Sunday, August 19, 2007

Excellent weekend: First one in a LONG time!

Give me about two months, and I will be on top of my game once again! B-Money will be back, like Arnold Schwartzenegger in The Terminator!

This weekend was the bomb; definitely a major step up from the previous weekends that I have had throughout July and August so far.

As you know, I was able to meet up with Colleen and Raphael on Friday night. Yesterday, I attended the beer pong tournament party, thrown by Bill's boss Dennis. The weather was perfect for an outdoor party; absolutely gorgeous! The rainstorm that we had on Friday totally killed the humidity, so Saturday was like 75 to 80 degrees and 0 humidity. Excellent. On Saturday afternoon, I met up with Bill and Keith at Shoprite Liquors in Rockaway. We each purchased a case (30 pack) of Coors Light and a bag of ice. After that, we headed straight to Dennis's house in D-town. We were the first ones to arrive, so we got in some practice games before everyone else showed up.

Most people have coolers handy for these types of occasions, but not us! We roll too thick for coolers (considering the fact that 90 beers were brought to the party between the three of us - Bill, Keith, and myself), so we filled Dennis's baby pool with the beers and ice. Remember, that was only the beer that the three of us brought to the party. All invites were mandated to bring a 30 pack of beer. By the time everyone got the place, that pool was PACKED. There was plenty of food at this party, consisting of chicken wings and a 100 foot sub!!!! Nobody went home from that party hungry. That's for sure.

The beer pong gaming continued throughout the course of the evening. Bill's brother in law, Brian, was there as well. Brian and Dennis are very close friends. Brian also brought his friend Tim. Others showed up, including this dude Derek, who reminded me of Kanye West. I was drinking beers, almost non-stop, from approximately 4pm up until about 10:30. It was INSANE. It got to a point where I eventually committed a party foul and passed out on the ground. I was LIT! After all, I was one of the first ones there and I had been drinking all afternoon, long before most of those jokers had even arrived. Keith, Dennis, Bill, and God knows who else really took advantage of my party foul - posing in front of me, on top of me, and right to me for pictures. It was insane.

Finally, I gathered my forces from that nap/pass out and got up off the ground to head back home. Thankfully I made it home safely and I'm still alive from that long day of drinking. It was really fun, though. I haven't had fun like that in a long time. This was the first weekend in which I was able to get out of the house, go somewhere, and hang out with some friends. I did it briefly on Friday night as well as last night and it was totally enjoyable.

Waking up today with the nagging headache, I went to Subway with Bill for lunch. Shortly afterwards, I went to his house to hang out with him and chill out for a little bit before we drove to the Newark Airport together. Workout partner and friend Sean Hardy was flying back to Jersey from South Carolina where he went on vacation for a few days to see his family. Around 7pm, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee and then hit the road to go pick Hardy up at the airport.

Awesome weekend, but now it's time to start a new work week. Yet another week of making progress, doing good things at work, and continuing to make those dead presidents! This is my 4th week coming up. I will continue to make money, save money, and build up my bank account as well as my life in general. Gradually, I am making tremendous progress and this excellent weekend was a super sensational landmark en route to getting my life in order. Give me about two months, and I will be on top of my game once again! B-Money will be back, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator!

May there be more weekends more often that match up to this one and perhaps even exceed expectations. After hanging out with Colleen, Raphael, Billy D, and others this weekend, I miss the rest of my people and anticipate seeing them again soon in the near future as well. They know who they are: Crazy Mike, Raydar, Greg Root, Mel, Angela, etc. There's a lot of people I want to see right now. A lot of people that I want to hang out with and enjoy my good times with. This is all just the beginning.

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