Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful summer-like beach day!

Job interview tomorrow for lucrative job opportunity!

What's good ladies and gentlemen? It's been a while since The Great One posted anything of true merit or significance, but here I am once again. Even though it's been quite a while, realize that I never went away. I've always been here and I am as great as I was before. In fact, the greatness could be increasing as we get into these spring and summer weeks.

Today I felt truly blessed with the gorgeous summer weather that I was treated to outside. For me, this was a "not doing jack shit" day. That's right, it was a day off. I went to Seaside Heights and enjoyed the pleasures of the beach and the ocean. The weather was certainly beautiful enough for one to enjoy such an activity. All day long, I was outside basking in the hot sun. I even took my shirt off and made it a point to add some color to my skin tone. Believe me, color was successfully added. My skin now has a nice healthy glow to it. LOL.

On another positive note, I received word via email that I am being granted a job interview with a company that I sent my resume and cover letter to. The company is in Eatontown, which is a reasonable commute from Brick or Lavallette. The location is totally convenient for me, if I was to attend graduate school at Monmouth University. Sooooo, this interview is taking place at 11:30 AM tomorrow. I look forward to the interview. The position is in the marketing department and it offers a salary that is much higher than any other salary I have enjoyed in my years of employment.

The company only wants college graduates, so if I get the position, I will feel as though I am getting what I deserve both monetarily and financially. This opportunity could present me with a tremendous chance to blossom. We shall see what happens. The Great One will keep ya'll posted. I realize I have not posted a whole hell of a lot in the recent weeks, but different shit has been going on and I just couldn't post anything for ya'll. That should change a little bit now. Take care and come again soon!


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