Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gradually going out again, but also making and saving money!

Lately I have been going out quite a bit with Billy D, as I get my life back together again. Saving money is important right now, as I am on the brink of paying my way out of some debt.

However, going out has been great for me as well because I shackled in as a result of my troubles earlier this summer. It is a relief to realize that I am graciously fighting my way out of that horrible predicament - clearly the worst predicament in my 26 years of life. Getting out of the house has been a breath of fresh air, a major contributing factor to this revival of my life. On Monday night, Bill and I went over to his friend Angie's house in Landing. She used to work at the gym. She was alright; not a bad person to hang out with. She kept on making me Gingerale and Captain Morgan mixed drinks. All together, I had three of them but the third of the three was the strongest according to Angie.

As a result of my late night, I wake up late on Tuesday morning and didn't get to work until 8:45! It was all good though. I informed the folks at my job that I was going to be a little late due to traffic and rainy weather conditions. It really was raining on Tuesday morning. I made up for coming in late by staying until 5:30 instead of 5 to finish up with some scanning of sample requests and quotes. So that was good.

Later that night, when I returned home from work, Bill and I went out again. This time, we went to Barone's in Byram to meet up with Jimmy, where Jimmy's friend Joseph happened to be bartending. Since I was totally shitfaced last Saturday at the beer pong party, as well as on Monday night from Angie's mixed drinks, I chose not to drink at Barone's. It was convenient, for that reason as well as saving a little money. I previously met Joseph at Jimmy's graduation party back in June. He's a good guy, and up until Tuesday night, I had absolutely no idea that he too went to Stockton College!!!! Small world. I may very well have passed him walking around on campus and had no idea who he was at the time.

As I gather myself and continue to get my life in order, I realize as I've been going out with Bill how nice it is to be able to live a little again. Getting out of the house, for reasons other than going to work and coming back, is key! As long as I balance the going out and saving money, I'll be just fine. Slowly but surely, I'm building that bank back up again and there's nothing and nobody that can stop me.

The resurrection of B-Money continues. Ladies and gentlemen, family friends and fans, I've only just begun.

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