Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lets hope I am the chosen one!

This weekend, FINALLY, De la hoya vs Mayweather. The World has Awaited ... this weekend the World Gets its Answers!

Lately it seems as though I have been taking a step back, looking at the present day situation, and resorting to the basics. The past fews days have been beautiful in terms of weather, so I went to the boardwalk in Seaside and admired the weather as well as the beach. Pretty basic, right?

Nice day = go to a place that is fitting for one to attend on a nice day. On top of that, I love the beach. I love the ocean. They suit me perfectly. They're beautiful and so am I. Those are the basics. I also happen to be getting darker and darker with each sunny day that passes. I prefer sun tans as opposed to the fake bake that one might choose to acquire at the average tanning salon. The sun doesn't charge me anything, either. Isn't that just beautiful????

Yesterday, as you know, I had my interview at that company in Eatontown and I felt as though it went reasonably well. Hopefully the hiring manager chooses me. During the interview, I feel as though I let everything hang out in terms of my qualifications and curiosities about the company and the position itself. If I was to get hired for this position, it would truly be a blessing due to the fact that its a golden opportunity for me to advance my cause and earn more financially than I ever have in my life. By FAR, this is the biggest opportunity I've had in terms of both power and finance. In addition, the office is only 20 to 25 minutes away from the location Mike, Greg, and I will be residing at.

Here's to hoping this company sees the light and brings me aboard. It's in my best interest not to disclose the company's information until I determine whether or not I was hired for this position. Once I find out, especially if I'm hired, Blog of Bryan fans and stalkers will be the first to know the details of the company and what the position entails. For now, The Great One is taking matters one day at a time and making money in the process with my current job. This is the road that leads to the summer, but at the of the tunnel, life will be even sweeter for yours truly than it currently is. I must remain optimistic, and at the same time, go through the necessary trials and make the right moves to ensure such an outcome.

This weekend, I am looking forward to returning to D-town, where I will be attending a fight party for the GREATEST EVENT in BOXING HISTORY. Certainly, it has to be the RICHEST EVENT in the sports history. The World Awaits the fight that is scheduled to happen this Saturday night. Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, undefeated and considered the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world today, meets The Golden Boy Oscar De la hoya, who is considered Pound for Pound the biggest star attraction and commodity in the sport. This is an even match up, and as a hardcore boxing fan, I look forward to seeing this fight.

I will be at a fight party, hosted by Keith who is one of Bill's co-workers. There will be about 15 of us present at the party watching this much anticipated super fight, so that will make the PPV much cheaper for all of us individually! LOL. Also, Keith had the audacity to challenge The Great One to a fight on Fight Night Round 3 for XBOX 360. According to Bill, Keith stated that I'd get knocked out in three rounds. Very well, I welcome his challenge. De la hoya vs Mayweather will have a nice little under card fight to go with. I will emerge VICTORIOUS! hahahahaha.

That is all for now. Come back soon for the latest on The Greatest - The Great One signing off!

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