Wednesday, March 14, 2007

House hunting and Seaside Heights boardwalk Part III

Later in the evening, we did in fact meet up with Sheik. Colleen rode with Ray and Mel, while I got a ride with Mike and Greg to go pick up Sheik at the boardwalk and bring him bowling.

Reminiscing about the old days at Stockton, we were all bringing up names of people that used to go to school with us, such as Volleyball Bob, Kevin Ruck, Evan, Chuck Dunn, and many others. Some of these folks, we hardly even see or hear from anymore. Chuck's engagement with his girlfriend Marissa was also brought up. Time certainly passes everyone by, without showing the courtesy to pause and wait for anyone.

We all eventually met up with each other at bowling alley, only to discover that there was a one hour wait for the next available lane. Due to the fact that Greg had to leave that night to be at work at 4am the next morning, we all chose to take a rain check on the bowling. As a result, we all went to the boardwalk at Seaside and walked around for a bit.

Everyone was still out and about celebrating the upcoming St Patrick's Day holiday. The bars, such as Beachcomber and Sawmill, were open and people were partying pretty hard. As I walked down the boardwalk, and noticed these people drinking and living like there's no tomorrow, it occurred to me that that's where I belong. That is the type of atmosphere I belong in. Plain and simple. I felt at home. Colleen told me on numerous occasions throughout the weekend that she feels like she belongs in Toms River/Seaside. That's where she believes she fits in and can be happy, as opposed to Blairstown where fun goes to die. While walking along this boardwalk, however, things appeared to be the total opposite.

We all managed to get in a couple games of air hockey as well. Mel and Ray played against Mike and Greg. Greg and Mike won that game. Colleen and I played Mike and Greg and we won that game. LOL. Sheik basically stood to the side and watched all of us play. Playing air hockey, going bowling, and walking the boardwalk was not necessarily a big deal to him. As long as he had familiar faces to hang out with, and something to do with those familiar faces, he appeared content. After the air hockey, we proceeded to walk in and out of almost every arcade on the boardwalk, only to discover that they were all about to close. Eventually, I caught on to that and basically waited outside while the others went inside.

The time had finally come when Mike drove Greg back to his house so he could make it back to Riverton and get ready for his early morning shift at Target. Ray, Mel, Colleen, and I also parted ways with Sheik. Seeing the Sheik was certainly an experience, as it always was when I'd run into the well-known, infamous, and sometimes scary (lol) P-Unit founder when we were all at Stockton. It was an experience, I will say that much. Just like that, Sheik was gone again ... with all of us wondering whether or not we would ever see him again ... and if so ... when? Who knows.

All in all, it was decent weekend packed with activities and housing appointments, and the anticipation of St. Patricks Day which is less than a week away.

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