at Stockton College when I watched Adult Swim. I am definitely going to see this movie when it comes out in theaters next month!

For more information related to this motion picture, Check out the ATHF movie website -

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

House hunting and Seaside Heights boardwalk Part III

Later in the evening, we did in fact meet up with Sheik. Colleen rode with Ray and Mel, while I got a ride with Mike and Greg to go pick up Sheik at the boardwalk and bring him bowling.

Reminiscing about the old days at Stockton, we were all bringing up names of people that used to go to school with us, such as Volleyball Bob, Kevin Ruck, Evan, Chuck Dunn, and many others. Some of these folks, we hardly even see or hear from anymore. Chuck's engagement with his girlfriend Marissa was also brought up. Time certainly passes everyone by, without showing the courtesy to pause and wait for anyone.

We all eventually met up with each other at bowling alley, only to discover that there was a one hour wait for the next available lane. Due to the fact that Greg had to leave that night to be at work at 4am the next morning, we all chose to take a rain check on the bowling. As a result, we all went to the boardwalk at Seaside and walked around for a bit.

Everyone was still out and about celebrating the upcoming St Patrick's Day holiday. The bars, such as Beachcomber and Sawmill, were open and people were partying pretty hard. As I walked down the boardwalk, and noticed these people drinking and living like there's no tomorrow, it occurred to me that that's where I belong. That is the type of atmosphere I belong in. Plain and simple. I felt at home. Colleen told me on numerous occasions throughout the weekend that she feels like she belongs in Toms River/Seaside. That's where she believes she fits in and can be happy, as opposed to Blairstown where fun goes to die. While walking along this boardwalk, however, things appeared to be the total opposite.

We all managed to get in a couple games of air hockey as well. Mel and Ray played against Mike and Greg. Greg and Mike won that game. Colleen and I played Mike and Greg and we won that game. LOL. Sheik basically stood to the side and watched all of us play. Playing air hockey, going bowling, and walking the boardwalk was not necessarily a big deal to him. As long as he had familiar faces to hang out with, and something to do with those familiar faces, he appeared content. After the air hockey, we proceeded to walk in and out of almost every arcade on the boardwalk, only to discover that they were all about to close. Eventually, I caught on to that and basically waited outside while the others went inside.

The time had finally come when Mike drove Greg back to his house so he could make it back to Riverton and get ready for his early morning shift at Target. Ray, Mel, Colleen, and I also parted ways with Sheik. Seeing the Sheik was certainly an experience, as it always was when I'd run into the well-known, infamous, and sometimes scary (lol) P-Unit founder when we were all at Stockton. It was an experience, I will say that much. Just like that, Sheik was gone again ... with all of us wondering whether or not we would ever see him again ... and if so ... when? Who knows.

All in all, it was decent weekend packed with activities and housing appointments, and the anticipation of St. Patricks Day which is less than a week away.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

House hunting and Seaside boardwalk Part II

Quite a shocking moment, I must say! We had run into The Sheik on the boardwalk at Seaside on Saturday afternoon. Asking him what he had been up to for the past couple of years, he responded by saying that he hadn't been doing much. Just being Sheiky and holding down his mythical organization P-Unit.

No changes in this dude whatsoever. For the most part, he still looks and acts all the same. He's still adament about P-Unit. He asked about the P-Unit girls (Nicole, Kristen, Anna, etc.), who he always referred to as "the littles". We told him that they have all graduated and moved on with their lifes for the most part. Although Kristen still does keep in touch with us from time to time. Looking up and down at the Sheik, I did initially notice a significant difference as I implied, "I am shocked that I do not detect single article of clothing on you that is colored pink." Proving me wrong, The Sheik reached in his pocket and pulled out his pink bandanna.

Following our encounter with Sheik, he decided to follow us around for our entire time on the boardwalk. We also went to get some fried Oreos, which are Seaside Boardwalk delicacy. LOL. On the boardwalk, so many happy and festive people were out in groups walking around, decked out in green for the upcoming St Patrick's Day holiday. It was thoroughly enjoyable for me to be with some wonderful friends and see so many other people out and about walking the boardwalk and having a sensational time. Being close to the shore was comforting to me; truly a blessing. Last year, I did not make it down to the shore nearly enough. As a result of that, I was ashamed. This year, however, is sure to be different. Really different. Seaside Heights is an amazing place to me.

Following our day Seaside, Mike, Greg, Ray, Melissa, Colleen and I temporarily parted ways with the Sheik. Yes, I say temporarily because Mike offered Sheik his cellphone number and invited him to come out with us to bowling alley later in the evening. For the time being, we all went back to Mike's place to chill out for a bit before making dinner plans. That is when the debate took place between Mike and Ray and Mel. Mel wanted to get Chinese food, but didn't want to go bowling. Mike wanted to watch Borat, but didn't prefer to go out to eat (he wanted to stay home, cook, and save money). Ray did not care to see Borat AT ALL. He did not want to see it when it was in the theaters. He sure as hell did not want to see it at Mike's.

The Borat argument between Ray and Mike transformed into a debate about movies, as Ray sited that Mike loved Garden State, which he felt was not the greatest movie ever. Eventually, the debate came to a close and we all decided to hit up the Jumbo China Buffet in Brick. All of us got food, with the exception of Mike who ordered nothing more than a drink. That China Buffet had some really delicious food. Their Lo Mein was delicious. Throughout our dining experience, Sheik continued to call Mike and ask what we were up to. This dude really wanted to hang out with us.

After our dinner, Ray, Melissa, Colleen and I looked around in the Dollar Tree and Mike and Greg went back to Mike's house. At the Dollar Tree, I bought these two decorative ribbons. One said Grand Champion, while the other said Super Star. The four of us finally got back to Mike's, where we discovered that Sheik had once again called Mike!

Did we actually meet up with The Sheik later that night to take him bowling with us? Ya'll will have to wait for the third and FINAL installment of this story, which is coming your way tomorrow night. Only at BLOG OF BRYAN, best site EVER! LOL.

House hunting and Seaside boardwalk Part III coming tomorrow night!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

House hunting and Seaside Heights boardwalk Part I

Return of ADAM "THE SHEIK"!!! P-Unit lives...

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. The temperature, at least in Brick, reached a high of 66 degrees. Walking around outside without having to sport a winter jacket, or any jacket whatsoever, felt so good. Upon waking up this morning, Ray and Mel and Colleen, Greg, Mike, and myself temporarily parted ways so we could go for our housing appointments. All together, we had three appointments in Brick.

The first place was a town house, but the parking was rather scarce in the area and Mike was not particularly fond of the place. Following our first appointment, we still had an hour and a half to kill before the second appointment so we met up with Ray and Mel for a quick lunch at Arbys. Once we finished our lunch, the four of us house hunters were set to check out house number two as Ray and Mel made their way to Seaside Heights, where Seaside's St. Patrick's Day parade was apparently going on.

The second house was absolutely beautiful. All four of us were unanimous in regards to wanting that place. Colleen is a bit concerned about the rent plus the utilities, but Mike and I have made both Colleen and Greg a special little offer for which I choose not to go into details at this time.
According to the realtor who was showing us the house, five different parties actually went there today to check out that house. The house is listed at $1800 with no utilities (and no refrigerator!), but we tried to talk the price down to $1700, since the place just went on the market. The owner was firm about the $ 1800 and was not willing to bend on the deal (at least not at the moment), but the realtor said she'd continue to talk to the owner because she really wants to see us four get that house.

Once we got a look at the third and final place, and noticed that the landlords (who have a number of offspring) would be living downstairs, the verdict on that place became a unanimous, automatic NO! Heaven forbid something horrible happened to any of those children, and the cause of that horrible thing was unknown, the landlords would be quick to point to us in a NY minute, saying "there are people renting upstairs! They may have had something to do with it." Therefore, that becomes a potential risk that could become a liability and the four of us definitely do not need that on our minds or back. In addition to that, the place did not look all that hot on the inside. In the words of Mike, "this place looks gross and disgusting!" LOL.

We decided to meet up with Ray and Mel at the Seaside so we could walk the boardwalk. Ray and Mel parked blocks away by the parking lot across from the 7-11 in Seaside Park. They had no choice, due to the fact that they arrived in the midst of the St Patrick's Day parade. Several roads had been closed off for purposes of having the parade. Once the four of us arrived at Seaside, the parade was over and we noticed the aftermath of the parade that was the glitter in the streets and Irish folks driving outside, sporting green, and celebrating this magnificent holiday.

Finally, we found Ray and Mel on the boardwalk, so we proceeded to walk around. We made a stop into the candy shop, where Colleen spotted her friend Gena. Yes, the same Gena attempted to get into the Sawmill with Colleen, Mike and I last month, but only had a state ID and was denied entry into the joint. Colleen talked to her for a few minutes, and then we continued our walk down the boardwalk. Something very random and shocking was to happen a few minutes. Something very random and shocking DID IN FACT HAPPEN. As I was walking along, and looking across the boardwalk at some of the shops and bars, who did I happen notice walking the other way???? I said to myself, "no fucking way that could be him, but nobody else looks quite like that and nobody else has that walk or carries themselves quite that way." A second later, I told myself, "THAT IS HIM!"

Immediately, I announced to the group, "Look, it's The Sheik!!!" I pointed him out to the group, and we proceeded to go over and say hello to The Sheik! Holy shit, it had been so fucking long since I had seen that dude! He's still ALIVE and P-Unit still lives.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Here at Crazy Mike's beach house!

Colleen and I arrived at the Toms River Diner at 4:30 this afternoon to meet Frank and Greg Root for a bite to eat. It took Greg a little while to join us because he somehow got lost, lol, but that's OK because we love Greg all the same.

Tonight is the night of the Headtrip concert at Sawmill. I'm getting pretty damn buzzed right now. I drank a Yuengling and a couple of a Killians Irish Red. This is going to be a super fabulous weekend. Just took a great sip of Killians Irish Red. Being down here in a place I love, such as Lavallette, this is clearly my time to relax, party, sit back in the cut, and get loose! I'm looking forward to heading over to the club in another hour or so, listening to this unfamilar Headtrip band (I think they're of the rock genre, but I'm out with friends so it's all good), peepin the eye candy (I LOVE the ladies), getting my drink on, and dancing it up.

It's on tonight. More to come soon. I'm buzzed and feel fucking great!!!! Time for some fun and excitment baby. I make it do what it do and this is the time to have a BLAST!!!

TONIGHT: Sawmill in Seaside Heights!

Headtrip - a band I know nothing about - is playing tonight. However, B-Money ~ flashy~ AKA The Truth will be there with friends, so it's guarenteed worth your money for the cover charge!!!

Friday has finally come once again, but this Friday is going to be a really good one. No, not because it's another ADP dress-down Friday! No sir.

No, this particular Friday is going to be enjoyable because I am heading down to Lavallette with Colleen immediately after I leave work. I will be leaving work today at 1:30 so I can go back home, grab my stuff, and wait for Colleen to pick me up at my house. Colleen is driving the two of us down to Lavallette - Thank you Colleen!

Lord knows how badly I need this weekend to begin. Since I transferred to Florham Park, I've had all I can handle from those critical monkey turd dipshits. Fortunately, that is all going to change within weeks. I'm currently exploring some job options in the Brick/Toms River area. This one asshole at my current job site - weasilly looking sneaky motherfucker who's not even my supervisor - has been extremely critical of me in the recent days and he's got nothing but negative shit to say about how I handle my business. These types of people really need to let loose and FUCK OFF. Oh well, give it a couple weeks. Yes, I said a COUPLE WEEKS.

I'm about to move on the BIGGER and BETTER things. BIGGER opportunities and ever BETTER money. The money is certainly coming in just fine at the present time (it's been coming in for a long time now), but this educated and intellectual young man refuses to be treated like the lab monkey-laboring gopher that these walking voids on my floor mistakingly perceive me to be! I assure you, I am anything BUT that! There are a few cool people on my floor, particularly a couple of the temps and the sweetheart who works in the cubicle across fro me.

Randstad is aware of my current situation with the Florham Park ADP and we're working together to make something else happen slowly but surely. First order of business is to get the fuck out of this current job on terms that are as positive as possible.

Enough of that shit - let's NOT get off track...

On a brighter note - the MAIN note - tonight will be our amazing long awaited evening at Sawmill for the Headtrip concert. Yours truly can not wait to hit up the green room. Going out, surrounding myself with a great crowd (especially one with plenty of hot young ladies), getting attention, styling and profiling as I am usually accustomed to doing, enjoying some drinks, hanging out with my friends, and getting loose is something that I have eagerly anticipated for the past couple of weeks. Mike informed me today that Greg Root (star of The Root of All Evil), who originally was not going to attend the festivities this weekend, WILL be joining us this weekend. Originally, we weren't going to be seeing Greg until St Patrick's Day weekend in the Big Apple, but apparently we will be seeing him sooner than that. This weekend, the more the merrier!

Tonight, ya'll need to come out to Sawmill if you're in the Seaside Heights area. Sawmill is going to be off the hook. Shit, I'm going to be there! I'll be there with some good friends. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get much bigger and better than that. All the ladies out there, you need to get your fine asses over to Sawmill tonight. Styling and profiling, dancing, enjoying some drinks, and vibing off the crowd at hand as well as the band - yeah, that's TOTALLY going to be me tonight. I'll be ready for a super sensational night as well as exciting weekend getaway.

Throughout the entire Sawmill event, I'll be looking good (shit, what else is NEW?), smelling good (rather common), and dancing it up (like no other) ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm looking forward to tonight's festivities BIG TIME!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Borat came out on DVD today!

Borat came out on DVD today, and guess who went to Target and purchased his ass a copy for $15.99??? That's right! I went up to Target and bought the movie today. This movie is hilarious, but as I noted in my very own film review when it came out in theaters late last year, you must have the right sense of humor to embrace a film of this magnitude. Check out my film review, rent it at Blockbuster or from Netflix, and see what you think. If you like it, buy yourself a copy from Target. Until Saturday, the movie will be on sale for $15.99! After Saturday, the price goes up! That happens to be Target's deal and policy for all new releases! I can't wait for Rocky Balboa to come out March 20!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Blaaahhhhh .... (no better title at the moment, lol)

G-Day is a big day and the month of May is sure as hell going to be a big month, but mark my words, between the move and the GMAT, it will be a month of victory!

Saturday night was a pretty decent time with Colleen and Raphael. We went to Friday's for dinner, were I ordered the usual - Bruschetta Chicken Pasta, baby! IMO, that is the best entree Friday's has.

After our dinner at Friday's, we ran across the parking lot to the Circles Lanes for some bowling action. We bowled three games. In my first game, I bowled like a 93. The second game was the worst for me, as I bowled an 87. In the third and final game, I scored my highest of the night at 101. Yay for breaking 100! LOL. Raphael was in bowling league for like 12 years, so the kid can really bowl. His score in the third game was 224! In the first two, he scored in the 150's and 130's respectively. Colleen brought her bowling ball Flamer and did plenty of her own damage at the bowling alley as well.

Following our bowling, we decided to head over to the Budd Lake Diner for some waffles and pancakes. Mmmmm, yummy!

To sum it up, it was not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. Not a bad way at all. I viewed it as a light preliminary to what is ahead in the next two weeks beginning with this coming weekend. I do not need to keep explaining what is happening this weekend; all you have to do is check out the previous three or four posts and notice that I have announced it several times. The weekend after that, however, will be the St. Patrick's Day parade. Yesterday afternoon, Ray's girlfriend Melissa called me on my cellphone and explained to me the details. Up North, Colleen and I have a train up to catch at 8:47 am. The train will arrive in NYC at 9:38 am; we will meet Ray, Melissa, and Greg at Metro Park. Something along those lines anyway ... we still have a little under two weeks to go prior to that event, so the details will be worked out further.

I'm just looking forward to this weekend with great anticipation. Mike called me today as I driving home from work to let me know how much he was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the gem of a house that Mike, Colleen, Greg, and I checked out last month in Toms River has been leased out. Apparently it was leased out on February 28. That really sucks; it was such a phenomenal deal! Oh well. As Mike pointed out to me today on the phone, more places are going to open up as we get deeper into the month of March and soon approach the month of April. That is when most annual leases come to an end. Things generally open up around that time. After all, not too many people move in the middle of the winter.

On a positive note, Mike did manage to find some more places in the Brick and Toms River area that might be of interest to all of us. They could require some looking into this weekend, so Mike, Colleen, and I will probably go check some of them out. So, we'll see what happens as the news and circumstances regarding our May move continue to unfold. I must admit that I am somewhat nervous, not about the idea of living on my own (that does not concern me at all, since I've done it before - albeit briefly), but about the chances of finding a really good prospect.

The Toms River house that we checked out was a place that I found online. That place was a total steel. I suppose if I found one really good deal, any of us four could find another one. I suppose it just takes time, patience, and dedication to making it happen. This move is not officially scheduled to happen until May, so we still have some time (a little under two months). Perhaps I am just antsy about making it happen. I really want to make this happen and we are going to make it happen come the first week of May. We will make it happen!

Greg will not be with us for this weekend, but he will be joining us in NYC for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a practice GMAT at 6pm in East Hanover, in preparation for G-Day on May 12. With the practice test, I will be able to gauge exactly where I am at in terms of my ability. On March 22, I will be taking another one. Prior to May 12, I would like to take about five or six practice tests just so taking the GMAT will feel like second nature to me come G-Day. G-Day is a big day and the month of May is sure as hell going to be a big month, but mark my words, between the move and the GMAT, it will be a month of victory!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tonight: Fridays and bowling!

This weekend at home .... before the series of sensational weekends AWAY!

After speaking with Colleen earlier today, it has been confirmed that we are going bowling tonight Ledgewood. Prior to the bowling, however, we will be going to Fridays for dinner at 6pm. I'm looking forward to the dinner and the evening of bowling with my friend.

At the bowling alley, I plan on playing some games, kicking back, and laying in the cut while enjoying a couple beers. We will have a sensational time, but next weekend, there will be no limits to the fun the entire group is going to have, when we all meet in Lavallette at Crazy Mike's beach house. From that point on, we're headed to Sawmill in Seaside Heights for the Headtrip concert. Hopefully the weather is as nice, or even better (I hope for better) than it is this weekend. This weekend, the temperature managed to warm up a little bit, but it could certainly be warmer. Nonetheless, we gotta crawl before we walk.

Come next week, I hope for some warmer weather and anticipate a really exciting time. It will be yet another one of my customary weekend getaways, but this one will be at the 732 in the Lavallette/Seaside/Toms River area. Currently, my agency is spreading the word to the branch in that area that I'll be down there in a NY minute. I'll have a jobbie job down there in due time, no question. But for now, I look forward to all the fun and excitement that will be taking place as we enter spring and summer (which is one of my favorite times of the year), and it all starts with this getaway that is set to take place in less than a week. One has to love the getaway. That's how I do - I get away to have fun or make fun happen. It's my lifestyle. This is in fact how I roll and it is how I like to roll.

I am looking forward to Headtrip at Sawmill in Seaside on March 9. I am greatly anticipating that entire weekend of March 9. Walking the boardwalk, weather permitting, is something that I really want to do during that time. St Patrick's Day weekend, which also happens to the be the weekend of Ray's birthday, is another event that I can not wait for. When May rolls around, I would like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo weekend in Atlantic City and watch the De la hoya vs Mayweather super fight on closed circuit at one of the resorts. That is a must-see fight, a special event and occasion, and it well all know it doesn't get much bigger than having a super sensational event on Cinco De Mayo weekend.

This De la hoya/Mayweather fight is indeed a special event that marks the biggest fight I will have witnessed in my 15 years as a hardcore boxing fan. No question about it, this is the BIGGEST. Therefore, being that this event is so special to me, I would prefer to be out having a good time when that fight happens. Afterwards, maybe I will do some gambling, drinking, boardwalk walking, and the whole nine yards. LOL.

Tonight will not be necessarily be one of my getaways, but it will be an enjoyable evening up here at home in Northern NJ. Well, home for now. Home for a short period of time, but I am going to have some fun tonight. Mark my words. If I come off as coke head-ish, it is because I look forward to the upcoming occasions - and more significantly - I drank an energy drink not too long ago. LOL. That's basically it for now folks. Crazy Mike also called me earlier, but I couldn't get to the phone at that time. I gotta call my buddy back, so take care and come again soon.

This is B-Money AKA THE TRUTH ~flamboyant, flashy, charismatic, great, and good-looking ~ signing off!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tomorrow's Friday, but March has arrived!

Here's a month of fun and warmer weather soon to come our way!

Well ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is finally Friday! How about THAT??? *applause* *applause* *applause* *applause* Finally. Since I've been at the Florham Park location dealing with these clients, the eight hour days have been feeling more like 16 hour days. I am not even lying about that.

As a result, you can imagine what the weeks must feel like. Work pisses me off at times, but I got the world to win. What I am doing now is not the overall picture of what's my life. Certain people out there are mad about everything - all day everyday.

I do get mad at work at certain times when the clients make their best efforts (and sometimes succeed, lol) to piss me off, but I feel that nature is taking its course with me, I continue to mature and make money, and the rest will take care of itself. At times, I suppose I do get mad, but I can't be mad all day long. Life is way too fucking short and I got too much going on right now. Call it the life of a champ. I feel fortunate to have all of the friends that I have. They sure as hell contribute in giving The Great One things to live for.

Nevertheless, we approach yet another weekend. I really can not complain about that. Friday is probably my favorite day of the week, and tomorrow will be no exception. I need this weekend to start already. It's been somewhat of a strenuous first week at the new location, but that gives me something a little extra to live for when I get out every day at 5pm.

The month of March is here as well. March brings about spring time, which is dandy, but this year it also brings a couple of really fabulous events. One week from tomorrow, I will be in Seaside Heights at the Headtrip concert with my group of friends that went to Stockton while I was there. Colleen even offered to drive her and I down there, since I drove us to Mike's Groundhog Day bash last month. Fair enough.

Next Friday afternoon, I will be leaving work early so I could get home in time and gather my stuff before Colleen picks me up at the house. Next weekend is going to ultra mega super fabulous. That reminds me; I still need to get out and buy myself a shirt and perhaps a pair of pants just for the occasion. That's how big dawgs with money do. Whenever an exciting event that I will be present at is upcoming, I buy myself something new to wear just for the occasion.

Whether you hate me or love me (most love me, very very few hate me, but ALL respect me), ya'll must keep coming back for a reason and I will certainly continue to encourage it. I LOVE my family, friends, fans, and stalkers! Shiiiiiiiit, even love the very few haters, if any, that I have out there because they keep me going and I thrive on that! I THRIVE. I thrive on any hate directed towards me and I absolutely cherish the love.

The primary reason that ya'll keep returning to this site, beside curiousity killing all you cats, is that I am entertaining, intriguing, sometimes inspiring, and almost always exciting. I'm The Truth. Haters, lovers, whoever you are, and whatever reason you come here for, you're coming because you are searching for the latest scoop and you always yearn to discover what exactly is next. You will always get something real. This is the Blog of Bryan and the Blog of Bryan is real talk coming straight from B-Money. I love all of you! And thank you!

It's never been a mystery that I like to look good, smell good, and style and profile! Fortunately it would appear as though all three factors are a major success with me! Believe me, Friday night in the green room at Sawmill, there will be a whole lot of looking good and smelling good.

Words of wisdom for the masses at hand around the world: I'm a straight guy - straight as an arrow. Some girls are fucking pretty. Certain men are also handsome. Let's be honest and give credit where credit is due here. Well ..... in all due respect (and I don't mean to brag ... but...), I'm PRETTY HANDSOME! Hey, it is not bragging if it's the TRUTH.

Let it be known that I know absolutely nothing about this band Headtrip, but Colleen knows them. All of my other friends are going to be present as well, so I'm there to chill, lay back in the cut, tear up the dance floor, enjoy some adult bevs, style and profile ~flashy~ as always, and peep the beautiful eye candy. Maybe get a taste, or two, or three, as I've been accustomed to doing in the recent past... who knows? hahaha.

St Patrick's Day weekend in NYC will be the following weekend. More on that later. More on the move situation, as further details develop in the coming days. The move is happening soon, though. Believe that!