Saturday, March 10, 2007

House hunting and Seaside Heights boardwalk Part I

Return of ADAM "THE SHEIK"!!! P-Unit lives...

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. The temperature, at least in Brick, reached a high of 66 degrees. Walking around outside without having to sport a winter jacket, or any jacket whatsoever, felt so good. Upon waking up this morning, Ray and Mel and Colleen, Greg, Mike, and myself temporarily parted ways so we could go for our housing appointments. All together, we had three appointments in Brick.

The first place was a town house, but the parking was rather scarce in the area and Mike was not particularly fond of the place. Following our first appointment, we still had an hour and a half to kill before the second appointment so we met up with Ray and Mel for a quick lunch at Arbys. Once we finished our lunch, the four of us house hunters were set to check out house number two as Ray and Mel made their way to Seaside Heights, where Seaside's St. Patrick's Day parade was apparently going on.

The second house was absolutely beautiful. All four of us were unanimous in regards to wanting that place. Colleen is a bit concerned about the rent plus the utilities, but Mike and I have made both Colleen and Greg a special little offer for which I choose not to go into details at this time.
According to the realtor who was showing us the house, five different parties actually went there today to check out that house. The house is listed at $1800 with no utilities (and no refrigerator!), but we tried to talk the price down to $1700, since the place just went on the market. The owner was firm about the $ 1800 and was not willing to bend on the deal (at least not at the moment), but the realtor said she'd continue to talk to the owner because she really wants to see us four get that house.

Once we got a look at the third and final place, and noticed that the landlords (who have a number of offspring) would be living downstairs, the verdict on that place became a unanimous, automatic NO! Heaven forbid something horrible happened to any of those children, and the cause of that horrible thing was unknown, the landlords would be quick to point to us in a NY minute, saying "there are people renting upstairs! They may have had something to do with it." Therefore, that becomes a potential risk that could become a liability and the four of us definitely do not need that on our minds or back. In addition to that, the place did not look all that hot on the inside. In the words of Mike, "this place looks gross and disgusting!" LOL.

We decided to meet up with Ray and Mel at the Seaside so we could walk the boardwalk. Ray and Mel parked blocks away by the parking lot across from the 7-11 in Seaside Park. They had no choice, due to the fact that they arrived in the midst of the St Patrick's Day parade. Several roads had been closed off for purposes of having the parade. Once the four of us arrived at Seaside, the parade was over and we noticed the aftermath of the parade that was the glitter in the streets and Irish folks driving outside, sporting green, and celebrating this magnificent holiday.

Finally, we found Ray and Mel on the boardwalk, so we proceeded to walk around. We made a stop into the candy shop, where Colleen spotted her friend Gena. Yes, the same Gena attempted to get into the Sawmill with Colleen, Mike and I last month, but only had a state ID and was denied entry into the joint. Colleen talked to her for a few minutes, and then we continued our walk down the boardwalk. Something very random and shocking was to happen a few minutes. Something very random and shocking DID IN FACT HAPPEN. As I was walking along, and looking across the boardwalk at some of the shops and bars, who did I happen notice walking the other way???? I said to myself, "no fucking way that could be him, but nobody else looks quite like that and nobody else has that walk or carries themselves quite that way." A second later, I told myself, "THAT IS HIM!"

Immediately, I announced to the group, "Look, it's The Sheik!!!" I pointed him out to the group, and we proceeded to go over and say hello to The Sheik! Holy shit, it had been so fucking long since I had seen that dude! He's still ALIVE and P-Unit still lives.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!

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