Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Labor Day weekend approaches: Looking forward to Philly!

I am coming back to destroy any and all negative energy that made my life a living hell - a shipwreck - from May until August!

Summer 2007 came and went expediently, but it was what it was. The first couple of months were an absolute disaster that included financial instability and loss of a job, along with some other personal bullshit on top of that. However, one can not say that the month of August was anything to frown upon.

Jimmy said it best last week when he was sitting with Bill and I at Barrone's. Jimmy exact words were, "this has been the summer from Hell." Well put, Jimmy. Although I must admit this month has been the turning point of what was an absolutely hellacious summer! That's how I do ladies and gentlemen. With each passing day, I am coming back to destroy any and all negative energy that made my life a living hell - a shipwreck - from May until August! Work has been alright; I'm still doing a pretty decent job at least from my viewpoint. Apparently I'm doing fine from their view as well, being that I am still there. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is here in a few days, but it should be an enjoyable occasion. I'll be spending it with Ray, Mel, Greg Root, Crazy Mike, and Angie in Philadelphia which happens to be the City of Brotherly Love. That's right! The Great One, B-Money, returns to Philly. Philly is a great city and I look forward to going there and watching Kristen dance. I haven't seen Kristen in almost eleven months, which is an unbelievably long time not to see a friend.

Colleen doesn't think she'll be able to make it to Philly with us. School work, coupled with baby (her nephew; she did NOT have a kid, lol) duty, is likely going to keep Beanie out of this weekend's action in Philly. That's respectable and she will be missed! A special Blog of Bryan congratulations goes out to Colleen for starting graduate school this week. Best of luck goes out to her as well.

Uncertain am I whether I'll be heading down to Mels with Ray on Friday night when we get out of work, or spend the night in Edison at Mike's and head down to South Jersey with Mike on Saturday morning. I have not yet decided which alternative to take, but I am taking one of the two because I will be present this weekend! With Labor day being Monday, I will benefit from a three day weekend because I am off from work on Labor Day.

With the series of unfortunate events, adversity, and personal problems that plagued my summer, I will make this Labor Day one to cherish and remember. This Labor Day is for me, to make up for the unfortunate circumstances of the summer.

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