Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful summer-like beach day!

Job interview tomorrow for lucrative job opportunity!

What's good ladies and gentlemen? It's been a while since The Great One posted anything of true merit or significance, but here I am once again. Even though it's been quite a while, realize that I never went away. I've always been here and I am as great as I was before. In fact, the greatness could be increasing as we get into these spring and summer weeks.

Today I felt truly blessed with the gorgeous summer weather that I was treated to outside. For me, this was a "not doing jack shit" day. That's right, it was a day off. I went to Seaside Heights and enjoyed the pleasures of the beach and the ocean. The weather was certainly beautiful enough for one to enjoy such an activity. All day long, I was outside basking in the hot sun. I even took my shirt off and made it a point to add some color to my skin tone. Believe me, color was successfully added. My skin now has a nice healthy glow to it. LOL.

On another positive note, I received word via email that I am being granted a job interview with a company that I sent my resume and cover letter to. The company is in Eatontown, which is a reasonable commute from Brick or Lavallette. The location is totally convenient for me, if I was to attend graduate school at Monmouth University. Sooooo, this interview is taking place at 11:30 AM tomorrow. I look forward to the interview. The position is in the marketing department and it offers a salary that is much higher than any other salary I have enjoyed in my years of employment.

The company only wants college graduates, so if I get the position, I will feel as though I am getting what I deserve both monetarily and financially. This opportunity could present me with a tremendous chance to blossom. We shall see what happens. The Great One will keep ya'll posted. I realize I have not posted a whole hell of a lot in the recent weeks, but different shit has been going on and I just couldn't post anything for ya'll. That should change a little bit now. Take care and come again soon!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beware of those honeymoon suites!

On Friday night, I went on a little date to see the movie Vacancy at the Loews Theater in New Brunswick. Vacancy was not a bad film at all. Luke Wilson, known for starring in comedies such as Old School, gave a decent performance. The dude who played the hotel manager, however, did not do as well. I commented on how poorly I thought his acting was for that role. I just thought he laid the cheese on a little too thick. LOL.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Today the sun shined!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is your boy The Great One. Sorry for the lack of updates on this tremendous website. There should be more upcoming in the next few days. Lately, life has been somewhat dim. Everyone goes through times when it feels like life is in the shitter. Sometimes, it appears as though life can not get any better than that. However, today was the most beautiful day we have had all year long! Not only from the perspective of weather, but also for other reasons.

Currently, I am down at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house, where I have been spending most of my time throughout the past few weeks. At this moment, I am totally wasted off of multiple cans of Coors Light. Around 5pm, I started drinking and that habit progressed into somewhat of a frenzy of drinking. A couple hours ago, I even managed to take a drunken walk to Wawa with Mike to buy some snacks. There is some wonderful news that was the theme of the day. News that has truly changed my perspective and my momentum. Today, out of NOWHERE, I found a job that can tide me over for a while. Though it doesn't appear to be much, it is something that can make me look more marketable and lead to something much better in the coming months. Starting Monday, I will be working for this company called SPECTROTEL, INC.

The office is located in Shrewsbury, NJ, which is located approximately 20 to 25 minutes from my current location. What a sudden change in momentum. This will lead to a greater opportunity, perhaps the type of opportunity I have long awaited, should I do a bang up job at this temporary assignment. Today, it felt as though God really shed some light on a situation that was looking less and less promising by the minute. Today saw a positive change in momentum. Let's hope this continues, and continues for the better.

Come back again soon for further details.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still alive

Ladies and gentlemen, The Great One lives. Yes, I am still living and breathing. I have not forgotten about the BLOG of BRYAN or it's vast audience of fans. Times have been a busy, and even a bit hectic.

Today, due to the nasty and rather uncomfortable weather conditions, this day has been somewhat depressing. There's much going on right now, so this is not a particularly long post. No, this more like a reminder to let ya'll know The Great One is still here.

Atlantic City was a great time last week. I went down there for a couple days with my boy Scott, who flew into Jersey from South Beach for about a week. We had a super fabulous time. On Wednesday night, he entered a poker tournament at the Taj Mahal, which involved 54 players, and finished 2nd place with a cash reward of $1,200. Simply amazing! More to come later. Stay tuned!