Sunday, September 23, 2007

End of September weekend in Lavallette Part I

There are a few things I would like to comment on before I get to the events that transpired this weekend. As a hardcore boxing fan. I would like to put Fighthype in this post as a plug.

Boxingtalk, known by many as the number one boxing website in the world, was down this weekend. In fact, it is still down. When one types the URL into a search engine, the results indicate that the site no longer exists. A couple months ago, I paid to renew my membership at Boxingtalk and they never granted me the access I had paid for. That was kind of fucked. Thank God I didn't pay much - just $6.00 for the one month. Still, it's fucked up.

Anyway, I would like put a plug in here a Blog of Bryan. Fighthype, created by Ben "Hype" Thompson, is evolving into the top boxing website on the internet. I love the interviews, videos, and news updates. Great website! All boxing AND UFC fans should check it out because it covers all combat sports. Not just boxing. It covers boxing as well as UFC and Mixed Martial Arts.

Officially this weekend marked the end of the summer, but I had sensational time down in Lavallette. I came back up to D-town earlier this evening with Colleen.

The folks present at Mike's this weekend consisted of Mike, Angie, Greg Root, Colleen, and myself. We had an awesome time together. I've seen Colleen pretty recently as well as Mike (the weekend we were in Philly for Kristen's show), but I hadn't seen Angie and Greg since like June! It was good to be able to see these folks again in one of my favorite towns in this state. Lavallette is a beautiful little beach town - nice little island - that I always enjoy visiting.

On Saturday, the five of us went the Route 9 ice cream parlor in Howell, located directly off of ---- none other than ROUTE 9. The name of the place kind of gives it away. LOL. I ordered a small sized Cherry Vanilla. That was some really tasty ice cream - one of the best ice cream places I have ever been to. Amazing ice cream! After having ice cream, we decided to go bowling. I chose not to bowl, opting to watch instead. The four of them bowled one game; after that it was time for dinner.

We went to Johnny Carinos in Howell. All of us, with the exception of Mike, ordered an alcoholic beverage. I ordered a glass of Beringer White Zinfandel to go with my entree, which was the Bow Tie Festival. However, I modified the entree and asked the server to substitute penne pasta for the bow ties. Great entree; nice dining experience. The server did a good job. Mike, Angie, Greg, Beanie, and I enjoyed our dinner together.

Once we got back to Mike's in Lavallette, we decided to take a walk to the shore and check out the waves. The sun was in the process of going down, as it was getting darker and darker. It didn't matter though. Being able to walk down to the shore, in itself, was truly a blessing to me. This summer, much like last summer (2006), I didn't get down to the shore nearly as much as I should've. I don't care if it's bright, dark, or in the middle - I will take any opportunity I can to walk to the beach and watch the waves. In fact, the moon was coming out and it was still bright enough to look out at the water and notice the reflection of the moon glowing across the surface of the ocean water. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

As I put my feet in the water and looked out at the water, I felt tremendous and ecstatic to be back at the shore. Going to the shore makes me horny, and this weekend was surely no exception. The shore doesn't just make me horny, though. At times, I feel as though the shore rejuvenates me and replenishes my soul - especially after going through some trials and tribulations. The seabreeze is so refreshing. Greg had his digital camera on hand. Angie and Colleen each had disposable cameras, so plenty of pictures were taken this weekend. Expect to see some pictures from this weekend in the not distant future.

Right now, it is time to go to bed. Corporate America awaits for yet another work week at Citistreet. Therefore, I need my sleep. Stay tuned for Part II - coming very soon. You do not want to miss a beat!

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