Friday, May 18, 2007

X-BOX 360 Fight Night showdown TONIGHT!

The Great One meets the Rated R Superstar in his hometown of Mt Arlington .... in his .... HOME!

Let me first announce that I continue to eat crow for my bold prediction of the De la hoya vs Mayweather fight. I criticized Pretty Boy Floyd for a lot of different reasons prior to their May 5 showdown. I cited many reasons for his supposed demise and I was completely wrong. I was proven wrong and Mayweather delivered a performance that shoved that crown right down my throat into my stomach!!! I WAS WRONG.

The fight was close, but as ya'll know, Maywather prevailed by split decision. I had Floyd winning 7-5 in rounds. He's is undoubtedly the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world and he deserves all the credit he receives as a great fighter. Congratulations, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather!

Onto other business that is boxing related. Tonight, a major video game showdown is scheduled to take place between The Great One and the Rated R Superstar from Mt. Arlington. This is going to be a tremendous fight - a toe to toe battle. Perhaps the fight of the year, out of any real fight or video game fight combined.

As the decided underdog in this fight, my back is against the ropes due to the fact that I lost to my opponent's dear friend Sosa about a month ago. It was an epic battle in which I was dropped three times (one of those knockdowns taking place in the first round) enroute to an 11th round stoppage. Judging by that, ya'll would probably agree that my back is against the ropes, I appear to be finished in the eyes of my skeptics, and I am supposed to lose tonight's fight.

That puts my opponent in a position where he has everything to lose and I have everything to gain. This is not going to be an easy fight for him at all. I am coming to win and I am bringing a more offensive attitude that I did the first time around. It will be quite an affair.

Stay Tuned.

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