Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bryan's Buzz: Return of The Great One - Idol time prior to a revolutionary spectacle!

Idol time allows me to work extra hard at the gym and sharpen up on some things, but this only leads to the move of 2007 - REVOLUTION and TRANSITION OF THE YEAR!

There has been somewhat of a hiatus here at the Blog of Bryan, but here I am once again to save the day and give ya'll the inside scoop on ya boy. Lately, I've been going through somewhat of a transition in employment, but I've also had the chance to enjoy some time with a few friends at bars, clubs, and the movie theater.

Yes, I went to movies to see 300. In fact, I enjoyed that movie so much I saw it two times! First, I went to see it with Bill in East Hanover, then I went with Colleen and her friend Raphael one week later to see it in Ledgewood. The plot of the film deals with a battle between ancient Spartans and Persians. Battle scenes in that movie are intense and extremely graphic, but I still loved it. That movie is TOUGH. My last day at ADP in Florham Park was last Friday. I had given my time, so it is not as though I totally quit. Besides, I was only temporarily employed there through Randstad. The commute was rather ugly and I didn't particularly care for that position.

Out of one place of employment, I'm looking to enter another that is bigger, better, and in a new location. When I say new location, I mean a location that surrounds or consists of the town where Mike, Colleen, Greg, and myself will be moving to. Where is this place going to be? There are three houses that my group and I are narrowing it down to; hopefully we are able to resolve this and make an official decision this weekend. We will be looking at all three houses on Saturday, I believe. This search is being thoroughly conducted with the assistance of the Randstad office based out of South Jersey, as well as some new agencies which will resourcefully serve as some new sets of sharp eyes. Randstad of South Jersey called me moments ago to inquire about what I am looking for in terms of jobs and salary. The agent of that office did so because she is pooling a group of applicants for some new jobs that are opening up within the next few weeks. GREAT news for me!

Sometimes I think history goes around on a rotation basis and comes right back at you. Six years ago, I was living at home and going to the gym at Quest Total Fitness up the hill. Folks at the gym were all pretty much the same guys coming in and working out every day consistently. Then, there came a time when I finally got up out of the household and went away to college. When I got to college, which was of course The Richard Stockton College of NJ, there came a new way of life. An intriguing and exciting way of life that totally captivated me from the get go. Different types of people were living with or around me in the dormitories. P-town, as well as the surrounding towns, were totally different from what I was accustomed. Even though it was all different, I absolutely loved it. Being by the beach, as well Atlantic City, during my years in college was an absolute blessing.

Following my service in college, it was time to return home again years later. Once again, I found myself living at home and working various different jobs close by (most notably, the Olive Garden). A little over a year after my return home from Stockton, I am now back at Quest Total Fitness. Looking around inside the gym while I am working out, I still notice the exact same people working out six years later. Sean, who worked out with our group back in the day, is still currently there working out with Bill. The other day, I also saw Ralph who worked out at the gym in the pre-Stockton days when I was there. So I find myself living at home, working out at Quest Total Fitness, and talking to the same people at the gym whom I talked to before I went to school. I hear the same comments, "You broke my heart Fredo," referring to me as Fredo Corleone from The Godfather, and things of that nature. I view myself more along the lines of Michael Corleone, LOL, but where that comes from is a long story.

Tomorrow, I am making the trek down to Central Jersey, where I have a scheduled interview with Adecco in Freehold at 11am. They are yet another agency that will have me fill out an application, interview me, and screen me. Following that interview, I will most likely spend the day at one of the beach points - perhaps Seaside - and walk the boardwalk for a little while. Tomorrow night, I will be staying over at Mike's shore house. Thank you very much Mike! On Saturday night, I'm looking forward to going to Sawmill. I can not believe this is my third time attending Sawmill in under a three month period. Nonetheless, I will be going back there to have a good time, maybe get my dance on, and most definitely enjoy some adult beverages with some of my friends. As usual, I will look stunning, handsome, and absolutely amazing. No difference and no changes, obviously. LOL.

With the days winding down, and The Great One being able to benefit from this temporary time off, it allows me to work extra hard at the gym and sharpen up on some things for GDay, but this only leads to the move of 2007. Spring is setting in, as we have some beautiful days this week. Soon, I will be able to run outdoors again! G-Day is still on and I must also be ready for that, so I brace myself for that as well as the days continue to wind down. I know, that in due time, I will have a job soon enough in the new location. I know, that it is just a matter of time, before my pals and I have this house picked out and officially leased. Here, in 2007, this going to be the biggest REVOLUTION and TRANSITION of the year. This is going to be a revolutionary spectacle.

Does history come around again after a certain amount of time? Can history repeat it self in some form or another even if it doesn't necessarily carry a negative impact???? This could very well be the case. Was I not making a similar transition almost five years when I was preparing to leave home for Stockton in 2002????

Here we go again.

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