Friday, March 09, 2007

Here at Crazy Mike's beach house!

Colleen and I arrived at the Toms River Diner at 4:30 this afternoon to meet Frank and Greg Root for a bite to eat. It took Greg a little while to join us because he somehow got lost, lol, but that's OK because we love Greg all the same.

Tonight is the night of the Headtrip concert at Sawmill. I'm getting pretty damn buzzed right now. I drank a Yuengling and a couple of a Killians Irish Red. This is going to be a super fabulous weekend. Just took a great sip of Killians Irish Red. Being down here in a place I love, such as Lavallette, this is clearly my time to relax, party, sit back in the cut, and get loose! I'm looking forward to heading over to the club in another hour or so, listening to this unfamilar Headtrip band (I think they're of the rock genre, but I'm out with friends so it's all good), peepin the eye candy (I LOVE the ladies), getting my drink on, and dancing it up.

It's on tonight. More to come soon. I'm buzzed and feel fucking great!!!! Time for some fun and excitment baby. I make it do what it do and this is the time to have a BLAST!!!

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