Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm coming back larger than life: Let the rebuilding process begin!

This turbulent and demoralizing avenue that my life has taken has been frustrating, scary, and stressful to say the very least, but I'm going to thoroughly demonstrate that I am the come back kid and I will be back to where I was and then some within a week or two.

Here I am once again to give ya'll the real inside exclusive on what's been going on. I would definitely say that this update is a little more positive than the previous one. For one thing, I finally got a new job. The position is in a sales department, but I do not work on commission. I work with the folks who work on commission, which is a fine by me. I prefer working for salary than commission anyway.

This position is not as financially lucrative as those that I had been searching for, but I accepted it because I need to make money. After six months, provided that I do a good job, I get a raise. That's always nice. After a year, I get paid vacations which is another beautiful feature that comes with the job. My benefits are pretty nice as well. The start date for this job is on Tuesday, but that will kick off my training period. Brief training is to be conducted prior to the start of the job due to the fact that I must gain some product knowledge.

Location for this job is down in Piscataway, which is somewhat of a commute from my current residence, but it's all. I have made longer commutes to work before, so this is no big deal. On a bright note, I will located pretty close to the company Ray works for. As a result, we already have tentative plans to met up for dinner on Thursday night. There is also excellent chance that Crazy Mike and his girlfriend Angela will be joining us that evening for dinner. I look forward to having dinner with my friends that night when I get out of work. It should be a nice little prelude to the exciting times that we have coming up weeks down the line.

Hours for this job are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, which is my preferred availability. In terms of the name of the company, I am not at liberty at this moment to discuss the name of the company here at Blog of Bryan. If you want to know the name, or the details of the company, feel free to ask me in person. Down the line, the name of the company will be announced on here. I just don't feel like discussing that at this time.

What's most important is, I got a new job at a time when I really needed to get one. After the drama that went down between Bank of America and I, life had taken somewhat of a downward turn. I'll be quite honest, I felt like I was being swirled around in the depths of Hell. What do champions do? They come back. I am on the comeback trail from the trials and tribulations that I have faced and suffered from in these past few weeks. Aside from that, there is also some personal problems going on at the homestead, but I am in the process of guiding the family and helping them iron out those matters.

This turbulent and demoralizing avenue that my life has taken has been frustrating, scary, and stressful to say the very least, but I'm going to thoroughly demonstrate that I am the come back kid and I will be back to where I was and then some within a week or two. There is a weekend on the horizon that I am looking ahead to with great anticipation. On the weekend of August 10-11, Crazy Mike is having another one of his weekend long get-togethers at his beach house in Lavallette. All of his close friends, myself included, always look forward to these exciting times down at the shore with our courteous and hospitable friend from college.

What will likely set this particular weekend apart from others is the fact that we're planning on going to Hurricane Harbor. I don't recall ever going to Hurricane Harbor, but there's a first for everything. It's a water park, and this has been a hot fucking summer, so I welcome the notion of getting drenched at a water park! Getting drunk (who are we kidding? getting WASTED - getting OBLITERATED!) is another activity that I eagerly anticipate, as I have not been drinking nearly as much in recent weeks as is usually the case.

As I discussed with my friend Ray the other day, these times have been stressful and I sorely need a weekend on which I can get away and let loose. Due to the unfortunate circumstances that life has recently dealt me, I've toned down the alcohol consumption, as well as many other things that I am accustomed to doing. The proposed August weekend at Mike's is sure to change all of that though, as it is sure to be the first exciting time of the summer since his last party that took place the first weekend of the summer back in June. Words can't describe how anxious I am for that weekend. Anticipation is rising.

Sometimes, when it appears that absolutely nothing can go right and that life is 100% bad luck, one needs to get back what one had previously, and the way to do that is to go back to basics. As I was cleaning my room and doing laundry this weekend, going back to basics is what my mind was focused on. It is essential that I go back to doing the things that got me where I was when I was financially stable and felt as though I was on the top of them.

Not only will I do what it takes to get back to that pinnacle, I will rise above that point and create a new pinnacle, ascending to heights that I have never previously been. This is to be done by following short term goals, with an over all perspective of the long term goals and visualizing where I want to be even two or three years down the line.

I'm getting a little tired here, so come back again soon for further details.

Good night world!

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