Friday, April 20, 2007

Today the sun shined!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is your boy The Great One. Sorry for the lack of updates on this tremendous website. There should be more upcoming in the next few days. Lately, life has been somewhat dim. Everyone goes through times when it feels like life is in the shitter. Sometimes, it appears as though life can not get any better than that. However, today was the most beautiful day we have had all year long! Not only from the perspective of weather, but also for other reasons.

Currently, I am down at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house, where I have been spending most of my time throughout the past few weeks. At this moment, I am totally wasted off of multiple cans of Coors Light. Around 5pm, I started drinking and that habit progressed into somewhat of a frenzy of drinking. A couple hours ago, I even managed to take a drunken walk to Wawa with Mike to buy some snacks. There is some wonderful news that was the theme of the day. News that has truly changed my perspective and my momentum. Today, out of NOWHERE, I found a job that can tide me over for a while. Though it doesn't appear to be much, it is something that can make me look more marketable and lead to something much better in the coming months. Starting Monday, I will be working for this company called SPECTROTEL, INC.

The office is located in Shrewsbury, NJ, which is located approximately 20 to 25 minutes from my current location. What a sudden change in momentum. This will lead to a greater opportunity, perhaps the type of opportunity I have long awaited, should I do a bang up job at this temporary assignment. Today, it felt as though God really shed some light on a situation that was looking less and less promising by the minute. Today saw a positive change in momentum. Let's hope this continues, and continues for the better.

Come back again soon for further details.

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