Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still alive

Ladies and gentlemen, The Great One lives. Yes, I am still living and breathing. I have not forgotten about the BLOG of BRYAN or it's vast audience of fans. Times have been a busy, and even a bit hectic.

Today, due to the nasty and rather uncomfortable weather conditions, this day has been somewhat depressing. There's much going on right now, so this is not a particularly long post. No, this more like a reminder to let ya'll know The Great One is still here.

Atlantic City was a great time last week. I went down there for a couple days with my boy Scott, who flew into Jersey from South Beach for about a week. We had a super fabulous time. On Wednesday night, he entered a poker tournament at the Taj Mahal, which involved 54 players, and finished 2nd place with a cash reward of $1,200. Simply amazing! More to come later. Stay tuned!

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