Saturday, June 02, 2007

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Billy D and I got ourselves a place!!!!

Moving into our apartment June 15!

It is official ladies and gentlemen. Bill and I did a credit check for a this really nice apartment and it went through for us. We passed! We're getting this beautiful and spacious two bedroom apartment at a very reasonable rate. When I say spacious, I do mean spacious! Anybody who comes over will notice the size of that living room right away! The bedrooms are pretty big as well. My bedroom is as big as the one at my house in D-town. The fact that we have other friends living in the same development, or other apartments really close by, makes this move all the more intriguing. Announcement on my new job will be posted shortly, as well as further details regarding the move that will take place June 15. Stay tuned to Blog of Bryan. You don't want to miss a beat!

Peace and stay cool. As my buddy Crazy Mike would say .... and stuff.

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