Thursday, June 14, 2007

Currently at work: Another easy day at Wiss!

Another relatively easy day here at Wiss. Scanned a few tax forms and filled out some paper work, but other than that, another easy day. This is my second day here and, once again, I'm spending most of it on the internet as I am currently drinking a cup of French Vanilla flavored coffee.

WOOPS .... something small just came up. Gonna go take care of that. Gotta pull a couple of files, and then I am off to lunch.

Alright .... pulled the files - there were a number of them. Now, I'm going to bullshit for just a couple minutes, until I summon up the motivation to get up out of this chair and head out for lunch. Only for half an hour, as opposed to an hour, so I can get the fuck out of here at 4:30 rather that 5pm.

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