Sunday, March 11, 2007

House hunting and Seaside boardwalk Part II

Quite a shocking moment, I must say! We had run into The Sheik on the boardwalk at Seaside on Saturday afternoon. Asking him what he had been up to for the past couple of years, he responded by saying that he hadn't been doing much. Just being Sheiky and holding down his mythical organization P-Unit.

No changes in this dude whatsoever. For the most part, he still looks and acts all the same. He's still adament about P-Unit. He asked about the P-Unit girls (Nicole, Kristen, Anna, etc.), who he always referred to as "the littles". We told him that they have all graduated and moved on with their lifes for the most part. Although Kristen still does keep in touch with us from time to time. Looking up and down at the Sheik, I did initially notice a significant difference as I implied, "I am shocked that I do not detect single article of clothing on you that is colored pink." Proving me wrong, The Sheik reached in his pocket and pulled out his pink bandanna.

Following our encounter with Sheik, he decided to follow us around for our entire time on the boardwalk. We also went to get some fried Oreos, which are Seaside Boardwalk delicacy. LOL. On the boardwalk, so many happy and festive people were out in groups walking around, decked out in green for the upcoming St Patrick's Day holiday. It was thoroughly enjoyable for me to be with some wonderful friends and see so many other people out and about walking the boardwalk and having a sensational time. Being close to the shore was comforting to me; truly a blessing. Last year, I did not make it down to the shore nearly enough. As a result of that, I was ashamed. This year, however, is sure to be different. Really different. Seaside Heights is an amazing place to me.

Following our day Seaside, Mike, Greg, Ray, Melissa, Colleen and I temporarily parted ways with the Sheik. Yes, I say temporarily because Mike offered Sheik his cellphone number and invited him to come out with us to bowling alley later in the evening. For the time being, we all went back to Mike's place to chill out for a bit before making dinner plans. That is when the debate took place between Mike and Ray and Mel. Mel wanted to get Chinese food, but didn't want to go bowling. Mike wanted to watch Borat, but didn't prefer to go out to eat (he wanted to stay home, cook, and save money). Ray did not care to see Borat AT ALL. He did not want to see it when it was in the theaters. He sure as hell did not want to see it at Mike's.

The Borat argument between Ray and Mike transformed into a debate about movies, as Ray sited that Mike loved Garden State, which he felt was not the greatest movie ever. Eventually, the debate came to a close and we all decided to hit up the Jumbo China Buffet in Brick. All of us got food, with the exception of Mike who ordered nothing more than a drink. That China Buffet had some really delicious food. Their Lo Mein was delicious. Throughout our dining experience, Sheik continued to call Mike and ask what we were up to. This dude really wanted to hang out with us.

After our dinner, Ray, Melissa, Colleen and I looked around in the Dollar Tree and Mike and Greg went back to Mike's house. At the Dollar Tree, I bought these two decorative ribbons. One said Grand Champion, while the other said Super Star. The four of us finally got back to Mike's, where we discovered that Sheik had once again called Mike!

Did we actually meet up with The Sheik later that night to take him bowling with us? Ya'll will have to wait for the third and FINAL installment of this story, which is coming your way tomorrow night. Only at BLOG OF BRYAN, best site EVER! LOL.

House hunting and Seaside boardwalk Part III coming tomorrow night!


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