Monday, August 06, 2007

BLOG OF BRYAN making transition from public viewing to "Members ONLY" in 2008?

If this transition does in fact happen next year, start sending me your names and emails for consideration. Friends of mine are automatically granted access!

Starting in January of the new year, I have considered moving Blog of Bryan to a private network, catered to an invite-only audience which will exclusively consist of friends and family of this website's author and creator.

It's an idea that has crossed my mind. That way, I can have my usual audience tuning in to catch the very latest as well as my news, humor, and other updates. That way, we can have a lot of fun and I can as carried away with this as I like without offending the masses who just might be out to get me for the information that is processed on this site. Such a move, from public to private network, would not be unlike Howard Stern's transition from the E Network to Sirius Satellite Radio.

This site is already pretty direct with its content, but in a private setting with a select audience, there would be no holes barred!!!! Nothing is definite as of yet, but it is something that I have been thinking about. We shall see what happens.

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