Monday, March 05, 2007

Blaaahhhhh .... (no better title at the moment, lol)

G-Day is a big day and the month of May is sure as hell going to be a big month, but mark my words, between the move and the GMAT, it will be a month of victory!

Saturday night was a pretty decent time with Colleen and Raphael. We went to Friday's for dinner, were I ordered the usual - Bruschetta Chicken Pasta, baby! IMO, that is the best entree Friday's has.

After our dinner at Friday's, we ran across the parking lot to the Circles Lanes for some bowling action. We bowled three games. In my first game, I bowled like a 93. The second game was the worst for me, as I bowled an 87. In the third and final game, I scored my highest of the night at 101. Yay for breaking 100! LOL. Raphael was in bowling league for like 12 years, so the kid can really bowl. His score in the third game was 224! In the first two, he scored in the 150's and 130's respectively. Colleen brought her bowling ball Flamer and did plenty of her own damage at the bowling alley as well.

Following our bowling, we decided to head over to the Budd Lake Diner for some waffles and pancakes. Mmmmm, yummy!

To sum it up, it was not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. Not a bad way at all. I viewed it as a light preliminary to what is ahead in the next two weeks beginning with this coming weekend. I do not need to keep explaining what is happening this weekend; all you have to do is check out the previous three or four posts and notice that I have announced it several times. The weekend after that, however, will be the St. Patrick's Day parade. Yesterday afternoon, Ray's girlfriend Melissa called me on my cellphone and explained to me the details. Up North, Colleen and I have a train up to catch at 8:47 am. The train will arrive in NYC at 9:38 am; we will meet Ray, Melissa, and Greg at Metro Park. Something along those lines anyway ... we still have a little under two weeks to go prior to that event, so the details will be worked out further.

I'm just looking forward to this weekend with great anticipation. Mike called me today as I driving home from work to let me know how much he was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the gem of a house that Mike, Colleen, Greg, and I checked out last month in Toms River has been leased out. Apparently it was leased out on February 28. That really sucks; it was such a phenomenal deal! Oh well. As Mike pointed out to me today on the phone, more places are going to open up as we get deeper into the month of March and soon approach the month of April. That is when most annual leases come to an end. Things generally open up around that time. After all, not too many people move in the middle of the winter.

On a positive note, Mike did manage to find some more places in the Brick and Toms River area that might be of interest to all of us. They could require some looking into this weekend, so Mike, Colleen, and I will probably go check some of them out. So, we'll see what happens as the news and circumstances regarding our May move continue to unfold. I must admit that I am somewhat nervous, not about the idea of living on my own (that does not concern me at all, since I've done it before - albeit briefly), but about the chances of finding a really good prospect.

The Toms River house that we checked out was a place that I found online. That place was a total steel. I suppose if I found one really good deal, any of us four could find another one. I suppose it just takes time, patience, and dedication to making it happen. This move is not officially scheduled to happen until May, so we still have some time (a little under two months). Perhaps I am just antsy about making it happen. I really want to make this happen and we are going to make it happen come the first week of May. We will make it happen!

Greg will not be with us for this weekend, but he will be joining us in NYC for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a practice GMAT at 6pm in East Hanover, in preparation for G-Day on May 12. With the practice test, I will be able to gauge exactly where I am at in terms of my ability. On March 22, I will be taking another one. Prior to May 12, I would like to take about five or six practice tests just so taking the GMAT will feel like second nature to me come G-Day. G-Day is a big day and the month of May is sure as hell going to be a big month, but mark my words, between the move and the GMAT, it will be a month of victory!

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