Thursday, August 02, 2007

New job: A success so far!

Today was my third day at the new job. As ya'll know, I started on Tuesday. So far so good! I can say, at the present time, that this job has been a success. The people who work there are courteous and kind. The atmosphere is calm and I really don't feel any pressure what so ever.

These people are treating with respect and making me feel like an equal, unlike previous places of employment that treated me like a tool and didn't give me any of the respect that I rightfully deserved. This job has been worth the commute that I have to make back and forth Monday through Friday and I feel as though the position I am currently working is a great suit for me. Now, I just have to get that money. For about a month, I was laid off and now it's time to make an atomic come back and earn that money that I both need and deserve! I just have to take it day by day.

Either tomorrow or Monday, I will also be attending a business lunch with the entire staff. Apparently they all want to get to know The Great One better, and a business lunch at a local restaurant is an appropriate way to for the staff to do so. I am flattered, I feel honored. These are the types of companies and attitudes that put this country under a bright and positive light.

Word to my newly acquired Bank of America fans. That is how you treat employees - especially new employees - with respect and courtesy. This is not a slight against the bank itself as a company. This is not a slight against the company name. It is not the company's fault that all of its branches and mortgage departments can not have classy or positive people working for them. Bank of America is a reputable financial institution; probably the number one bank in the country at this time. I love your new ATM systems, for which one can deposit cash into the ATM without enclosing it in an envelope or filling out a deposit slip. I love how they give you a receipt that has illustrations on it after depositing checks (which also do not require envelopes or deposit slips).

It was the mortgage department that I worked for, in a local office, where I felt I was treated like garbage. You don't conduct a meeting, list a new employee's name on the outline of the meeting at which a select group of the corporate brass is present, and NEVER formally introduce that employee to the individual members. It would only be respectful and ethical for a sales manager to inform the group that the employee serves some purpose (even if he was just a temporary) and is in fact working there.

He is not just a name that the sales manager felt obligated to list on a company meeting outline. He is not an anonymous figure that members of the meeting have to ask this reserved sales manager, "Who is that kid Bryan that you have on the list? Are we going to meet Bryan?"
You put somebody on an outline for a meeting, you make it a point to AT LEAST introduce that individual to the members of the meeting, even if it is the briefest of introductions.

Often times, making a new employee feel welcome and building a rapport with that employee is what can lead to a satisfactory job performance or at least mutual respect between the manager and the employee. That goes for employees in general, though. Maybe if that respect was present at my previous job at Bank of America Mortgage, or the management was up to snuff the way it should've been, an AEA/loan officer of theirs would NOT have broken into one of his borrower's houses, under the influence of alcohol. Maybe the police would NOT have had to come up to the office asking where this former employee of Bank of America mortgage was at.

Maybe, just maybe, if the manager there treated all employees with the respect they deserved, as the managers and supervisors at my current job do, there would not be any, or at least not as many, unusual episodes such as that one that occurred. When shit like that occurs in a work related environment, or in any environment involving factors that are related to a job (such as breaking into a borrower's household), you have to wonder how much respect is being paid to the sales manager of that employee. That all stems from the respect or acknowledgement that the manager is paying to the employee. With incidents such as the one I described, that particular manager is obviously not stepping up to the plate and wearing that management hat the way she should. Food for thought.

In any case, all of that bullshit with the previous job is behind me and I wish them the best of luck. That is the past and I look forward to the present and future with great anticipation. We can all learn from the past the make the future even brighter. I wish myself even greater luck and more positive momentum with the company I currently working for, and proudly I might add.

That is all for now folks. Be sure to tune in to the Blog of Bryan for future updates based on the life and times of your truly. They go up, they go down, but what's most important is that they keep on going and I'm still here living and breathing and making progress - albeit slowly. Nonetheless, slow progress beats no progress at all. Again, major news upcoming very soon. So STAY TUNED! You do not want to miss a beat!

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