Sunday, September 02, 2007

In store for September!

This coming weekend, I will actually be home in North Jersey. Therefore, I'll be hitting up the club/bar scene with best friends Billy D, Jimmy, and whoever else comes with us. I told Bill earlier in the week that I wanted to organize a special night out for all of us. We want to go out, meet some chicks, and hang out with friends. Potential club scenes include Grasshopper (Morristown), Funky Monkey (Morristown), Palm Grill (Morristown), and Red Cheetah (Montclair).

From September 12 through September 24, I will be crossing over from the bad time that was summer to a time that is more financial secure and stable. During that time, I plan on paying a significant amount of the debt I am currently in that I accumulated over the summer. I think of it as a metaphorical bridge, in which I am living the bad ghetto area and crossing over into a nicer area. I'm moving on from a bad point in my life that was consistently rough to a time at which I am more financially stable and am able to exercise more options.

Tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 21-23, Crazy Mike is going to have his next get together at his beach house in Lavallette, NJ. Colleen, Raph, Greg, Angie, and yours truly will surely be present at this get together. Ray and Mel may not be present, as Ray might be spending time with his family. In any case, I look forward to returning to the Lavallette/Seaside location, just as I enjoyed making my return to Philly this weekend. A night at Joey Harrison's Surf Club seems likely on that weekend, as is the case on most weekends we are all down in that area. A trip to the Seaside boardwalk is also expected.

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