Monday, August 06, 2007

The praise at work continues, and so does my return to prominence!

I am once again ascending BACK to the TOP and nothing and nobody will stop me! For the first time in a while, an employer is not blind or stupid, and can SEE true greatness in front of his very eyes. I'm only 26 now, but I'll be a millionaire by 35, and you can mark my word to that!

What's good ladies and gentlemen? I hope all of you are having a good day today. It is so hot outside, but I will take the heat over the freezing cold any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Today was another positive day at work, one that was pleasing to me. For the second day in a row, I received compliments and praise from employees. Today, I received my compliments from the Corporate Sales Director whom I happen to work with on a variety of different projects on a daily basis. While I was making some phone calls, he sent me an email saying

Monday, August 06, 2007 4:30 PM
To: Bryan Bradley
Subject: Excellent work so far,,,,,

Bryan, As I am sitting here listening to you make cold calls, I wanted to make sure
that I told you,

1st. You have an excellent telephone voice, and will absolutely find success at cold calling for PPI.

2nd. I also wanted to thank you for and applaud your efforts in working through the Distributor Summary Spread Sheet. Thanks for all the terrific work and look
forward to all the good things to come working together in the future.

This was yet another inspiring message, to go with the memo that I received upon returning from lunch on Friday afternoon. This job appears to be progressing wonderfully and I am acing this position across the board. It was extremely uplifting to see compliments and messages of praise on my behalf, after months and months of not receiving the credit or respect that I rightfully deserve for my talent and potential.

It's taken a while to get back into the game, but I'm here again and my rise and return to the top of world has already started. It started on Tuesday, July 31. We all know I was on a roll late last year, getting those dead presidents, but I was derailed by a variety of adversaries. Now, I'm BACK again and my rise back to the top has only begun. I am once again ascending and nothing and nobody will stop me. Now I shall take this day by day and enjoy the ride.

As long as I continue what I have been doing, I am coming back bigger and better than ever. For the first time in a while, an employer is not blind or stupid, and can SEE true greatness in front of his very eyes. I am only 26 years of age as I type this post, but I'll be a millionaire by 35, and you can mark my word to that. That gives me one day less than eight years and three months to make my one million plus dollars. I got some time on my hands; now it is up to me how I utilize that time.

Somebody, whose name is irrelevant you and I, once said, "You deserve somebody equally great." That was the wisest and most truthful statement that person ever made to me. Thank you, and that rings true for my life, my women, and my job!!! I need to print out this email I received and put them into a portfolio for future reference. While I admit that I am HUMAN and can fall on my ass just as hard as any other motherfucker out there, it still remains that you could have Bill Gates money and you couldn't buy this potential or talent!

Be on the look out for my updates on this continuing saga that tells the tale of The Great One moving from ashy ..... BACK to classy where he belongs. Also stay tuned for other significant updates, news, humor, information, lessons on life, and all that other amazing stuff that I bring to the table at this tremendous website.

One day at a time ...... for the remaining eight years, two months and thirty days I have left to reach my destiny.

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