Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sensational time at the graduation party, the move, job situation, and more!

It felt as though I was on the highway to hell, but the tide is beginning to turn because I took a fucking U-turn before I had a chance to reach that horrific destination.

Let me start off by saying that I had a tremendous time at Jimmy's graduation party at the Adam Todd in Byram this past Saturday. The party lasted from 4pm until 8pm, and the open bar was free for three straight hours, so I had plenty of time to get jolly and sloppy at absolutely no expense.

There were three different types of bottle beer available, and those were Yuengling, Coors Light, and Budweiser. There was also White Sangria, which became a favorite of ours really quick. The bartender was also serving spirit drinks, but those actually cost money. Therefore, we stuck with the Sangria and the beer. The Sangria was tasty and it sure as hell did a number on The Great One. The food there, from the appetizers to the main courses, was absolutely delicious. They had different types of cheese, peppers, ham, pepperoni, etc. The main courses included roast beef, tortellinis, ziti, different types of sauces for the pasta (including vodka sauce, which was out of this world), green beans, carrots, and all types of great food.

Jimmy's family is Italian, and there were so many family members there in addition to all of his friends, so the Italian music was playing and it was truly a scene and an atmosphere to enjoy. I really enjoyed myself to the maximum. Eventually, I got drunk enough to get out on the dance floor and do some dance moves for the crowd at hand. It was a sight to be hold, but I am sight to be hold whether or not I'm dancing or just sitting there.

As you can see in the pics, Bill was sporting a light purple shirt with a tie that seemed to span seven feet long. The color of the tie, combined with the color of his shirt, made him look as though he had fallen out of a fucking Easter basket!!! LOL. But the ladies were loving his appearance, nonetheless. I also liked how he bought a pair of sunglasses at Kohls, prior to arriving at the party, just to have a pair of shades to wear at the party - and he didn't wear them at all when he got there. That's Bill for ya, lol. He's great people though, along with the rest of the people at the party.

Best friends hang out. Those in attendance included Bill, Roger, his girlfriend Erika, Brett, Jimmy's roommate from college, his friend Rob, Jimmy's female acquaintances Katie and Emily, and myself amongst many others. Jimmy got up in front of the group on a couple of occasions to make a speech on behalf of all the important people who were there for his party, his family and how they have supported him his whole life, thanking everyone for coming out, and advising us all to GET DRUNK! Great times. That is what I live for. Great times like that keep me living and breathing through the adversity and hard knocks that can come with everyday life. One must keep trucking along, but appreciate celebrations such as that one and I felt honored that I was invited and that I was able to attend. Congratulations to Jimmy for graduating from college and also regaining his license this past Monday. Amen to all of that.

Following the graduation party, I went home for a couple hours to sober up, take a nap for a little bit, and relax. After the nap, I cleaned myself up, got into some comfortable summer attire, and met Jimmy, Brett, Rob, Emily and Katie in Morristown. It turns out that Jimmy was being denied entry into half the clubs and bars in Morristown (because of the fact that his ID was not a valid drivers license and his was momentarily suspended), so we ended up going to Dark Horse where he had no problem getting in. Dark Horse has been criticized for being a just a little too dark on the inside, but I like the place because its spacious and there's usually a good crowd on hand. I like to dance, so I certainly took the advantage of the opportunity to do so.

We also made our way to Grasshopper where there is never a cover charge. Grasshopper is also a nice bar/club. The top floor of that place is always crowded with people, at least for as long as I have been going there. In between our trips to Dark Horse and Grasshopper, we all went to the dinner to get something to eat. All I had to eat was a blueberry muffin. Following our time at the diner, we returned to Dark Horse again!!!! I continued to dance and shake my ass, but I was also working up a bit of a sweat. I didn't drink at all; Lord knows I had plenty to drink at the graduation party earlier in the evening, so I was fine in terms of alcohol consumption.

I just wanted to go to Morristown to meet up with the gang, dance the night away, and continue the good times that were started at the graduation party. I did just that. I had to be out until at least 2am. Hey, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that amuses me. A lifestyle that I enjoy. As the summer progresses, I plan to do more of that.

First thing is first, however. Bill and I have this move happening this weekend. We plan to have our possessions moved into the apartment by Saturday afternoon. Once this move is full filled, life should be more regimented. Currently, I am working at this accounting firm, Wiss & Company, in Livingston. That's easy work, if you know what I mean. I like to call it "in-between" work. Right now, I am in between real jobs and I need to stay busy, make the paper, and look ahead to my next real job. Today was a really good day. This was my first day at Wiss and I had an easy time. My job is basically to process and scan tax return forms into the ComparePerfect 3.0 database. When there are not any tax forms to scan and process, I pretty much have nothing to do. I ask the supervisor if there's anything to do, but today there was not much at all to do.

He implied, "you came here during a dead spot when there's nothing to do. Tax season is when it's really crazy around here. Just hang out. What's important is that you're here and available. There's Internet explorer on your computer, knock yourself out!"

Tell me those words are not pleasing to an employee's ears? I was getting paid to be online today, and I was online for at least 85% of the day. You can't beat that type of easy-going environment. I loved every bit of it. It reminded me somewhat of previous jobs that I have had. My attire consisted of a business casual look that included a tie. I was advised to do so on the first day by the agency, due to the fact that it was a professional accounting firm. During the day, one of the employees (tie-less) asked me, "Any reason why you wore a tie here???" I smiled and replied, "I don't know, but I sure as hell am not wearing one tomorrow!" Regardless, I can not lose track of the mission I am on at this moment. That mission is to find a real permanent job where I will be fulfilling some type of meaningful purpose and pays reasonably well. If it turns out being an easy job, so be it .... as long as I am getting paid really good money that pays bills and I can maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the process.

Currently I am a candidate for a number of different jobs at various companies, including ADP in Florham Park, Samsung in Mt. Arlington, and St. Paul Travelers in Parsippany. There are other jobs out there as well that I will continue to pursue. I just gotta take these things one step at a time. With all of the shit that was going wrong in the past couple months, it felt as though I was on the highway to hell, but the tide is beginning to turn because I took a fucking U-turn before I had a chance to reach that horrific destination. Now, I'm coming back. Mark my words, I am coming back. I'm getting ready to fulfill this move with Bill in the next few days, I'm making money, my name is once again back on the radar of these companies, and I am coming back from the brink of disaster.

I can't wait to enjoy the benefits of having my own home and I look forward to once again have a solid job. I have high hopes of once again working a steady job and hitting up the beach points on the weekends or during my free time away from work. Anticipation is growing for all of those precious gems in life, and once I get these aspects of my life straightened out (the move, the permanent full-time job, etc), I will once again be able to enjoy those gems. The tide is turning and it will not be long now before that happens. I'm coming back. I'm coming back gradually and I will be back 110% to where I was - and then some - REALLY SOON.

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