Sunday, August 05, 2007

Entering week number two at new job, and the introduction of Buy Me A Beer!

After being told that I am doing a great job, I might be inclined to keep up the great work heading into week two, because this is only the beginning of crawling out of the adversity I have faced!

This marks the end of yet another weekend; a rather quiet and uneventful weekend at that. Tomorrow begins a new work week at the office, this being week number two at the new job. On Friday, I received a memo describing how payroll was going to operate at this job. At the bottom of the memo, written in the ink, I was told, "P.S. you are doing a great job! Keep up the great work!"

Seeing such a positive message was inspiring to me, realizing that I was doing what I was supposed to do last week and that I can go back to work tomorrow to begin week number two without having to play catch up, feel as though I am not up to par in the job performance, and worrying about finishing up the job tasks that I was supposed to complete last week. I completed everything I was supposed to complete last week. The job is going really well so far. Knowing that these people are actually happy with me makes me more comfortable heading into this second week.

Amidst the adversity I have faced this summer, getting this job and completely acing my position across the board up to this point has been a really positive start to turning my life around from the disasterous conditions that it fell prey to a couple months ago. At this point, I just need to be concerned about how I am going to pay some of these bills and when my earnings for unemployment, (for the period of time I went unemployed) which I claimed last Tuesday, will be coming in the mail. As soon as that money comes in, it will be a major help to me.

Also, you might notice the new Buy Me a Beer marketing ploy here at Blog of Bryan. That happens to be something that was implemented this weekend. It's just a way of receiving donations from anyone who likes the site, enjoys the posts, or feels as though any valuable input was gained by following the information archived at this site. Or, if you just want to be a pal, pay a dollar, and buy a beer for the author and creator of your favorite blog/website in the whole entire world, because the author/creator is a good fun-loving guy. Whatever the motive may be, the opportunity is there for you to buy me a beer!

If you like this post, buy me a beer for just $1!

That is all for now. There could be some other marketing advertisements put on this website in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned for that as well as further updates. Significant news is coming this week, so definitely keep on the look out for that. Take care, my family friends fans and stalkers alike! Have a great night!

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