Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Friday: Adecco, Mach W, Seaside boardwalk, and more!

As for my meeting with Adecco, I arrived at the office yesterday at my scheduled time of 11am. I ended up waiting there for an hour and a half with no screening and no interview. It turns out, the staffing consultant who was supposed to take care of that was at a college career fair doing some recruiting.

She had assigned one of her employees to take care of the screening and interview, but not to her knowledge, he called from work yesterday. Therefore, I never got my screening or my interview, so I left and called the office again later in the afternoon prior to going to Mike's beach house. The staffing consultant, who was at career fair, apologized for the confusion, rescheduled me for Tuesday at 11am, and assured me that she would be in the office all day on Tuesday. Fair enough. I will be returning to the office for my interview and screening at that time. Adecco is regarded as the largest staffing agency, as well as the top agency, in the country on most of the renowned websites. Hopefully, all goes well on Tuesday morning.

Before going to Mikes, I ran to Wawa to grab a snack - and - Wawa's new energy drink, the Mach W! That shit is amazing!!!! One of the best energy drinks on the market at this time. Unlike most of the energy drinks (possibly ALL of them), the Mach W has 0 calories! Immediately after taking the first sip, I fell in love with it. It's tasty and it works. If you are fortunate enough to live near a Wawa, or you are an energy drink advocate who is near a Wawa, I recommend trying the Mach W. Great stuff.

So I am currently down here at Crazy Mike's beach house Lavallette. As usual, I am having a pretty decent time. I got down here yesterday around 2pm. Greg Root also came down to join us and arrived at about 5pm. Upon his arrival, the three of us drove to Seaside to walk around on the boardwalk for a little bit.

Mike even ran into a couple of his old employees, one of them being an old boss of his. Eventually, we made our way over to the air hockey table for a couple games of air hockey at one of the aracades. Air hockey is most definitely a Seaside Heights boardwalk favorite of ours. Greg and Mike faced off in an elimination match for the right to face The Great One. Mike started off at a 4-1 disadvantage, but with some crazy looking faces and Mike-like taunting, miraculously came back to overhaul Greg by a narrow score of 6-5. Mike had earned the right to play against me. It was yet another tight game, but I would go on to win by the exact same score of 6-5.

Once we returned to Mike's house, Mike cooked us pasta for dinner which was pretty good. We watched Goldfinger, which is an old school Bond movie starring Sean Connery (the REAL 007). At the mid point of the film, we took a walk to Wawa. I introduced Greg to the Wawa Mach W. He made the purchase and ended up liking the drink. I love it. I purchased yet another can myself. That was my second Mach W of the day. We walked back and watched the rest of Goldfinger. After Goldfinger, we started Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan playing Bond. He's ok, but he's no Sean Connery. Not at all.

Laying down on the floor, using my bookbag as a pillow, I began to fall asleep. However, Greg wanted to go to Wawa after midnight so he can buy himself a chicken cheesesteak. Being that it was Friday, and there's no meat for Catholics on Fridays until Easter, he had no choice but to refuse the chicken cheesesteak until it was finally Saturday. Mike wanted to walk to Wawa again because it was such a beautiful night. Greg wanted a ride, and I was barely coherent because I was so exhausted, but we still ended up walking over there again.

During the walk, Mike continued to point out how I looked like I was ready to keel over and that I looked like I was out of it the entire time. Thanks Mike. LOL. Once we got back to Mike's, Greg ate his chicken cheesesteak and then we all eventually passed out.

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