Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Today marks the unofficial beginning of summer. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Labor Day is fine for that working class citizen who spends his or her entire summer slaving at a job. However, I prefer Memorial Day. Welcoming summer with sleeveless open arms is much more exciting than to bid adieu the most enchanting season of the year.

Last night, Beanie, Raph, and I went to see Shrek The Third at the movie theater in Ledgewood. I thought this third installment was a successful one. Some might say that the previous sequel, Shrek 2, is still the best of the series, but Shrek the Third still remains a worthy installment. Over all I thought it was really good. After the film, we went to the Budd Lake diner where we often after seeing or movie or just for the hell of it on Sundays.

Laughter was the theme of that meal, as a number of crazy things happen throughout our time there. Sex was a major topic of discussion at the table. Beanie almost broke my glass of water. As we were getting ready do leave the diner, I was posturing to some music in my car - elevating my body through the sunroof - out in the parking lot. For a Sunday, you could say the day was decent.

Welcome, Memorial Day. Later this evening, I will be joining Bill as a guest at Keith's BBQ for some food, beers, and maybe a few broads along the way. HAHAHA. In any case, B-Money is going to be there live and direct as always and it should be quite an occasion on this wonderful holiday that sets off the summer season!

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