Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here's to Labor Day Weekend!

In Southern NJ/Philly!

Currently, I'm in Woodbury, NJ at Mel's house. Being off from work on Monday (Labor Day) and enjoying the benefits of a three day weekend are really enjoyable and relaxing for me. Realize that it is a truly a blessing to have a job and just being able to work, in order for me to have these days off from work or even to be able to enjoy them.

Last night at about 5:30, I carpooled down here with Ray. He met up with me at the Super Stop and Shop by my job and I followed him to his house in Edison so I could leave my car in front of his house. Once we got to Mel's, we took Mel's mother with us and went to the Olive Garden in Deptford for dinner. They're currently offering their annual Never Ending Pasta bowl.

As you remember, I worked at the Olive Garden in Rockway by my house for almost a year. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl special is great for guests, but terrible for servers. Servers get credit for one payment of $8.95, but must go back on multiple trips to keep getting bowls of pasta for guests because it is what is - never ending. We're all human though, folks. Eventually, we all get full. I tapped out at two bowls last night - I was being a bit of a pussy. Mel's mom only made it to two as well. I believe Mel had two. Ray made it to three! It was good though. I started off with Fettuccine and their new Smoked Mozzarella Alfredo sauce, which was bangin! My second helping was spaghetti with Sausage and Peppers sauce, or some shit like that. It was really delicious.

So, it's 11:24 and we're just waiting for Crazy Mike to get down here. We plan on heading over to the mall for a bit before we eventually make our way to Philly for Kristen's show. It should be quite the spectacle. Seeing Kristen in person, alone, is going to be a spectacle in its own right being that I have not seen her in person in ten months. I have not yet set foot outside, but I hope it is a beautiful day. It appears as though the sun is out and it's nice and bright, but hopefully the humidity is not that thick or heavy. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for this day.

Time to greet the day. Blog ya later!

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