Monday, June 18, 2007

Utilizing idle Wiss time to network for legit job!

World Access Marketing??? The hustle goes on and on!

I really can not complain about this position at Wiss and Company, other than the fact that it is only for three more weeks or so. Today I really didn't have anything to do, but that wasn't necessarily a negative thing.

Using the time that I had on my hands today, I did some research on some companies in the area, as well as some of the places I appied to through, and I took down the phone numbers as well as the contacts so I can call them for an update on the status of my applications once I get out of here today. Basically I have been utlizing this time to just look around online and see what different types of opportunities might be out there for me. Should my services here at Wiss remain idle, I will take advantage of that idle time to do the research and networking that is necessary for me to line up something legitimate in the next three weeks.

On another positive note, I scored an interview today for this company World Access Marketing located in Lodi/Hackensack. What they specialize in is promotional sales in the world of sports. That could be a nice look for me, should I take interest in the position and be hired for it. We'll see what happens on Thursday regarding World Access Marketing. Today was a positive day, though, regarding my hours at Wiss.

While the boss didn't really have anything productive for me to do regarding the company job tasks, I found other things to do that are essential to be being successful once I am out of here.

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