Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not attending NYC St. Patrick's Day parade: Weather conditions too severe!

Thanks in large to blustery ice storm that has limited my means of transportation, my trip to NYC for the St Patricks Day parade has been cancelled.

This cancellation is a total shame because I totally wanted to make my return to the Big Apple, but the weather has seemingly prevented me from doing that for the time being. Eventually, I will get back to NYC. Tomorrow, however, may not the best time for a parade. Current weather conditions may not be the most conducive to enjoying a parade in the middle of the city.

I wanted to go to Murphys tonight, but even those plans were side tracked by the storm. Bill, who was originally scheduled to bounce there tonight, called me and told me that the band was not coming, he was relieved from his bouncing duties, and that nobody was going to attend Murphys to drink and then drive back home in this weather. In that instance, he certainly made a valid point. After all, I could not even MOVE my car out of its current spot to drive down there to drink. Tomorrow night, though, is also a pretty big night at Murphys. Bill is once again scheduled to bounce tomorrow night as well, so I'll probably head over there tomorrow night.

Not being able to travel to NYC this weekend truly disappoints me, but these are exceptional circumstances for my withdrawal from the plans. Seeing plans fall through is one my greatest pet peeves, especially when the plans consist of a leisurely activity that assures happiness, entertainment, and excitement. It kind of saddens me. Due to the recent altercation of events, I will take advantage of the unfortunate NYC trip cancellation to sleep in, get some much needed rest, relax, and perhaps do some cleaning as well as some critical thinking. Sometimes, it is beneficial to me to think about what I want, what I want to do in life, how exactly I choose to live my life, and try to think out a road map of sorts with directions to those goals and plans. Prior to doing that though, relaxation of mind and body has to come first.

Sleeping in is going to feel absolutely tremendous. For the past couple weeks, I have been getting an average of six hours of sleep per night. For me, at least, that is not really enough sleep. However, I have a habit of staying up late every night and it costs me when the time comes to get out of bed in the AM. Fortunately, the weekend is once again here and I do not have to worry about having to get out of bed.

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