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My Labor Day weekend in Philly: Bob Hope's Nightmare was B-Money's wet dream!

Clearly the best weekend of the summer!

Last night was a great time in Philly, as Ray, Mel, Mike, and I went to see Kristen and her dancer friends perform in this show called "Bob Hope's Nightmare". The show contained adult content and full nudity, which surely made the show that much more entertaining for me as well as any straight male. Bob Hope's Nightmare was definitely B-Money's wet dream!

Prior to our night in Philly, Ray, Mel, Mel's mother, and I all got up went to the Deptford Mall to get lunch at the food court and do some looking around in Macy's and other stores. We also went to Target because Ray needed to return his Diet Dr. Pepper. It wasn't Caffeine free, so Ray returned it to buy a case of Dr Pepper that was Caffeine free. I had a craving for coffee, as usual, so I wanted to hit up Starbucks. According to Mel, there wasn't a Starbucks at the Deptford Mall (just a Coffee Beanery - which is also good), so I chose not to waste time by getting a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. It was good enough for me. Mike didn't get down to South Jersey until around 2:15, at which time he met up with us at the mall.

As we were walking through the mall, Mike and I came across a girl at one of the kiosks who was selling deep skin cleansing products. She looked Persian, or some shit like that, but she had a hot little body! I could detect a hint of cleavage through her shirt. She wanted to do some demonstrations to illustrate the effectiveness of her products, so she took my hands and arms and rubbed some of that shit on me. It seemed rather effective, as my skin was cleaner and smoother after she did the demonstration. Mainly, I was enjoying the fact that she touching me. She was definitely one hot and so was her accent. Someday down the road, I may opt to purchase that stuff because it was effective, but not before another demonstration from the delightful and supposedly Persian tail at the Deptford Mall! She had magic hands.

Eventually we all left the mall and headed back to Mel's house so we could drop Mike's car off. Ray, Mel, Mike, and myself all carpooled in Ray's car over to Philly. On the way to Philly, we stopped off at a Wawa to get some drinks and snacks. I purchased a Wawa Mach W (their delicious energy drink). Wawa had coupons that took $0.50 off their energy drinks as well as other Wawa branded drinks. Yesterday's date was September 1, and that deal expires September 2 (today), which means my entry into the Wawa to buy that energy drink was perfect timing! Mike was looking at the Reeses and noticed a marketing ploy that may very well prove to be ineffective. He made a valid point stating, "why would they put Elvis on a package of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, when Elvis is a guy who died on the toilet from obesity?" Point well taken, Mike!

During the ride to Philly, there were a number of discussions that took place between the four of us. Mel and Ray were talking about the prospects of getting an apartment together down in Gloucester County. Mike suggested that it might be better to get a place somewhere in the middle of where each person is currently located, noting that Camden is rated as one of the top crime cities in the county. Mel responded, "Baby, you never have to worry about me moving there. My white ass is too pretty to live in Camden." LOL. There you have it, Mike. They're not moving to Camden. Ray was more conservative, admitting that he doesn't know where he's going to graduate school just yet, if and when he goes. He's the type of person who takes things day by day, which is a smart thing to do.

Once we made our way across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and arrived in Philly, first thing we did was purchase the tickets for the show. Mike and I went in to buy the tickets. Once we came out and Ray Mel drove up to pick us up, we pretended that the show was sold out. About 10 minutes later, we gave Ray and Mel their tickets. Mike and I also gave Ray $10 towards gas for driving us to Philly. It was the fair and courteous thing to do. After getting the tickets, we went to Dave and Busters for dinner and to play some games in the gaming room. For dinner at Dave and Busters, Ray, Mel, and I ordered Cheesesteaks as they are the tradition in the city of Philadelphia. They are notorious for cheesesteaks. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Mike saw fit to order a garden burger instead, being that he is a vegetarian.

After dinner, we made our way back to the gaming room so Mel and Ray could use up the rest of their arcade credits and get their prizes at the redemption area. Mel and Ray are some serious arcade game buffs; they could probably play arcade games for hours on end. Mike and I played a few games here and there, but for the most part, pretty much just walked around the joint and took in the scenery. Once we left Dave and Buster's, we spend about 45 minutes hanging out in the parking garage. At the spot where Ray parked, we could directly see the Ben Franklin Bridge as well as many of the other buildings and establishments that were located in downtown Philly. We could even spot the Tweeter Center across the Ben Franklin Bridge. It was quite a scene for the eyes to take in, let me tell you.

The temperature was perfect last night as well; beautiful night to be out and about. It was not cold; on the contrary it was pretty warm but the breeze was nice and cool. I loved it. Being in Philly, seeing the sights (minus the ghetto spots) of Philly reminded me that I really need to get out and about more often. By no stretch of the imagination am I a world traveler, but one could argue that I am at least a city dweller. I do enjoy driving to different cities and making fun nights out of such trips.

Soon it was time for the four of us to head to Bob Hope's Nightmare at the Schuylkill Gallery. The show was set to begin at 10:30, but there was another show happening prior to that show. In that show, the girls was fully clothed and it was really Stockton-Esq! Therefore, we arrived at the performing arts center about an hour before hand and chilled out in the parking lot. We also took a number of pictures, which will probably be posted here on the Blog of Bryan very shortly.

We walked towards the entrance of the art center, when one of the ladies from the show walked outside and approached us. She asked if we were there to see Bob Hope's Nightmare and we told her that we were. She invited us to come inside and see the end of the first show for free, as long as we were quiet. Fair enough. We went inside and watched the tail end of the first show in anticipation of the show we had paid to see. Bob Hope's Nightmare was definitely the much more greatly anticipated show.

There were about eight skits, involving Kristen, her dance instructor Rob, and some of the other dancers. Those girls had some nice bodies; I was fortunate to be sitting in front row seats. As much as it was art, it was also a turn on to yours truly, just as it would be to any straight male viewing the show with watchful eyes. In a few of the skits, Rob even asked for volunteers from the crowd. The show was well worth the $10 for admission, perhaps even more than $10. Whether one would view it as art or eye candy for perverted minds, it was heavily entertaining and it capped off a super sensational day in the City of Brotherly Love. It was great to be in Philly and I look forward to attending many more shows like that, especially ones that features nude beautiful chicks such as that particular show did, as well as going back to Philly and perhaps even to some clubs in Philly. About five years ago, I went to Club Shampoo with some Stockton heads and I would love to do something like that again very soon.

Soon after returning to Mel's in Woodbury, Mike and I left for Edison around 1:30 am and didn't get to his house in Edison until 3:45am. Throughout this weekend, I can say that I met a number of my friend's parents. On Friday, I met Mama and Papa Schlomer for the first time. Upon my arrival at Mel's house in Woodbury with Ray on Friday evening, I met Mel's mom. This morning, when I woke up at Mike's house in Edison, I met Papa Milek as well as Mike's brother Chris.

Quite a compelling Labor Day weekend, ladies and gentlemen. This was honestly a much needed weekend, after the summer I had this year. The time in Philly enthused me. The show entertained me. The time spent with friends thrilled me. The weekend, which served as the much needed satisfying post script to this summer, definitely captivated me. This is the type of weekend I sorely needed, from a social standpoint, to give me a mental boost coming off my absence from social and leisure activity throughout this entire summer, and it appears that this weekend has done just that.

This is just the beginning of some plans that I hope to fulfill for the remainder of this year as well as the start of the next year. My various groups of friends have a number of get-togethers and events that I look forward to attending and being a part of. Word has it that Mike is having another one of his get-togethers on the weekend of September 21 at his beach house in Lavallette. I haven't been to those parts since the third week of June, so I am looking forward to that weekend with great anticipation.

That is all for now folks. Everyone have a great Labor Day. Tomorrow is officially the holiday, so if you are off from work (as I am), enjoy the day to the fullest extent. If not, well try to have as good of a day at work as you possibly can.


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