Monday, June 18, 2007

An idle moment

Ladies and gentlemen, there isn't much happening at this point in my life. Not anything noteworthy anyway. Whoever thought I would be saying that???? The truth of the matter is, we as people and human beings all hit this rough spots at one point or another. Yours truly is no exception in that regard, as I have documented on this website before.

I guess one good thing that's happening is that I am returning to the shore this coming weekend with Colleen and Raph. We'll be carpooling with Raph to Lavallette to spend another weekend with Crazy Mike at his beach house. It's been a minute since I've been on the Jersey Shore scene, but I am returning once again this coming weekend, so I look forward to doing that at least. Even though I am currently working at Wiss andCompany, the permanent job situation also needs to improve drastically. I am hustling to make something happen and I pray that a little luck comes my way as I hustle to make my life better.

Currently, I am at Wiss doing practically nothing and getting paid. This will continue for about three more weeks, at which time I need to have something else more permanent and promising lined up. I might be away for a while - away from making any legitimate updates, that is. Regardless, be sure to stay tuned, either to read any new developments or just to read over older material because you find my life so interesting and intriguing!!!!!

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