Monday, September 24, 2007

End of September weekend in Lavallette Part II

After spending a little bit of time down at the beach and posing for pictures, the five of us headed back up to Mike's house to get ready for the night of clubbing that we thought was in store for us.

Angie did not intend to go clubbing due to the fact that she had some studying to do for her class. Mike, Greg, Colleen, and I showered and got dressed up for the evening. Little did we know, when we arrived, that Surf Club was closed!!! Unbelievable. We could not believe that the place was closed. I think Bamboo was open, but there were only about three people inside and I believe two of them were security guards. BUMMER! Sawmill was pretty dead as well and it didn't look like the green room had anything going on.

As a result, Mike, Greg, Colleen and I decided to walk the boardwalk for a bit and check out what was going on there. We ended in Casino Pier playing air hockey. I got my ass handed to me by Greg and Mike, but that's neither her nor there. I suppose Greg had to get some type of revenge on me for beating him in our arm wrestling match earlier in the day at the ice cream place on Route 9. LOL. Greg's my boy, though. Nothing more than friendly competition. Eventually we made our way back to Mike's, where Mike had an abundance of alcohol that we weren't even aware of! Initially, we were a little bummed that the liquor stores were already closed when we left Seaside, but apparently we didn't need to hit up the liquor store. Mike still had an unopened twelve pack of Yuengling, some Sam Adams Octoberfest, Captain Morgans, a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, and much more in that refrigerator of his.

Once we got back to Mike's, we commenced with the drinking -- and dancing. That's right. We didn't make it out the club, but Greg did manage to have his techno/trance CD in his car, so he brought it in and I got jiggy in Mike's dining room/kitchen. Mike, Greg, and I even took a walk to Wawa to get some snacks. Angie and Colleen decided to stay at the house. I got myself some pepperonis, cheese, and a slim jim. Colleen also wanted some string cheeses, so I picked up a couple of those for her.

I made Greg and I some mixed drinks - Coke and Vodka (the Grey Goose; we were being classy whores, lol). Greg attempted to keep up with me, but gradually he slowed down and proceeded to pass out in Mike's bed. LMAO. He went from sober to drunk to cock block in a matter of 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I was STILL dancing, still enjoying the trance, and still drinking and dancing around the house. It felt great to loose - letting loose the way I - and pretty only I - know how.

Colleen went to bed, Greg was passed out in Mike's bed, and Mike and Angie decided to sleep on the futon in the living room. I was not yet ready to go to bed, so I decided to step outside and sit out in the drive way with my beer. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside and look up at the sky which was totally clear. I could see the stars shining ever so brightly. Having returned to Lavallette for the first time in like three months, I was delighted to be out there that late and just being able to bask in the beautiful weather. It was not too hot or cold. There was a bit of breeze, but absolutely no humidity whatsoever.

During my time outside in the middle of the night, I got to thinking about different things like making money, wanting to live down by the shore because it has always been my type of setting, and the fact that I was basically happy that I could hear the waves of the ocean directly across the street. I was able to relax and let my mind drift away in peace and serenity.

Once I started passing out in the chair outside, I knew my time had come to hit the hay. Ever so quietly, I got up, brought the chair into the backyard, and went inside to go lay down. The next day, on Sunday, we all went to Wawa to get some breakfast and then we headed back to Mike's to eat it in the backyard. After that, we went down to the beach again for about twenty minutes before eventually going our separate ways.

This past weekend in Lavallette was a wonderful weekend. I find that little island, as well as the shore in the general, to be quite enchanting. It's always a delightful little getaway for me and I look forward to returning again in the near future.

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